Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Want More On Angie's House?

By the number of hits I get each day many of you are enjoying Angie's House.  I love feed back or new ideas.  This is written for ya'll so please feel free to make suggestions.

Leave a comment in any of the 'comment' areas under any post.  Be sure to jot down the area of the country you're from.   I'll be sure to look for you.

KOHL'S Fiestaware


Fiesta Ware is still on sale at Kohls online.  A 5 piece place setting is a 26.99, regular 48.00.  Shipping is free on a 50.00 or more order.  Use code EXTRA20 for an additional 20% off.  My place setting came to a little over 21.00.

All of the companion pieces are on sale too.

25.00 for 50.00 + 20.00 Rebate @ Groupon

I joined Groupon to check out the offers.  (they advertise here so it's easy to just click and go)  My closest city is NYC, so most of the time this is not helpful to me.  Looking into it further, I discovered that not all deals are in brick and mortar locations.  Some of the deals in other cities can be had by anyone in any location.  I found this one from a company called DORMZY.  Dormzy is an online company that delivers food and essentials to your home.  The items cater to college students' needs, but there are some of the P & G items available that can be used with the rebate I posted a few days ago.

Here's how today's deal goes:

1) Sign up at GROUPON.  There's no fee to sign up.


2)  Choose Lexington as the city.

3) Buy a GC for 50.00 and pay 25.00 (+ tax)

4) If you purchase the P & G items on the 20.00 rebate, the end cost will be 3.58 + tax.

Example Deal

 6 Olay Body Lotions for 4.99/29.94
 3 Herbal Essences Shampoos for 3.79 /11.37
 3 Herbal Essences Conditioners for $4.09/12.27

53.58 worth of items for 25.00 plus 20.00 rebate equals 3.58

 BEFORE you go for this deal, make sure there are rebates left.  I couldn't print one today, but I did a few days ago.

EDIT:  It seems Syracuse is on the Groupon list now.

Little Tikes 10.00 off 30.00 code

Hop & Scoot ATV
Hop and Scoot ATV

Little Tikes offers free shipping on some items such as this Hop and Scoot ATV.  Use code bkof1030 to recieve 10.00 off a 30.00 or more purchase.


ebates has 3.0% cash back

Frugal Cleaning Products

Baking soda is a great abrasive for cleaning tubs and sinks.  A damp cloth sprinkled with BS will remove grime with little effort.  Follow with bleach and water solution and your tub will be fit for any guest.

Vinegar will remove smells from work clothes when put in the rinse water of the washer.  Vinegar also softens clothes and leaves no smell.

Vinegar applied with newspaper cleans mirrors and windows just as well as a commercially prepared products.

Vinegar in a spray bottle will kill weeds growing in pavement cracks.  It is friendly to the environment, non toxic to humans and animals,  and loads cheaper than commercial products.  Don't forget to label the bottle. Do not dilute.

A splash of bleach (one cap full) poured on a damp cloth will disinfect the phone and other hard non porous surfaces.

A half cup of vinegar added to 4 cups of water - once a month - and run through the coffee maker will prolong the life of the appliance.

Use white vinegar to clean a shower head.  Fill a quart baggie 2/3 full with vinegar and use a rubber band to hold the baggie onto the shower head.  Let stand for an hour or two and remove the bag.  Turn on the shower to clean out the loosened residue.  You can use a scrub brush to loosen any stubborn residue.

Barbie DVDs

Barbie In A Christmas Carol (Anamorphic Widescreen)Barbie and the Three Musketeers (Anamorphic Widescreen)

Walmart has Barbie DVDs on sale for 6.00 -15.00. Look at the bottom of the page for the deals.

A Tanga Image 
Use code FAMILY at tanga.com to get Family Circle magazine for 3.99.  Ebates.com has 2.5% cash back at tanga.


5.00 32 Pack Batteries

Duracell 30 pack of batteries is 5.00 at Home Depot.  There was a coupon for Duracell in the Red Plum (RP) insert on 11/14 for 1.50.  The OOP expense is 3.50.

 I'd give your local HD a quick call to make certain stock is still available.  I called our local HD and the Duracell were out of stock, but Ray o Vac 32 count pack was still available for 5.00.  Still a great deal @ 5.00.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Build A Bear has lots of styles for 7.00 today.  Shipping is free with a 50.00 order and code 95466.  Gift certificates are also on sale, 10.00 for 5.00.  The GC would be a good choice for out of state gifts and could be used to up a total to 50.00 for free shipping on bears purchased.


Price Chopper, CNY and Northern Pennsylvania 11/28-12/4

In store donuts, 6 pack BOGO
Thomas English Muffins BOGO
Friehoffer split top bread BOGO
Arnold wholw grain bread BOGO
Lay's chips BOGO
Chock Full O Nuts coffee BOGO (stock up item)
Kraft mac and cheese BOGO (su item)
Some Progresso soups BOGO(su item)
Hunt's whole or crished tomatoes BOGO
GE bulbs BOGO
Dad's dog food (17.6 lb) BOGO
Dad's cat food (16 lb) BOGO
Colgate extra clean toothbrush BOGO
PC tall kitchen trash bags BOGO
80% ground chuck 1.99 (good stock up item)
Coupon for Cherrios, Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Betty Crocker fruit snacks 4/6.00

Ronzoni pasta is 1.00 each.  This is a good price to stock up for 2-3 months.  But pasta goes on sale as low as  2/1.00 about every 4 months at PC. 

Struppler's Market 11/28-12/4

Highlights of this week's sales at Struppler's are:

3lb bags Empire apples 2/4.00
Cheese Its BOGO
Francesco Rinaldi sauce 5/5.00
Rosetto ravioli BOGO
Kraft dressing 2/4.00
Kool Aid Jammers BOGO
80% ground beef 2.18lb
Tony's Original Crust pizza 5/10.00

Ann Taylor 40% Off Entire Order + Free Shipping



Cotton Scoopneck Tee

Ann Taylor has 40% off your entire order at checkout with code MONDAY.  This top is on sale for 19.99.  At 40% off it is just under 12.00.  Many colors to choose from too.

Free shipping today only.  With this price, they are going fast.

DS Games 2/30.00

Nintendo DS and Wii games 2/30.00 at Wal Mart



Target daily deals are here:

For Him or Her

Swiss Tech Utili-Key Stainless Steel 6-in-1 Multi Tool
Amazon has the Swiss Tech Multi Tool for 11.95.  Free shipping on orders 25.00 or more.



Collection Teal Enamel Cast Iron Round Pot, 2.75 Qt Casserole
49.99, three colors to choose from

Martha Stewart  Enameled Cast Iron Pots are 49.99 - 79.00 at Macy's online.  The stock pot is priced at 49.99 today until midnight.  Enameled cookware lasts years and years.

Free shipping with promo code CYBER on 75.00 orders.


Ebates Double Cash Back

Ebates has 2x cash back at 400 retailers today only.



Pretty Dolly (Toddler/Youth)

Zappos online has the cutest shoes for kids.  I fell in love with these little girl's sneakers that are on sale for 58.40, down from 73.00.  Well made shoes are a frugalista's secret.


Target Crock Pot Deal

Crock-Pot 5-Qt.Stainless Steel Slow Cooker

Target has this Crock Pot (5.5 qt) for 15.00 with no shipping.  I have this and love it.  It is elegant looking and cleans up nicely.  The price says 24.99, but when it goes in your cart the 15.00 shows up. Use the Search Bar using "Crock Pot 5.5 qt".

Sunday, November 28, 2010

P&G 20.00 Rebate

Buy 50.00 Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secret, Pantene, Herbal Essence, Claroil and recieve 20.00 in a rebate check.
www.musthaveits.com for the form and more information.  Valid 11/23 - 12/31

RA has:

Covergirl cosmetics buy 1 get 50% second
1.00/1 Q P&G inse Qrt or

Olay skin care BOGO 50% 2nd
3.00 Q Olay Regenerist foundation P&G insert
BOGO Q P&G insert Olay Moistureizer, get body wash free
BOGO Q P&G insert, Body wash get lotion

1.00/2 Q P&G insert
1.00/2 Pantene
1.00 Herbal Essence

Coupons add up to 20.00, plus 20.00 rebate.  With just these 2 savings 50.00 in products will cost 10.00.  If you have other coupons and find other sales the savings will increase.

RA Toys

Some toys at RA are BOGO.  5.00 up reward with a 20.00 purchase.  You may want to check before you buy, but normally the cost associated with the purchase is the original cost.  So if toys come to 20.00 then the sale price was 10.00.  RA usually uses the 20.00 figure for the up reward.   I would ask before I bought anything just to know where I stand.

This adds up to a 20.00 transaction costing 5.00.

Rite Aid (RA) 11/28-12/4

Gillette Fusion Proguide Razor
4.00 Q PandG insert 11/28
5.00 up rewards

Total free

Pampers jumbo pack or Easy ups
1.50 Q P&G insert 11/28
plus free Q thick care wipes with specified Pampers purchase
4.00 video value Q
2.00 up reward

Total 2/9.50

If you do 2 transactions, first the Razor, then the diapers, you can use the 5.00 up reward on the Pamper purchase.  The out of pocket (OOP )expense would end up being 4.50.

Gillette Fusion Cartridges

Buy one cartridge (13.99) get Fusion shave gel free
2.00 Q P&G insert 11/28
2.00 gel Q P&G insert 11/28
2.00 up reward from the diaper purchase

Total  OOP 7.99

Wrapping Paper and boxed cards,  buy 1 get 2 free

Nyquil and Dayquil
2.00 up reward
1.50 Q P&G insert, Nyquil
1.50 Q P&G insert Dayquil

Total OOP 2/3.00

There is a total of 27.50 Qs and up rewards on these purchases.  If you need them all, you could keep 27.50 of your money.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

No shipping, Land's End

Chambray Blue
Land's End has always been a favorite of mine.  Soft clothing and accessories.

Women's Fleece Hats  are 12.50 at Land's End.  If you buy 2 or more regular-price fleece accessories, you can save $2.50 each! No shipping charge.  If you spend 75.00 you save 20.00.  When you spend 150.00 you save 50.00.


Tinkerbell 5.00 Coupon

Get a 5.00 coupon off the purchase of "Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue" DVD combo pack here:


Veggie Tales 3.00 Coupon

For a 3.00 coupon for Veggie Tales  ' It's a Meaningful Life' DVD, go here


ESPN Magazine

A Tanga Image

For sports lovers, ESPN magazine can be had for 2.99. (26 issues)  Use code  ESPN at the checkout and the price will drop.


CROCS sale

A product thumbnail of Crocband Sneak Kids

Crocs has a 20% offer if you sign up on their site to receive emails.  Or use code FABULOUS10 to get 10% off.  Or try stacking the codes and see if you can get both discounts.  Added to that Crocs are buy one get one 50% off.  Then as a special incentive, shipping is free. (economy)  This can add up to awesome savings.

A product thumbnail of Kids' Crocs Littles™

Two pair can be as low as 24.00, or 12.00 each.

A product thumbnail of Starfish


Disney Store

Some ornaments at the Disney store are on sale for 5.00.  Use promo code THANKS and get an ornament for 4.00.  Sale ends today.  Free shipping with a 75.00 order.


Children's Place

Limited Time Only! Online & In Store. $5 Fleece Frenzy. $5 All glacier fleece tops, pants & accessories*. *Select styles. Prices may vary online and in stores. Online prices reflect final discount. 
The Children's Place is having a 5.00 sale with free shipping.

FSHOLIDAY promo for free shipping
Mountain11a for 15% discount

ebates has a 3% rebate too

http://www.childrensplace.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/homecm_10001_10001_-1_performics_Definitivedeals_Text_15%20Dollars%20off%20orders%20of%20100%20Dollars%20or%20more%20with%20code%20SAVINGS2010____Baby GirlBoyGirlGirlGirlBoyBaby GirlBaby Boy


This may seem a little late, but before I move into the Christmas season and after Thanksgiving, I take a few minutes to reflect on the gifts I have been given.  My gifts this year are:

Wonderful and kind children and their families

Dedicated and loving friends

Shelter and food

The Friends of Hospice program and workers

My church

A good growing season

Our small home in our small town

Forty years of marriage to a good and kind man

My Wii (fun fun fun)

Our rescue dog, who has lived longer than any of her litter

What's left of my mind (ask my kids!)

When you have a few minutes to yourself, reflect on the good things in your life.  As my son would say, "I guarantee" you'll feel good.

Friday's Frugal Journey / Two Painless Frugal Practices (Part 3)

There are items we have been told we have to have.  It is common practice and we buy them without thought.  They are expensive, but that's just the way it is.  We have to have them to keep our homes clean.  Or do we?

 Try these two ways to save money.  If you keep track of your savings, and you are serious about conserving your financial resources, you'll be happy to adapt these simple practices.

1)  Buy one roll of paper towel, then at a discount store buy a large pack of cheapy dish cloths.  They come in packs of 12 for about 5.00, but I have gotten them for 3.00 on sale.  With a permanent marker label each cloth with either 'dishes' or 'cleaning'.  I mark 2/3 of the cloths for dishes because I use one clean cloth a day.  The others I use to clean everything and anything.  If something spills on the floor, I use a 'cleaning' cloth and rinse it out.  All of the cloths are washed in hot bleach water.

If you think this will take too long or is too fussy, it's taking longer to read this post than to practice the tip.
The paper towel is to use when cleaning toilets and garbage cans.  Disposable is best in these situations because of the multiple germs these areas tend to collect.

Annual Savings (1 roll of PT a week @ 2.69) equals 139.88.

2)  The dollar store has dryer sheets, 30 to a box.  Cut them in half and save them after the first use in a seal able container.  Look for a sale on liquid softener and pour 1/2 cap of softener in the container with the used dryer sheets. Shake and you have instant and frugal sheets.  The sheets can be used a number of times.  Mine lasts about 6 months for laundry for 2 people.  The liquid lasts the same amount of time.

Annual Savings is (1 bottle of softener /2 weeks @ 3.69) 95.94.

So another 235.82 of your money that will be in your pocket, not someone else's.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Crayola on Amazon

Product Details
Mess Free Paints and Paper

I've been looking for a Crayola toy for my 4 year old grandson, but  nothing has been on sale so far.  I was ready to give up and pay full price just to have my shopping completed.

I found most of the Crayola items on sale at Amazon today.  There is free shipping with a total purchase of  25.00.


Internet Scams

Hold tight to your internet use this season, using only sites you know are secure.  (verified by a third party, friends blogs, and https sites)  Deleting, without opening,  emails from anyone you are not familiar with will save you potential heartache late on.  Never take quizes on social sites that offer free anything.  These sites end up asking you for personal information and credit card information.  If you spend some time online in an airport or other public place, stick with safe and secure sites.  Criminals are actually scanning users for personal information.

Some of the current scams are:

TWITTER:  Offering holiday jobs and asks forSS number

Holiday downloads of screensavers and music from random sites (viruses)

Charity scams

SMISHING:  A text that looks like your bank's site and asks you to call a number then extracts personal information from you

FACEBOOK"  Offers large GCs after you take quizes and purchase items.  They take your CC information, then never send you the items and steal your information.

Family distress texts.  These inform you your family member is stranded and / or been robbed while abroad.

It may be worth a few minutes to check out the full article @ http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Banking/FinancialPrivacy/article.aspx?post=1aa99b2a-bd58-483e-a865-d4ab20f20a05

Stay safe this season and stay close to familiar internet territory.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving

There will be no posts today as I celebrate the day with loved ones.  I pray each of you enjoy your loved ones this day. God bless you all.

Next Year's Shopping Began Today

I began my Christmas shopping for next year today.  Yes! Today.  I redeemed points earned on my credit card.  I 'bought' 2 gift cards one for Penney's and one for Bath and Body Works.  I chose those 2 cards because they will give me the most bang for my buck.  BBW has online specials that include free shipping throughout the year.  I know the rock bottom prices at this store, so I can leap when they appear.  Who doesn't like BBW?  Penney's offers some low low prices throughout the year as well.  They don't offer those good prices close to the holidays, no matter what the ads say.

Also I chose cards that cost less than the face value.  So I got 25.00 to spend and 'paid' 20.00 for the card.

It's the beginning of the 2011 challenge.  This year I'm going to document all of my savings -  Including coupons, up rewards, rebates, and extra cash, free GC. I just have to figure out how.

I do want to stress that I pay off my card each month.  The cards wouldn't be free if I paid interest month to month.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yankee Jar Candles Buy 2, Get 2 Free

Use promo code WXF011H2 at checkout to get 2 free large Yankee jar candles with a purchase of 2 large jar candles.


Shipping is 5.00 for orders under 100.00 and free on orders over 100.00.

ALL YOU Magazine December Coupons

All You is available at Wal Mart or by subscription.  If you buy the magazine online you can go through www.ebates.com for a cash back discount.  Go to 'magazines and books' in the left column and choose magazines.com for a whopping  26% discount.

Notable coupons this month are:

Kraft grated Parmesan cheese .55

Marzetti dips .75

Snuggle .75

got2b styling products 2.00

All You Holiday issue 1.00

Our grocery stores 2x coupons up to .99, so I am excited about a few of these.

5.00 Rebate, Disney DVD and Dearfoam Slippers

If you plan on buying Dearfoam slippers and the new Disney DVD A Christmas Carol, there is a 5.00 rebate here:

Target Daily Deal

Prep for Black Friday with todays  online deal. Quick Info

Today's online special @ Target.  The customer reviews are mixed on this item.

Nook Reader @ Best Buy

Nook Reader by Barnes and Noble

Best Buy has Nook e readers for 99.99 on Black Friday.  See it here:

Thanks to reader Leesie

Walmart Black Friday Ad and Match Prices

Wal Mart has as map for all of their stores on their site.

They will also match any competitor's advertised specials, as well.

Black Friday Ads for Wal Mart are here:


Harry Potter, As Low as 3.99 a Movie

"Harry Potter Years 1-6" on Blu-ray or DVD
For the HP lover on your list

Harry Potter Years 1-6 on Blu Ray (39.99) or DVD (23.99)  at Amazon today.  That's 6.67 for each Blu Ray movie and 3.99 for each DVD movie.

Free Christmas Music Downloads

There are a number of free downloads of Christmas music at Amazon today.  To check them out go here:

Enfamil Premium Coupon

 5.00 Q for Enfamil Premium Newborn or Premium Infant Formula here:


Target Daily Deal

 One of Target's deals of the day is Zhu Zhu Pet Long Hair Hamsters  (4)  for 14.99  with free shipping
That's a 21.00 savings off of the original price.


Sonic Care Electric Toothbrush 1.99

Sonic Care Electric toothbrush is 44.99 at RA. (#54)

RA has a 20.00 rebate that is valid from 10/24 to 11/27.

There is also a 10.00 Q in the 11/21 SS.

There is a rebate in the 11/21 SS for 10.00

Buying this item is over 20.00 so the 4.00 video value coupon can be used.

The deal is:
20.00 RA rebate /24.99
10.00 Q /14.99
10.00 manufacturer Q /4.99
4.00 video value Q / 1.99

Monday, November 22, 2010

Price Chopper, CNY and Northern Pennsylvania 11/21-11/27

Dole celery BOGO

clementines 5.99

10 lb bag russet potatoes 2.98

Tobin hots BOGO

Oscar Mayer bologna BOGO

Banquet brown and serve links 10/10.00 (1.00 each)

Marzetti dips or dressings BOGO

Mrs Smith pies BOGO

Green Giant boxed veggies 10/10.00 (1.00 each)

This is the last week to earn 2x gas points when you buy a gift card. ( PC cards not included)

Struppler's Market 11/21-11/27

Turkey is .48 lb with a 25.00 purchase or free with a 100.00 purchase.

Mrs Smith's Pies BOGO

Sure Fine frozen vegetables 1.00 or 5/5.00

Sure Fine cranberry juice cocktail BOGO

Heluva  Good brick cheese 3/5.00

Clemetines 5.99

Doritto's BOGO

73% ground beef 1.68

Sure Fine cream cheese 5/5.00 (1.00 each)

Stroehman bread BOGO

Stroehman brown and serve rolls BOGO

Target Online

Target has a set of 5 lip glosses for 3.00 and free shipping today.  These would be a great stocking stuffer for the teens on your list.
Also at Target:
There's also free shipping on this item.

All You Coupon Site

I saw a number of useful coupons here.  I checked 3 different zip codes and there are different coupons for each of them.  My zip code had a Q for Huggies diapers that was for 2 items.  The zip 23322 had a Q for buying one.  There are also Qs for Enfamil and Similac formula.

1.50 Pond's Q

Go here for a 1.50 coupon off 1 Pond's cream, towelette, or cleansing item


Veggie Tale Free Download

Free download at Amazon

The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree
VeggieTales (Veggie Tunes)
Format: MP3 Download

 Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player

Freefly Coupons

Coupon savings from Freefly.com

1.Save 55¢ when you buy any 2 one-dozen cartons

3.Save 75¢ when you buy one WONKA® Gummies Peg Bag! (5.5 oz - 6.5 oz)

4.SAVE $1.00 ON TWO when you buy any TWO BOXES General Mills cereals listed: Boo Berry® • Cinnamon Toast Crunch® • Cocoa Puffs® (any) • Cookie Crisp® (any) • Count Chocula®...

5.Save $1.00 on any Butterball® whole turkey, bone-in breast, or boneless turkey roast product

There's lots more too.


Walgreens BF Preview

Walgreens has BOGO Snuggies and other 'As Seen on TV' items in their BF ad.



Staples Handy File Box, Letter Size, Blue w/Clear Lid
Lots of items to choose from.

I'm all about the organization.  Practical is not exciting, but helps in eliminating stress and confusion.  I feel this is directly related to a healthy mind and body.  This item is on sale for 7.49 at Staples.  Marked down from 10.99, for a savings of 3.50.

Go to here for the sale.

RA Black Friday Ads

Go here to see Black Friday's sales at RA.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Classic Christmas DVD Set at Amazon

The Original Christmas Classics (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer/Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town/Frosty the Snowman/Frosty Returns/Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol/Little Drummer Boy/Cricket on the Hearth)

Save 57% when you buy this set of Christmas Classics from Amazon, today only.

The set includes Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town, Frosty the Snowman, Frosty Returns, Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, Little Drummer Boy, and Cricket on the Hearth.

The original price is $29.93, on special today for 12.99.

Go here to check out this awesome deal.

RA Savings Add Up ( and up and up) Rewards

Click to enlarge picture of items for Rebate 62 - got2b - opens in a new window

Got2b products  purchased from 11/25/10 to 11/27/10 have a RA rebate up to 4.99.
up to $4.99 Rebate
Excludes got2b Glue Stylers

Check out the rebate list here:

ALSO on the list

Click to enlarge picture of items for Rebate 82 - AMO Complete - opens in a new window

AMO Complete (12 oz) has a full rebate at RA when purchased between 11/21 and 11/27. (up to 7.99)

Since May 2010 I have received 167.00 ( and some change) in rebates from the RA rebate program.  I have also used 30.00 in RA 5/25.00 coupon and 24.00 in Video Value coupons.  The total on these strategies alone, since May has been 221.00.

In 2011 I am going to seriously document every saving at RA that will include the above, up rewards, RA coupons and manufacturer coupons.

Go here for a peak at the video value coupons:

Wii Harry Potter Game

I was looking for Lego sets for our grandson and came across this deal for 'Lego Harry Potter' for Wii.  The game is 1/2 off at 24.99.  Shipping is free with a 99.00 order.  Reader review was 5/5 stars.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Story About Life (full version) Almost 13 minutes long, but worth it to know the facts about abortion

Hallmark 10.00 off 10.00

New moms head over here for a 10.00 off 10.00 purchase at Hallmark Gold Crown stores.


You need to fill out the form and let Hallmark send emails to you to receive the 10.00 GC for in store purchase or 25% off the online store.  Not all stores may be participating, so a quick call to check on this is advised.

If you have the 5.00 coupon that was in MS Living and other magazines this month, that's 15.00 in free Hallmark items. (You may have to do 2 transactions.)

I know well made address books are 17.99 at our local Hallmark store.  3.00 plus tax is awesome for an item that lasts for years.

Shindigz has Silly Bands 1.49

Siily Banz make a great stocking stuffer.  Head over to

http://www.shindigz.com/?AID=10375703&PID=3443660 to find them for 1.49 for 12 with NO shipping charge.  I saw lots of neat things that can be used for stocking stuffers at great prices.

Quick Quiche

This recipe was given to me by my soul sister, Maryann.  It uses ingredients you have on hand.  The recipe is awesome for using little bits of leftovers.

1 Quiche

1 Pie crust (uncooked)
2 eggs
1 C milk
3/4 - 1 C cheese (you can use whatever type you like)
Veggies such as onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers (any kind as much as you like)
You can add meat such as ham or sausage.
dash of nutmeg
salt and pepper to taste

Beat milk and eggs.  Add spices.  Set aside.  Fill crust with veggies, cheese, and meat.  Slowly pour milk and egg mixture over the filling.  Bake 350, 30 - 35 minutes or until crust is golden brown.

Serves 6-8

Easy "AS PIE" Pie Crust and Price Breakdown

A friend gave me this recipe after I whined about not mastering making a pie crust.  After 40 years of trying, I finally hit the jackpot.  There's no talent or rolling needed and just a few minutes to make it.  I call it "Pepperdoo's Amish Pie Crust'.  My friend insist I give credit to the author.  The recipe came from the cookbook 'Amish Cooking From Quilt Country'. and is referred to as Pat in Pan Pie Crust.

1 1/2 C + 3 T flour
1 1/2 t sugar
1/2 t salt
1/2 C vegetable oil
3 T cold milk

Mix dry ingredients in a pie pan.  (Mix by hand or fork.)  Combine oil and milk and blend.  Pour over dry ingredients and mix (I start with a fork then use my hands)  When dough comes together begin patting it on the sides of the pan.  Continue patting it on the bottom until dough is evenly spread.  Bake in 425 oven for 10-15 minutes.

Depending on the cost of the flour and oil this crust costs (costs are figured on regular prices in my area)
 Flour (5lb) .20
Oil (40 oz bottle) .46

The rest of the ingredients are difficult to tie down, so I'm adding .20 to be on the safe side.  Total .86 cents.

My cost after coupons and sales:

Flour .19
Oil .21
Milk (1.79 gal)
salt  (.33 carton)
sugar (2.29 5lb)

So I think it's fair to say .10 for the additional ingredients.  My total, .50  If I made 1 crust a week for pies and 2 a month for quiche the annual cost would be:

Mine, using on sale ingredients 39.00
Mine, using regular price ingredients 67.08
Ready made (1.29 each)  100.62

The frugal costs are 38.5% of the ready made crust. Or an annual savings of 61.62.  This may seem like an insignificant amount, but add these savings to using just 4 1.00 coupons a week (208.00 annual savings) and your total savings just went up to 269.62.  With very little effort.

To make the crusts readily available for a 'fast food' meal, I'm going to begin making them and freezing them.  Quiche and a salad is a quick, healthy and easy meal.

Friday, November 19, 2010


No one signed up for the giveaway this week, so I will try to think of something for next month that would hopefully be more appealing.

Friday's Frugal Journey to Financial Freedom, Part 2


It's a simple thing to tell someone to become frugal. It's even easier to give out frugal tips. But how does a person begin the journey? With so much information out there, which direction do you take to begin the journey?

When it occurred to me a starting point can be confusing, I asked myself how can I help others start without feelings of being overwhelmed creeping in on them. I decided to begin at the beginning. Just one frugal task is all it takes to begin the rewarding lifestyle. It takes a commitment to begin. Sometimes things won't work out the way they are suppose to. The important thing is you make the commitment. Every thing that follows will be an experiment.

Each week I'll post a frugal task. Try it out and see if it works for your family.

The first step is to get your finances on paper. Unfortunately, this is a have to. Write down every cent that comes into the home in one area and every cent that goes out in another area. You can do this in a computer program or with pen and paper. This may take a while because you'll need to gather bills and receipts for a week or a month. This depends on how you want to approach your budget. Note how much is spent on consumables such as coffees, lunches, groceries, health and beauty aids, etc. This is important because these are areas you can spend less on. Clothing and gas for the vehicle are other areas to look at in detail. Any area that is not a fixed cost can be reigned in. Expenditures to include, but not limited to:

Mortgage, rent
Real estate and school taxes (if separate from mortgage payment)
Phone (s)
Heat and electric
Home and vehicle insurance
Gas and mileage, maintenance
Car payments (s)
Credit card debt and other unsecured loans (furniture, appliances, etc)
Health plan payments
Discretionary spending ( lunch at work, coffee on the way to work, etc)
Anything else that's pertinent to your family.

This gives you a picture of where your money is going. This is the foundation for the rest of your journey. It's the most difficult step. Creating this list may be shocking when you see the results. After you recover, you'll see you are willing to proceed or you won't. My hope is you will move forward toward the next step of financial independence.

A nice side effect of the frugal lifestyle is a person sure does sleep well at night!

PART 2  You'll need some sort of journal with at least 3 columns. One for costs, date and savings.  You can add a column for anything else that is pertinent to your family's needs.
If you have completed the budget sheet, the most time consuming part of the journey is complete.

If you should decide to accept it, this week's challenge is loads easier. 

1) Keep track of every cent you spend on small items at fast food and convenience stores.  This would include coffee, tea, sandwiches, gum, candy, soda, and anything else you stopped for on a whim or desire.  Add up the costs at the end of the week and journal it.
2}When you purchase meat this week (Thanksgiving turkey not included) buy just a few oz less of each kind and note the savings. 
3) Look for a sale on glass storage containers with covers.  Plastic is OK too, but I prefer glass because it can go from fridge to freezer to microwave without any health hazards. (microwaving food in plastics is not advisable)
4) Start saving some glass jars to store soups and other items in the freezer.  Not too many, just what you think you can use in a month.

You will be making a list of savings for a while to reference later on.  Just saving and not seeing it in black and white is not enough to encourage you to keep moving on the journey.  Seeing it and adding it up from week to week can add a smile to your day.

Good luck and leave a comment if you have a question or want to add anything to the post.

50% off Notebooks at Tiny Prints

Personalized Notebooks are half price (6.50) here using promo code DOD1118.  The offer ends 11/20/10.


I know as a grandmother I would cherish this as a gift.

Wal Mart Deal of the Day

The deal of the day at Wal Mart is:

Kodak's Easyshare C122 8.1MP Digital Camera, 2.4" LCD + Bonus Memory Card Bundle.  The price is 49.00.  This will go fast, so if you're interested fly over there.



Crayola Rebate

I was excited to see there is a mail in form for 20.00 with a purchase of Crayola Gifts of Imaginations.  I love this kind of toy for our grands.  It expires on 12/31/10.  I'm not sure of the requirements, but you can look in Sunday's Smart Source (SS) insert.

Freezer at Target

This is an awesome buy at TARGET if you are looking for a small freezer.  It's available online and in some stores.  You can check online if it is in stock at your local Target. Shipping is close to 50.00 this week, so not a good deal if you buy this item online.  My local Target has it in stock. We're picking one up today.

Emerson 3.4 Cu. Ft. Freezer - White
$139.00 List: $159.99

Save: $20.99 (13%)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jergen's Sample

NEW Jergens® Overnight Repair Nightly Restoring Moisturizer

Go to this link for a free sample of Jergens newest lotion.  These samples usually come with a generous coupon.


Sunday's Coupons 11/21

For a preview of this Sunday's coupons go to:

K Mart Black Friday Ad

K Mart Black Friday ad includes:

50% off bikes
BOGO Fisher Price Laugh and Learn toys

You can also buy a Wii for 199.00 and get a 25.00 game coupon.

K Mart is known for having quite a few details included with their special sales, so I would ask questions to make sure a purchase is this simple.

WalMart Free Olay Gift Set

Wal Mart is offering an Olay gift pack for 10.00 here.

OR for a different Olay gift pack go here

Look for the box with the 'Allure' tag in the bottom right corner. (facing it)

In the package there is a form for a free subscription to  ALLURE magazine. ( 3 additional choices are included)  If you do NOT want a magazine, fill in the form inside the box and get a rebate for 9.99.

Go here to see the offer for the magazines.

FREE SHIPPING is included in this deal.  Isn't free awesome?

I'm pretty sure only one rebate is available per customer.
Happy Birthday to daughter number two.  My baby is now a mom with 2 gorgeous children and a husband who's a lot like her daddy.  We love you baby.  God bless you and your family each and every day of your lives.

Shopping Trip 11/18/10

My grocery trip today was productive.  I got quite a few free items.

3 Marzetti dressings (BOGO and 4 1.00 Qs)
1 Barilla plus (free box from manufacturer Q)
7 Lipton Sides (7.00 catalina)
3 Gain dish soap ( .39 for 3) 3 Qs
Herbal Essence shampoo (1.00 Q and up reward)
1 Arnold country bread BOGO
1 Oscar Mayer bacon BOGO

I spent 2.33 at RA because I bought 2 Hershey Kiss (1.00 each with Qs and up rewards plus tax)
The grocery store total came to 78.32 with a savings of 55.70 using coupons and my Advantage card.

$80.65 spent for Thanksgiving dinner, some items for Christmas dinner, 20 items for the emergency food supply,  1 item for donating, and this week's food.

What is a Frugal Deal?

There are thousands of 'sales' and deals on the Internet, not to mention the national retail flyers and emails we get.  This can be a positive thing.  But there are times a positive thing can cross the line into a negative.  Sales and deals can be just another way to separate you from your cash.  And, another avenue to feed a shopping addiction.

A deal is a deal only if it serves a concrete need in your life.  A 50% off sale is good IF you need an item.  A coupon is good IF you need an item.  (or can get it for free) A free gift card with purchase is good IF you need the purchased item. 

The need for something is a personal decision.  For instance, Christmas is coming soon and you have dedicated  gift cards to a chain restaurant for family and friends.  With the purchase of 25.00 gift cards there is an offer of a free 5.00 GC.  Since the GCs are the gift you want to send, this is a deal for you.

Buying 25.00 cards is not a deal if your allotted budget was priced at 15.00 for each family.  However, if you bought 25.00 in GCs and received the free 5.00 card and you have 3 10.00 gifts to give, then you saved 20.00 in your budget.  A quick call to the local store asking the manager if you can purchase the cards in smaller increments and still receive the free card will save you time, gas, and aggravation.

3 families with a budget of 15.00 each (45.00)
buy 25.00 of GCs in 10.00 and 5.00 increments
get one 5.00 free GC

budgeted for 3 people 45.00
cost for 3 families 25.00
savings 20.00

You now have a choice to put the savings aside to pay on a bill or roll it back into the Christmas budget.

This thinking process takes a while to cultivate, and there will be mistakes, but it will become a way of life - if it is your goal. And the money saved will begin to show up more and more.  Maybe that's what it's meant when people say 'It takes money to make money'.

Old Navy

There is a coupon on Facebook that Old Navy will email you.  Mine was 10.00 off 50.00
This is just the beginning.  Old Navy is having an unannounced sale on their clearance items.  50% off the clearance price.  That's a big bang for your buck.

I would call to make sure your store is participating.

Price Chopper Thursday Coupons

I don't see the coupons this week as being too exciting.  To take a look go to www.pricechopper.com.  The coupons can be used from Thursday until Sunday.

Pillsbury pie crust 1.99
McCorrmick apple pie spice 2.00 off with coupon
Granny Smith apples .88 lb

Frugal hint:  Most apple pie recipes call for cinnamon alone.  So if you have one that calls for more spices and you don't have them on hand, increase the cinnamon by the same measurement as the spice you don't have.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rite Aid Candy

Go to Coupons.com for a printable Hershey Kiss coupon


Then check out RA : buy 2/5.00 get 1.00 up reward
Also  RA video values ( http://www.riteaid.com/) there is a coupon for 1.00 off one.

minus 1.00 up reward
minus 1.00/2 manufacturer coupon
minus 1.00/1 video value coupon

So 2 bags for 2.00

Great stocking stuffers and filler for a cookie plate.

Reflection and Peace

I asked God for water,
He gave me an ocean.

I asked God for a flower,
He gave me a garden.

I asked God for a friend,
He gave me YOU...


Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God.
Every moment, thank God.

Food Lion 11/17 - 11/25

 You can find these items in the FL circular this week.  Don't forget to check out the available coupons on the FL site.  There is an option to join U Promise and upload coupons to your card.

Green Giant boxed veggies 10/10.00

Bird's Eye Steamfresh veggies BOGO

Colgate toothpaste (6 - 6.4 oz) BOGO

1.00 off Diamond nuts

Progresso soups BOGO

Bruce yams 2/4.00

Campbell's cream soups BOGO

Fresh broccoli 1.69 lb

Ritz crackers 3/5.00

Duncan Heinz cake mix BOGO

5 lb box clementines 5.99

Stove Top dressing BOGO

Smithfield spiral ham 1.99 lb

Frozen turkey .39 lb (10 lb and up)


Buy 25.00 Nestle products get a coupon at the register off of your next shopping trip.

If you take advantage of this offer do a transaction buying only the Nestle items and get the register coupon.  Then go back to purchase other items on your list to use the coupon.

FoodLion/ 15.00 Turkey Reward


Read about it here: www.foodlion.com
All You

I received my All You magazine in the mail on Monday.  This magazine has multiple coupons in it every month.  You can get it at a 16% discount here http://www.magazines.com/search/list?query=all+you.  If you use  http://www.ebates.com/ before you go to the magazine site, there is another 24% savings.  I have an account at ebates and love the little checks I get 4 times a year.

It is also available in Wal Mart stores.

Mailing Gifts USPS

The post office is sending out Flat Rate shipping invitations.  Returning the post card requesting your holiday kit will give you:
4 sizes of flat rate boxes
a GC envelope
shipping tips

Also by signing up online at  www.usps.com/clicknship the mail carrier will pick up your packages.  Paying online also saves up to 14% on shipping costs.

Target Coupons

Free 46 oz Juice/ buy 2 Market Pantry Cereal

 .75 off 1

1.00 off 1

Target has corporate coupons that can be used (stacked) with manufacturer's coupons.  These are just a few of the coupons available this week.  You can find them on the daily deal page in the lower right hand corner.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Free Postcards at Vista Print

Holiday Postcards
Free Post Cards


This site has a number of free items.  Shipping is minimal.  It appears if extras are added, such as a color background or a greater quantity then charges start to be applied.  I haven't ordered from here yet because I need to research all of the fine print.  If anyone has some free time and can check this out, let us know what you come up with.
RA has Buy 1 roll of gift wrap or boxed cards get 2 free.  This is a good deal only if the 3 items cost less than at the dollar store or are better quality.  If you have an order that will add up to over 20.00 - before coupons- you can watch the adperk videos and get a coupon for 4.00 which could pay for the gift wrap.

CLAIROL              Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers Regular Retail $3.99 - $5.49<br />price with wellness+ card

Herbal Essence Shampoo, conditioner or styler is 2.99 with a 2.00 up reward.  If you have a coupon this could end up being one of those free items.

Free Gain Dish Soap @ RA

Gain dish soap is on sale at RA this week for .89.  There is a 1.00 off 1 coupon in the 10/31 and 10/10 PandG inserts.  Plus you may have gotten a coupon in the mail.  You won't get a dollar off of this, but you will get it free.

6pm.com Shoe Sale

One of my favorite online stores is 6pm.  They are having a kids shoe sale right now with some styles at 75% off.   It's worth a look.


KOHL'S Fiestaware

I love Fiestaware

Kohl's has Fiestaware on sale.  Most items are 50% off.   Using code EXTRA20 will get an extra 20% off.  Shipping is free on a $75 order. And, you get $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 that you spend!

What a deal for the Fiesta lovers on your list. 


2 FreeTacos @ Jack in the Box

For those of you who live near a Jack in the Box restaurant there is a coupon for 2 free tacos.  It's valid today after 2 PM and is good while supplies last.

To be safe, call ahead to make sure your location is participating in the promotion.


JC Penney's Coupon

Go here for a 10.00 off 25.00 purchase at Penney's.  The coupon is good in store, online, and in the catalog.  This is available for a limited time, so a quick trip now will save you money.

A Christmas Carol 10.00 Coupon and More

There's a printable 10.00 coupon at the Disney Movie site for A Christmas Carol DVD/ Blu Ray set.  If it's on your list 10.00 is a substantial savings.  It may be worth flagging this site because it offers goodies all year long.

http://www.disneymovierewards.go.com/promotions/special-offers/carol-coupon?cmp=dmov_dmr_url_lptw_ _print

At TARGET  http://www.target.com/  you can buy:

 10-24 lb Butterball Turkey (.89 lb) plus a buffet server or roaster ( $27) 
 and receive a $15 gift card
8.90 + 27.00 =35.90 (- 1.00 Q, see below)

Use the 15.00 gift card and the 10.00 coupon to purchase the DVD/BluRay set priced at 29.99.

Also go to http://www.butterball.com/savings for a 1.00 coupon off of the turkey AND a 10.00 rebate when you buy the Blu Ray set and a Butterball turkey.  You'll need the receipt for the rebate.

So, here's the math.

Turkey and roaster 35.90
minus 1.00 BB coupon
equals 34.90

Get 15.00 GC

Purchase Blu Ray set 29.99
use 10.00 coupon and
15.00 GC

29.99 - 25.00 = 4.99

Save receipt and send in 10.00 rebate

You made 5.01 on the Blu Ray set

Happy Birthday

Thirty eight years ago today,  our lives were instantly altered.  For the good.  Daughter number one greeted the world with quite the wail, that- to this day- creates a smile in my heart.

 It took us nine months to agree to a name.  When we finally agreed, we knew the choice was the right one.  Her name means 'strong woman'.

Strong Woman and I talk on the phone every day.  She still keeps her mom close to her heart and includes me in the day to day  life of her family.  Since we live 900 miles apart I have to use my imagination when she talks of my grandson's "monkey moves".  I can just see that free little spirit expressing himself while mom's hair is slowly turning grey.  Or hearing our oldest grandson express his love of math by saying,  I LOVE math,  and grandma wondering who's child he is because none of us even like math.

Strong Woman is a mom, wife, educator (science), writer, daughter, sister, a good friend, and a kind person.  She is always willing to learn new things, whether the quest is welcomed or not.

She was freely welcomed into the hearts of Daddy and I when she was born, and is still welcome to reside in our hearts, no matter where we are.

Happy Birthday sweetie.  We love you.

10.00 Free I Tune card

Get a free 10.00  ITune card with purchase of 3 specially marked packs of Energizer batteries.  Go here for details.


Office Depot Freebies


Office Depot has a free Worklife Rewards program  that gives back cash in the form of store credit. The rewards are paid quarterly, as a gift card, when you earn more than $10.  Sign up at the register or check online.

Free this week:

3M Pop Up tape dispenser2.9 / 2.99  Rewards
3pk writing pads 4.99/ 4.99  Rewards
Holiday letter head 6.49/ 6.49  Rewards
Desk organizer 6.99/ 6.99 Rewards
12pk bubble mailers 12.99/ 12.99 Rewards
3pk Sharpie pens 9.99/ 9.99 Rewards
File totes 9.99/9.99  Rewards
Stapler 10.99/ 10.99  Rewards
Scissors 11.99/ 11.99 Rewards
10pk Post Its 12.99/ 12.99 Rewards
Storage boxes 14.99/ 14.99  Rewards
 Clear address labels 24.99/ 24.99 Rewards

PLUS you get 100% back in Rewards on all shipping  



Go here for a yummy coupon deal.

Walmart Black Friday Ad

WalMart Black Friday Ad can be seen on Got A Deal.  Most other retailers are also listed.

WalMart will begin their sales at Midnight on Friday.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Free At RA 11/25-11/27

Click to enlarge picture of items for Rebate 62 - got2b - opens in a new window
click to enlarge
Rebate #62
VALID ONLY ON PURCHASES FROM 11/25/10 to 11/27/10**
up to $4.99 Rebate
Purchase One (1) of Any Variety:
• got2b Stylers
Excludes got2b Glue Stylers
*Purchase Price Will Be Refunded (up to $4.99).
**Rebate valid only on products purchased between the dates shown above. Purchases made outside of stated dates will not be honored for the rebate.

Plus, Like them on Facebook here and print out a 2.00 Q
Hurry there.  Only 4000 coupons given out (when I got mine there were 2000 left)
I do believe if you have a manufacturer's coupon from a publication, it can be stacked with the internet coupon.  Check out RA policy.

So buying this item makes 2.00.  Can't beat that!

Blockbuster Free Rental

Use promo code FRMNDY for a free rental from Blockbuster Express today only.  The code expires at  midnight EST

Surviving and Thriving Link For Great Frugal Information

The owner of the site http://www.donnafreedman.com/  has just returned from a frugalista conference in Chicago armed with lots of information.

Check it out and look for more to come from SandT.


Overstock.com (http://www.overstock.com/) has 1.00 shipping this week.

Target Daily Deal

Rain boots are 13.00 with second pair at 50% off.  Free shipping, too.  This special includes all footwear today only.

Start Your Christmas Gift List Now

There's a lot of hype this time of the year about sales and good prices.  All kinds of gift ideas are spread across the Internet and in the store flyers.  This can be a good thing because it offers gift ideas and reveals current prices.  On the other side of the coin all of the information put out can be confusing.  All of the information is intended to grab as much cash as possible from your wallet.

How do you get around all the confusion?  In a word, organization.  Most organization begins with a list.  Make a list of people you want to buy gifts for.  Leave some space between names in case you change your mind.  List gifts you want to get for each person.  As simple as this may seem, the list is your foundation for shopping.  Set a budget price for each person.  Then look for those items and research and compare prices offered.  Start the research at the manufacturer's site for suggested retail price.  Search the Internet for the item and sales and promo codes.  When you are satisfied, buy! Either online or in a store.

If this is your first attempt and you fail in a couple areas, try not to get caught up in your mistakes.  Use the mistakes as a learning tool and move forward.   Next time you'll do better.  Frugality can be a learned lifestyle for some.  For others it seems to be genetic.  You'll never know which is the case for you, if you don't try.

Two More Deals From Old Navy

Go here for women's tees as low as 4.99.  If you have a 50.00 order, shipping is free.  So 2 shirts for 5 women on your list is 50.00 or less.  A nice gift for 10.00 is hard to find.  They have all sizes.

30% off Old Navy online from 11/13 - 11/16 with promo code ONGET30  You should read the fine print as some items are not included.  I know my daughter stacks codes and coupon at this site for some awesome deals.