Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Whistle While We Work

Tuesday was one of the most productive days I've recently had.  My accomplishments truly astonished me.  I know I'll not remember everything, but here's to a good try.

I reorganized the pantry.  I know it was done a few months ago, but I'm also realizing that this will be an ongoing project.

I scrubbed down the kitchen counters, then polished them with Jubilee polish.  This is a product from the 1960's I was happy to find on  Just a small dab on a clean cloth and the counter surface is protected from scratches and cuts.  Warning:  Lots of 'elbow grease' is needed to bring it to a shine.  To me, it's not only exercise, but worth the shine and good smell.

I washed the bedding and mattress pad.  Then I vacuumed the rug and the mattress.  With a damp cloth with tea tree oil on it, the mattress got a wipe down.  The decorative pillows were next to get a wipe down, then the kick boards.

Anything on the counters was washed in hot soapy water after the microwave was cleaned.

In the evening I cut the grass.  Three companies -so far - have said they'd fill in the grass with rocks so the ground would be level and I wouldn't have to worry about cutting grass.  No one has shown up to complete the project.  I guess when you want something done, a person must do it themselves.

When I look at my accomplishments on paper it doesn't look like much.  But, the efforts took most of the day.

This morning I weeded the carrots and pulled three radishes up along with more parsley and spinach.  What a feast I'll have for lunch.  I also sprayed weeds in the rock area with vinegar.

As a side note, I apologize for no pictures yet.  I'm having a difficult time finding where they went to on my new lap top.  I'll keep trying to find them.

Stay safe.


  1. You were a busy gal! If only I could hire you for a few days to help get our place cleaned thoroughly before my older son's graduation next month... when lots of family will arrive. I try to keep things tidy, but this place hasn't had a scouring clean for a longer time than I care to admit to. You've inspired me to tackle a few projects. :-)

    1. I'm not sure you'd want me to 'clean'. Half of your things would be in the donate box! LOL Thank you for your comment. L

  2. Hallo! Nice to hear from you! After all that house-cleaning your home must be as germfree as an operating theatre. (Oh, mine
    isn´t.) A rock area in your garden? I have no real idea what this is. A sort of alpinum? As to parsley, - it can be perfecly kept in
    the freezer in little ice cube containers . I would prefere this.But I do not freeze parsley at all as I have it in the garden all year and during winter covered with sorts of cloches.

    1. Hi, C. I have rocks on the ground so no grass grows in most areas. It's my intention to cover the small remaining grassy area with rocks also. I really have an intense dislike for clipping grass!

  3. I am with you on losing pictures, there are several floating around somewhere in my lap top from last year. My day was akin to yours but in the garden.

  4. Hi, Pam. I think the beautiful sunshine inspires activity.