Thursday, May 29, 2014

Harvesting Has Begun

Maybe the word harvesting is rather strong.  It's more like picking.  But, since this is the first year - after 4 seasons of trying- I have actually had any success in growing food, the word 'harvest suits me just fine.  I planted spinach, garlic, radishes, beets, and carrots in the early spring.  I bought heirloom seeds so I can harvest seeds from a few plants for next year's planting.  For those of you who are not familiar with the process, plants will produce seeds if they're left in the soil well beyond harvest time.  The plants bolt and create seeds.  The process seems rather long, but well worth the time.  The plants only need to be watered to stay alive.  The gift of life awaits you at the end.  I'll do a post on the complete process.

The spinach has been harvested and eaten as well as dehydrated.  I may have told you before that I use this in soups during the winter.  The radishes were eaten with much relish.  They were so sweet and a bit hot at the same time.

Today I pulled my first beets.  Not freakishly large, but looking good.  Last night I pulled a garlic to check on the progress of the plants.  I got a cute little guy who is not quite formed into cloves yet, but edible.  The excitement is overwhelming.  It's overwhelming because I have gone from a black thumb to a gardener.  I'm a real productive gardener.  I couldn't be happier. 

I'm looking for a recipe for beet greens.  Has anyone used them before?  I've never eaten them, but am excited to use my very own -from the garden - greens. 

There they are.  My beets.  Right next to the gate on the left.
I'll post an up close photo as soon as I figure out my new computer.

I figured out the camera download.  Here's my one lone garlic.  Picking this one showed me how much longer it needed to be in the ground.  It tastes yummy though.


  1. Beet greens are a lot like spinach... you can have them washed and raw in salads or steamed. Not sure about how well they dry, though.

    1. Thank you, Elise. I will try them steamed. Maybe I should taste one raw first!

  2. I always wonder why people say they are harvesting their own vegetables from their own gardens. I say I'm picking a few beans for my dinner, or digging up a few spuds. I am not a farmer with a combine harvester, ha ha.

  3. Welcome, Meanqueen! I was so happy and the word harvest sounded (and felt) so good to me. It's been quite the struggle for me to learn to grow, so I treated myself to a fancy word. Stay safe.

  4. You may not be a farmer plowing the back 40, but you're feeding your mind, body and soul with that little garden of yours!

  5. Smiley face, Elise. I don't know how to put one here yet.