Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Garden AND Dollar Tree?

The week flew by quickly as there was a lot going on.  I went to the dollar store to pick up a few items that I needed.  I did come across a couple of wants, but the stock has not been refreshed even though the spring line is in.  Moth balls are a must for spring and summer for the area around the garden.  I use them to keep creepies at bay.  There was two choices of Dawn dish soap, but one of them appeared watered down even though the bottle was larger.  The caulk is for the master bathroom where the counter meets the wall.  Caulking was one thing my husband taught me how to do, so I will fix the small problem this morning.

Moth balls, caulk, and Dawn dish
I ran out of bubbles for the little ones so this time I picked up two large bottles, one with an orange top and the other with a pink top.  These colors are their favorites.  The tape was a want rather than a need and the teeth picks - well - I need to stay clean.  LOL

I already used the yellow starfish tape to cover
a magnet I made from recycled advertising
magnets.  I clipped the magnet in two,
then covered it, then folded it over to
mark the current week in my planner.
I saw the small project on yoo toob, but can't
find the video to share with you.
I found the most delicious food item this week.  Made in the USA.  Dried peach slices with nothing added.  I told the three year old it was peach candy and she loved them, eating close to half the bag in one sitting.  Pictured is also a pack of plastic utensils to use during summer picnics with the kiddos, as well as ice cream spoons.

The peach slices are a great addition
to the snack bin.
The exciting thing that happened this week happened in the garden.  While shopping for rubber mulch at Lowe's I found huge ferns at the back of the garden center for $5.00.  I purchased two, one for the front porch and one for the back yard.  There was also a large pot of geraniums for the same price that I hung on the Shepard's hook with the pot that I paid full price for.

The fern will go in a holder my
daughter bought for me that sits
on the ground.  Right now it sits
on the glass table to acclimate to
the surroundings.

The back yards plans have been
altered this year.  It's getting difficult
to garden so I decided I would buy food
at the farm market and go for a bit
of color that was easily reached.

The biggest and best thing is S and her husband finished the areas that I wanted covered with rubber mulch.  Recycled rubber mulch that has a life time guarantee of seven years.  If a wind comes by, I'll just sweep it back in place.

I love the clean lines that the rubber mulch
offers.  No more grass to worry about.
I need about six more bags to cover the
blackberry section.  This area took
12 bag at a cost of a bit over $75.00.
minus military discount of  $7.50.

An over view of the garden so
far.  The blackberries and strawberries
look to be plentiful this year.

I feel the week has been productive.  The yard couldn't have been coming together so nicely if it weren't for my family.  Three stages with three families working on it.  What would I do without you guys.  Love from Mom!


  1. Great buys! Which reminds me, I need to make a trip to Dollar Tree. It's been on my "to do" list with Mother's Day coming up, as it's also a great place to buy greeting cards. Your garden looks beautiful. Love, love love.

    1. The cards at Dollar Tree are quite nice. If I remember tight the $1.00 ones are American Greetings. Thanks for the garden compliment. God knows I try!

  2. Ferns are lovely plants. So graceful and elegant. On a place, that is not too sunny and with enough humidity in the air, they are quite modest and you will have much pleasure in
    But what is rubber mulch? I only know bark mulch, which we use on some places in the garden.

    1. Rubber mulch is recycled auto tires and such. The rubber is colored and shredded. I chose it for two reasons. Those being the mulch will lasts a long time and bugs do not make it their home. This area can be quite humid and I have a plaace with shade to protect the jungle origins of the plant. We'll see if it's enough for survival.

  3. Some good buys Angie. I love the ferns and what you have done in the garden. It looks lovely. Hope you have a great weekend xx

    1. I wish you also a good weekend, Leisha. Stay safe.

  4. Something I had forgotten to mention earlier: A place where ferns grow well is also a good place for the lovely fuchsia. I would strongly recommend these plants that are offered in
    a great variety. Upright or hanging. So many blossoms during the whole season!

  5. We all love fuchsias!!! We always had one when we lived in NY. I though it was too hot here, but I think I will get one for the front porch. Thank you for the information.