Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Morning Accomplishments

This morning my energy level increased as I'm getting use to Marley being gone.  It was a surprise, but a welcomed one.  A visit from C and her two boys really helped me Sunday.

Saturday I had a visit from a rescue dog, but the fit wasn't very good.  The dog was a good dog, but she wasn't fond of me.  I liked her enough, but she wasn't what I'm looking for.  With that out of the way, I think waiting is the best thing for me.  When it's meant to be, then I will know it.

I scrubbed down the master bedroom this morning.  I didn't take photos before I started, but remembered while the sheets were in the washer.  So there are photos in the middle and at the end.  One area that surprised me was the small bin I have next to the bed - between the bed and the side table.  It had more dirt and dust in it than has been seen in this house - ever.  The truth is I think I scrub down a room, but always forget one area.  It keeps me humble as a reminder that I'm imperfect.  I kind of like it.

This is the bin that was dusty and

Time to empty the trash and wipe
out the can.

These decorator pillows have been
on the floor for three weeks.

The blankets stripped off the bed.
The winter one (blue) was washed
and put away.

The end results.  Smelling fresh
and sprayed with lavender

I also cleaned out the refrigerator this morning.  I've been lax with my chores for a few weeks, but decided it was time to get with the program.  I wiped down everything and put items in the appropriate containers.  I also took the time to put fruits and veggies in the drawers.What a difference.



Since the weather has finally warmed up, I went out to the garden to see many flowers on the strawberry plants and the blackberries.  I also potted the bean plant that the five year old grandson and I planted in March from seed.


The bean plant in it's 'forever' home.
The only other thing I did this morning was washed the bedding and cleaned out the vacuum cleaner before I used it.  It was rather dirty, as well.

What did you accomplish today or last week.  Posting a comment helps me and others learn new things.  It's a great way of sharing information.

Stay safe.


  1. There are promising blossoms on your strawberries and blackberries. Hope you can keep the
    birds away when fruits are coming. Here it was raining cats and dogs, so hardly any outdoor
    activity. But that was a good time for me for sewing as there is always something to mend.
    I saw those after-pictures of your fridge and wonder if there is no egg-container in the inside of the fridge door, as you keep the eggs in a glass container.

    1. I'll cover both fruits with cheese sloth again to keep the birds from getting the berries before I do. It's been many years since refrigerators have come with egg holders in this country. The container I store mine in is a vintage piece I bought at a garage sale about 20 years ago. It's one of my cherished belongings, just under family photos.

  2. I am happy to hear that things are a little easier for you Angie . Your bedroom looks beautiful and as always your house sparkles! My house is an old house and it never seems to sparkle . I had a big clean up of all my palms and plants on my back deck . Gave them a trim and they look much neater. Take care Angie x0xo

    1. I prefer new builds, but my husband liked older homes with character. When I was a kid funerals were held in living rooms. This left quite an impression on me. So I could never live in an older home because of it. I do agree there is beauty in them, though. Old floors can never be damaged because they were so well built that a sanding will bring them back to their former glory. I see the beauty, but I can't live in an older home. Your deck sounds divine! You're fortunate to be able to have palm trees. They're so pretty and 'beach' like.

  3. You have a lovely bedroom. I finally got mine a little bit organized - I have my sewing machine and all that goes with it in there. I also cleaned my ceiling fan in the living room. I found the easiest way! Just slip a pillow case over the blade and pull towards you, grasping the edges of the fan as you do so. Then I just took the pillowcase outside and shook it out before washing it. I have so much more to do!

    1. A big welcome to you, Kathy! Your way of cleaning the ceiling fan is genius! I know your hack will help out someone. (And me, too!) Thank you.