Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Special K has a printable coupon at www.specialk.com. The coupon is good for a free box with the purchase of one. (BOGO) There are limits to the variety that the coupon covers. Make sure you read the fine print.


For rebates and coupon information on OLAY products you can search www.olay.com. There is a full rebate for Quench body lotion and a 15.00 rebate on the purchase of 2 Regenerist products. A 1.00 coupon is in this past Sunday's P and G insert for the Regenerist products. Rite Aid has the items BOGO 1/2.
The savings before the Rite Aid sale is 16.00. I tried to find the price of Regenerist at Rite Aid, but was unsuccessful.

Monday, December 28, 2009

RITE AID 12/27 - 1/02

The only free, with rebate and Sunday's P and G coupon, is a battery operated toothbrush.

NyQuil has a rebate that brings the cost down to 1.49.

PAMPERS are 8.99 for a large box and the paper had a 1.00 coupon this week.

After Christmas Bargains

Not many ladies I know had a desire to go shopping the day after Christmas. I was no different this year. DH wanted to grab some jeans at JCP. Begrudgingly I went with him. I could smell the sales when I walked in the front door. The flyer had 2 coupons in it. One was 10.00 off of a 50.00 purchase. The other was 15.00 off of a 75.00 purchase/ In addition to the coupons multiple items were priced ridiculously low until 1 PM.

This is what I did to maximize my savings. I added up the sale cost of the items. Since the total was over 200.00, I broke the items up into 4 transactions of about 50.00 each. By doing this I earned 40.00 off of my purchases. Ten dollars off of each 50.00 total. The 75.00/15.00 coupon could have been used as well for a savings of 30.00 and the 10.00/50.00 used once. The savings would have been the same.

The items, if purchased at regular price, came to 463.00. I saved 250.00 and spent 213.00.

The order included 2 pair Lee jeans, 18.00/31.00 (13.00 saved / pair), 2 scoop neck tees, 5.99 (10.00 saved/ tee) undies for the year, Carter baby clothes (lots) and so much more.

I went home a happy girl. These items finished off our winter wardrobes. The tees I will have for next year, as well as the undies.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


There is a coupon (Q) for a free box of Special K cereal at www.specialk.com Buy one get one free.

CHRISTMAS Shopping Scores

I was talking to DD #1 last night and she was telling me about her shopping trip. She kept costs at bay using a number of tactics. One of the most lucrative was she had 150$ in gift cards she got from the points earned on a credit card account.

What deals did you find this year? Do you shop online? Maybe look for codes for zero SH? (google coupon codes) Do you use points gathered from doing surveys or CCs? How about MY REWARDS program from Coke?

One of my biggest earners was a Q for 20$ off a 20$ purchase. I also found a great website, http://www.sportsmansguide.com/. I never paid attention to this one before, I'm no sportsman. Wow. Lots of stuff for everyone and every reason. It's worth a try. The prices are fair. And they have terrific sales.

Share, share, share. Info passed along to others truly helps us to reach our goals.

FREE Batteries at STAPLES

Grab yourself a customer card from Staples. (available at the store) Buy a 20 pack of AA batteries for 12.99 and receive money back for 12.99. I haven't done this yet, but I'm on my way today to buy batteries. The cash comes in the mail and is tied to the customer card. This offer ends 12/21/09. I have a 1.00 coupon that I'll use. This coupon will not only get me free batteries, but I'll make 1.00 in cash.

Remember to ask before you buy, just to make certain the offer is available at your local store.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas is so close. The closer it gets, the more excited I get. The meal is planned and the baking has begun. This is my favorite part of the holiday. This is where our heritages come into play. DH's background is the United Nations. He is 1/2 Polish and the other half includes Welsh, German and many more. Mine is Italian and English. The English part has never come into play when it comes to food.

The Polish contribution is homemade pirogi, homemade applesauce, and Polish sausage. (Boil the sausage to remove most of the fat.) The pirogi recipe was handed down to me from DH's grandmother.

For the Italian contribution I will make my grandmother's cookies. The lemon an anise Italian cookies that sell for $9.00 a pound. I promise they do not cost that much to make. They can be labor intensive, but will be made with love, so to me the cost is low.

I have already made chocolate orange creams and chocolate covered pretzels. Again DH's grandmother taught me how to make the orange creams. I bought the chocolate discs and added chocolate chips before I melted the candy in the microwave. If you want to make the pretzels it is best to buy a national brand as they are a bit softer and add a nice balance to the chocolate.

What are you making for Christmas dinner? Have you thought about adding a heritage food to your menu? It is a comfort to eat heritage food and in most cases brings back some good memories.

I consider making these heritage dishes as an invitation to our grandmothers to join us in the celebration - in spirit.

Merry Christmas to you. I hope your day is blessed with all that is good.

Rite Aid This week

Rite Aid has a number of rebates this month. None of them, as I said in an earlier post, rebates an entire purchase price. If you need back up disks for a computer there are a number of rebates on Maxell products. The highest rebate is $10.00 for a 50 count pack. The 25 count has a rebate for $5.00 and sells for $9.99.

Another item that may be of interest is the Arm and Hammer Spin brush. There's a $2.00 rebate and a coupon that was in the Sunday newspaper a couple of weeks ago. The regular price is $5.99.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Christmas Story - Paraphrased

Over 2000 years ago a baby was born to humble parents. Joseph, the new daddy, loved his young wife with all of his heart. He was so excited about the new baby. Joseph was a carpenter. He made a cradle for the baby to lie his head in comfort and security. Mary, the mommy to be, was 14 years old, yet filled with a wisdom that could not be ignored.

Even though Mary was growing rather uncomfortable with the weight of the baby, she took a trip to visit her cousin, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was pregnant, also, and close to her due date. Mary stayed with her for a couple of months after the baby was born. She was, after all, family. When Elizabeth was on her feet and able to care for John ( Later John was known as the Baptizer.) Mary began the journey home.

Wouldn't you know, when Mary arrived home there was a government decree to travel to the capitol city and register. All Jews had to register so Rome could tax them. Mary was pretty tired and 3 weeks from her due date, but rested a couple days and began, with Joseph, to travel to Jerusalem to obey the new law.

Joseph had a donkey he used around the homestead. He tied blankets to the animal's back so his wife could sit on him, experiencing a bit of comfort. Mary packed some blankets, dried fruit and bread with some water for the long trip. The journey was the beginning of a new life for all who asks for it.

Two weeks later Mary informed Joseph that she was in labor. I'm sure Joseph was a bit anxious when he couldn't find a room for them. He wanted to provide the comfort Mary needed while she was giving birth. Because everyone was traveling to Jerusalem, all of the rooms were booked. A kind tavern (hotel) owner offered his barn for shelter, at no cost.

It was there that Mary gave birth to her Son, Jesus the Christ.

All of heaven was singing and dancing. Mary was glad labor was over and falling in love with her new baby boy. Joseph was in awe of the miracle of birth and fell deeper in love with his wife. His face shone with pride as he looked at the new addition to his family. Life was good.

In the sky the Northern star shone bright. Three kings noticed it and felt led to follow it. The star was directly over the stable where Jesus was born. The kings felt love for the baby and gave Him gifts. Each king gave one gift. Because they recognized the baby was a king, the gifts were befitting royalty.

As we celebrate the most well know birthday in the universe, we give gifts to those we love. Hopefully we give to those in need, as well. There doesn't have to be a pile of gifts. Only one. That one gift can be given with all of the love we have for someone.

While we celebrate this Christmas remember the baby. Remember those in need of prayer and love. Keep close to your family and friends. Tell someone how important they are to you. And most of all, thank God for the Baby born all of those years ago. He knows your name, He'll be happy that you remembered Him.

Merry Christ - mas! God's peace to the earth, good will towards men.