Thursday, April 28, 2016

More Accomplishments

To my surprise my energy level was up again yesterday. (Wednesday)  Even though I had an appointment to get my vehicle inspected in the afternoon, I accomplished some things in the morning.
The hardwood floors were dusted then washed.  While doing that I noticed a spot on the side riser of the stairs that needed a paint touch up.  Out came my little touch up kit so that was taken care of. Since the sun was bright I also noticed a couple of scratches on the walls. They are no longer.

The other small project was cleaning out the bin under the sink.  I've been a bit lax in keeping that organized.  The biggest change I made was combining two packs of Swiffer cloths into one baggie and labeling it.  How surprising it was to see how much room doing that one thing freed up.

Before being organized.

The two empty bags and the new
space saving set up for the
floor dust cloths.

All done and organized!

While the car dealer did the inspection they also washed the car and put windshield washer in it.  While they were doing that, I had a manicure done and made a cup of coffee while I waited. I also tried out the massage chair, but got up when it closed in on my ankles.  No thank you.  I'll rub my own feet.

Before going home I stopped at Wal Mart to grab five other ibotta rebate items.  Any bacon had a .75 cent rebate.  When I got home I made a BLT sandwich for dinner.  The rest of it will get separated into packs of three and frozen.

Other rebates were onions (.25), bananas (.25), any boxed mac and cheese (.25), and ultra thin cheese slice (.75)  After a little over one week I have collected 21.00.  Keep in mind I pass up most offers because I don't use the items.

ibotta purchases

My plan is to collect cash until close to Christmas, add my swagbucks gift cards and my credit card points, combine them and use amazon for gifts I send up North. (With free shipping)

What have you accomplished this week?  I'd be interested in hearing because I learn from what other women do.  As an example I watched a video yesterday where the woman put peppermint oil in her floor wash water as well as sprays it around the perimeter of her rooms.  I never would have though of that.  Or a comment left by a dear reader mentioned I could use a fuchsia plant with my fern. One is never too old to learn new things.  Thriving on new knowledge keeps me young at heart.

Stay safe.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday Accomplishments

I'm beginning to recognize a pattern with Monday.  I have loads of energy when my feet hit the floor.  After prayer time I balanced the checkbook and wrote out checks for a couple of bills.  They were mailed on the way to get my hair recut.  I did get it cut on Friday, but it was too long.  The stylist was new to me and she graciously accepted my return to clip a bit more off the top and front. 

From there I paid the vet for the final bill and dropped off things at the thrift store.

During a visit to Goodwill a few months back I asked where the money is spent in the community.  How shocking it was to find out that the only thing GW does is provide jobs for people.  That's a pretty prolific corporate policy.  The goods come in free, the corporation has charity status, (No taxes) and they pay minimum wage from the high priced goods they obtained for free, but charge customers.  It's genius, really.  You can see why my choice of donation has changed to the Salvation Army.  At least SA feeds the hungry.

The day ended with a visit to S's home to see the grands.

Oh, my gosh.  I forgot the trip to Wal Mart I made with ibotta rebates in hand.  I paid .27 cents for an onion and will receive .25 cents in a rebate.  The four bananas were .87 cents with a .25 cent rebate.  The Glad cling wrap (300' roll) was 3.12 with a 1.00 rebate.  The last rebate was 1.00 off cheese slices that were 2.74.

If you think ibotta is something you're interested in you can use my code to sign up.  A team will be created then teams get additional savings and offers.  My referral code is (jdwerpv)  You will receive 10.00 for signing up and I will get 5.00.  Please note that my motivation for signing you up under my code is the additional bonus (money) offers we will get.  It's a win - win situation.

The crackers were price matched and
the Glad wrap was ibotta.

Both the bananas and onion were
ibotta rebates.

Another ibotta rebate.  I noticed this
week the rebate went down to .50 cents.

I also price matched crackers, (1.88) grapes (1.49)  and oranges (.10 cents each).

When I got home I entered my receipt into WM savings catcher and ibotta.  Easy peasy.

The ibotta site has changed over the rebates adding any milk, bread, bacon, and eggs this week.
I'm off to open the rebates and make a list.

Stay safe.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Garden AND Dollar Tree?

The week flew by quickly as there was a lot going on.  I went to the dollar store to pick up a few items that I needed.  I did come across a couple of wants, but the stock has not been refreshed even though the spring line is in.  Moth balls are a must for spring and summer for the area around the garden.  I use them to keep creepies at bay.  There was two choices of Dawn dish soap, but one of them appeared watered down even though the bottle was larger.  The caulk is for the master bathroom where the counter meets the wall.  Caulking was one thing my husband taught me how to do, so I will fix the small problem this morning.

Moth balls, caulk, and Dawn dish
I ran out of bubbles for the little ones so this time I picked up two large bottles, one with an orange top and the other with a pink top.  These colors are their favorites.  The tape was a want rather than a need and the teeth picks - well - I need to stay clean.  LOL

I already used the yellow starfish tape to cover
a magnet I made from recycled advertising
magnets.  I clipped the magnet in two,
then covered it, then folded it over to
mark the current week in my planner.
I saw the small project on yoo toob, but can't
find the video to share with you.
I found the most delicious food item this week.  Made in the USA.  Dried peach slices with nothing added.  I told the three year old it was peach candy and she loved them, eating close to half the bag in one sitting.  Pictured is also a pack of plastic utensils to use during summer picnics with the kiddos, as well as ice cream spoons.

The peach slices are a great addition
to the snack bin.
The exciting thing that happened this week happened in the garden.  While shopping for rubber mulch at Lowe's I found huge ferns at the back of the garden center for $5.00.  I purchased two, one for the front porch and one for the back yard.  There was also a large pot of geraniums for the same price that I hung on the Shepard's hook with the pot that I paid full price for.

The fern will go in a holder my
daughter bought for me that sits
on the ground.  Right now it sits
on the glass table to acclimate to
the surroundings.

The back yards plans have been
altered this year.  It's getting difficult
to garden so I decided I would buy food
at the farm market and go for a bit
of color that was easily reached.

The biggest and best thing is S and her husband finished the areas that I wanted covered with rubber mulch.  Recycled rubber mulch that has a life time guarantee of seven years.  If a wind comes by, I'll just sweep it back in place.

I love the clean lines that the rubber mulch
offers.  No more grass to worry about.
I need about six more bags to cover the
blackberry section.  This area took
12 bag at a cost of a bit over $75.00.
minus military discount of  $7.50.

An over view of the garden so
far.  The blackberries and strawberries
look to be plentiful this year.

I feel the week has been productive.  The yard couldn't have been coming together so nicely if it weren't for my family.  Three stages with three families working on it.  What would I do without you guys.  Love from Mom!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Morning Accomplishments

This morning my energy level increased as I'm getting use to Marley being gone.  It was a surprise, but a welcomed one.  A visit from C and her two boys really helped me Sunday.

Saturday I had a visit from a rescue dog, but the fit wasn't very good.  The dog was a good dog, but she wasn't fond of me.  I liked her enough, but she wasn't what I'm looking for.  With that out of the way, I think waiting is the best thing for me.  When it's meant to be, then I will know it.

I scrubbed down the master bedroom this morning.  I didn't take photos before I started, but remembered while the sheets were in the washer.  So there are photos in the middle and at the end.  One area that surprised me was the small bin I have next to the bed - between the bed and the side table.  It had more dirt and dust in it than has been seen in this house - ever.  The truth is I think I scrub down a room, but always forget one area.  It keeps me humble as a reminder that I'm imperfect.  I kind of like it.

This is the bin that was dusty and

Time to empty the trash and wipe
out the can.

These decorator pillows have been
on the floor for three weeks.

The blankets stripped off the bed.
The winter one (blue) was washed
and put away.

The end results.  Smelling fresh
and sprayed with lavender

I also cleaned out the refrigerator this morning.  I've been lax with my chores for a few weeks, but decided it was time to get with the program.  I wiped down everything and put items in the appropriate containers.  I also took the time to put fruits and veggies in the drawers.What a difference.



Since the weather has finally warmed up, I went out to the garden to see many flowers on the strawberry plants and the blackberries.  I also potted the bean plant that the five year old grandson and I planted in March from seed.


The bean plant in it's 'forever' home.
The only other thing I did this morning was washed the bedding and cleaned out the vacuum cleaner before I used it.  It was rather dirty, as well.

What did you accomplish today or last week.  Posting a comment helps me and others learn new things.  It's a great way of sharing information.

Stay safe.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Contest Winner

The winner of 'When They Practice To Deceive', by Carolyn LaRoche is (drum roll please)  Leisha from Australia.  Congratulations.  The book will be mailed as soon as I can get the author to sign it which should be about the middle of May.  Thank you to those who entered the contest. 

The author is working on another series.  As soon as the first book is complete and on the market, Angie will have another give away.

Ibotta, Marley and Savings Catcher

Time is passing and each day gets a little better.  When I start to think of Marley I say a few Hail Mary's which helps me handle things better.  The vet sent me a card to express his condolences as well as a friend.  Both were beautifully written, but I'd like to share the note my friend wrote in the card.  The front of the card had a picture of St. Francis, Mr. animal lover himself.

The note:
'... Marley was God's gift to you and you were His gift to her.  As heart broken as you are today, it was wonderful that she experienced much love and joy when you adopted EACH OTHER'

I had forgotten what I did for Marley, only remembering what she did for me.  At the time, we did indeed save each other.

This week has been a slow one with only one activity - going to a medical appointment.  Nothing traumatic and I like the doctor.  He talks to me like I'm a person and we discussed food and Amazon this last visit.

I can't remember if I mentioned that my son got me a cell phone when he was visiting and set up an app called ibotta.  I spent some time this week learning about it, then putting it into practice.  I saved $1.75 on five items.

Here's how it works:
You can sign up on a phone or the computer.  Search through the categories to find the one of interest.  Some of them are groceries, military commissaries, restaurants, drug stores, with many more.  It looks as if every category of consumer outlet is represented.  Then you find what rebates interest you and unlock them.  When you come back from the store you simply download or scan a receipt. 

If you are on my fb page and think you are interested in this app, sign up under my name (Use the whole name) and we will form a team.  Teams get many bonuses that individuals don't.  Plus 10.00 is deposited in your account after the first receipt is scanned.  Monies earned can be turned into a gift card after a 10.00 balance is acquired.
I bought bananas, eggs, tomatoes, onion, and bread (any kind)  I paid $4.74 for these five items and received $1.75 back.  If I did the math correctly I paid $2.99 for the five items.  Not too shabby.

The next thing I did was sign up for savings catcher from Wal Mart.  This app scans your purchases at Wal Mart and if there is an item that sells for less in your area they refund the difference.  I signed up online for this because all I have to do is put in the UPC code and hit enter.  They do all the work for me.

Besides cleaning that's how I spent my week.  I'm thinking about getting another dog, but to move so quickly is not within the parameters of my personality.  We'll see what happens.

Stay safe.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Miss Marley

My Miss Marley Girl went to sleep this afternoon.  Please understand that posts will be few until I can get a grasp on the situation.

Thank you for the prayers and support.


Friday, April 8, 2016

Give Away Time

I think Angie's in the mood for a give away.   One signed by the author copy of 'When They Practice to Deceive' that can be shipped internationally.  The book comes out May 3rd, then I will have to order it, then have it signed, and mailed.

To enter put the word 'Deceived" on this blog in the comment section.  I'll look for it in this post and the following two (2) posts.  That's it!  So easy and takes just a   few seconds.  Good luck!  This is an international give away.

The drawing will be on April15, 2016.

The winner can leave a comment with their contact information that I will not publish.  It will be viewed only by me.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kitchen Goodies and Marley

Life's been a bit low key this past few days.  The weekends are usually spent at home with Sunday a day of respect for God.  The good thing about resting on Sundays is Monday morning I'm filled with energy and do quite a bit of cleaning before breakfast.  (Breakfast is normally mid morning for me.)

Yesterday (Monday) was no different for me.  I hit the ground running by cleaning the two bathrooms on the first floor, washing two loads of clothes, swiffering the hardwood floors, cleaning the kitchen, and cleaning out the master bedroom closet.  The laundry is put away which brought me to clean out the closet.

I don't remember eating breakfast, but I do remember lunch was a ham sandwich loaded with mustard and mayo, topped with lettuce on a roll I made from frozen bread dough.

Which brings us to the frozen bread dough episode.  I was watching a grocery haul video on yoo toob and she had green peppers.  I stopped the video and went across the street with pup in tow. Not only did the peppers hit the cart, so did strawberries,  melon, bananas, a cucumber, Cuties (small tangerines), chick peas and the frozen bread dough.  The dough was to satisfy a craving for cinnamon and sugar covered fried bread dough.

When I got home one loaf ( three to a package) of the dough ended up on the counter to defrost while I made a salad with the veggies, then one with the fruit.  I won't add melon to the strawberries and bananas again.  I ate the entire melon by the end of Monday - all by itself.  Veggie salad is still left over so I will eat that for lunch today. 

The dough was turned into four fried breads and seven rolls.  The rolls are gone, so I took out the second bread loaf to make a simple loaf of bread Monday.  Since the oven was still hot I made up a cinnamon coffee cake to eat as this week's dessert.  I'm not sure if it will last the entire week.  If not I have some Forbes taffy from the ocean front to hold me over.  Although I wouldn't turn away any taffy, my favorites are licorice and cinnamon.  My son brought me a pound of taffy when he was here visiting and went to see the ocean front with his family. (And his sister's family.)  So I'm covered.

Three rolls?  Didn't I say I made seven rolls?  The other
four were so good.  Three of them warm with butter
and home made peach jam.  Yum yum!

This morning I had two slices of the bread toasted with peanut butter and jam.  Of course, I had to share with Marley.

Marley has been ill for a couple of weeks.  She had a huge seizure on the 23rd of March.  The vet has informed me that boxer pups are a breed that often have brain tumors and the seizure is a sign of that.  As you can imagine my heart was broken as she is my constant companion.  She can no longer sleep with me because the vet said she could hurt me.  When she came out of the seizure she growled at me twice.  I've never seen her be aggressive in any way in the past.  The vet said this was common because the dog is disoriented for a period of time.  As well as confused.  So now I tuck her in on the couch and both of us are lonely through the night.  I check on her a few times each night to make sure she is warm enough or has not suffered another seizure. 

My sweet girl cuddled up on the couch. 

Marley's eyes are filled with pain -pain I could do nothing about.  The days were spent in tears so I took her back to the vet.  He prescribed pain pills which have been effective removing the sadness and pain in her eyes.  I'm thankful about that.  She still eats, drinks water and uses her doggie 'facility' on her own.  So I will take care of her until things become unbearable for her.  I sure do hope 'All Dogs Go To Heaven' after life on earth.  I won't think about that until the time comes for her to go to sleep.  She will be my companion and will be cared for with love until that time comes.

When First They Practice to Decieve, Carolyn LaRoche

My daughter's new book in her series of romantic suspense will be available May 3rd on amazon as well as other outlets.  I'm not certain which ones, but I know Barnes and Noble offers her other books on e-reader as well as special order.

How excited she was when her books appeared on our library shelves recently.  (Our system is huge!)

Carolyn has a number of readers in the UK and Australia, as well as the USA  After the USA, the UK readers seem to love her books.
If you're feeling the love, you can check her out on Facebook at Carolyn LaRoche - author.  Give her a thumbs up and say hi from Angie's Frugal House.