Monday, January 31, 2011

Price Chopper, CNY and Northern Pennsylvania 01/30-02/05

NY strip steak, 4.99 lb

Cook's spiral ham, 1.49 lb

rye bread, 1 lb BOGO

DiGiorno pizza, 3/10.00 with store Q

Celeste pizza 10/10.00

Hebrew national hot dogs BOGO

Oscar Mayer bologna BOGO

Pepperidge farms swirl bread BOGO

Manwich 1.00

Buy 4 Kellogg's cereal (Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Krispies, Apple Jack) get 2 free PC apple juice (64oz)  Great Deal!  Store coupon is 4/10.00.  With coupon only.

Emerald 10-12 oz  mixed nuts, cashews, almonds BOGO (5.99 regular price)

There are additional items in the flier.  These are the items I see as being a frugal buy this week.

Price Chopper

Price Chopper has 2 1.00 3x coupons this week.  Other than that I didn't see too much of anything else that was impressive.  Could this be an 'eat out of the cupboard' week? 

Stayfree Q

You can find a 1.00 Q here.  If you are getting Stayfree BOGO at RA, this Q will  lower your costs.

Free Maybelline FitME! Sample

Free Maybelline FitME! Sample

Sunday, January 30, 2011

RA Steal Deal


There are 2 areas where the Colgate toothpaste is pictured in the RA circular. The front page shows :

Colgate Total, 7.8 oz

Colgate Total Advance, 5.8 oz

Colgate Sensitive, 6 oz


The second posting is on page 4.

Colgate Total Advance is posted again at 2.99

with a 2.00 up reward. There is no size posted.

There is a 1.00 Q in one of last week's inserts and 1.00 Q this week.

So if you bought 2 (BOGO) 5.8 oz Advance you would receive a minimum of 2.00 up reward. Use the 2.00 coupon (or more if you have them) and both items come out to be free. This is also a Buy and Save item AND a Heart Healthy item.

RA Unadvertised Special

RA unadvertised special:  RA spices .79

RA Heart Healthy Program

You can find out about the Heart Healthy program at this site.

There is a 20.00 reward with the purchase of 50.00 of the listed items.

I saw that the Nature Made vitamins are on the list as well as Colgate toothpaste.  (both on sale this week)

RA Heart Healthy Program

RA has a Heart Healthy Program happening right now.  Following is a run down on how to take advantage of the program from poster DANCINMAMA.  Thank you for sharing.
The Afrin, Coriciden, and the Colgate are all part of the Buy $50 in Heart Healthy products/Get a $20 UP.

$41.93 (7) Afrin
3.99 (1) Coriciden
2.99 (1) Colgate
4.71 Tax
55.62 Subtotal
- 4.00 $4/$20
- 4.00 Video Value (These are the $1, $1, and $2 off any non-Rx VVs)
- 2.00 Afrin VV
- 2.00 Coriciden VV
- 19.00 UPs
- 21.00 (7) Afrin MCs (1/2 SS)
- 2.00 (1) Coriciden IP
- 1.00 Colgate
.62 OOP --> 28 in UPs (Afrin) / 4 in UPs (Coriciden) / 2 in UPs Colgate / $20 UPs (Heart Healthy) = $54 in UPs

RA Savings Add Up ( and up and up) Rewards 01/30-02/05

Nature Made vitamins, BOGO, 3.00-6.00 Qs in February  All You

Angel Soft 4 pack tissue, .97, 1.00 Q February All You

Bounty Basic pt .97

Joy dish soap .97

Cover Girl cosmetics Buy 1 Get 1/2 off, Q in last week's insert, 1.00 up reward

Colgate 360 manual or power toothbrush BOGO
Valentine Plush (excludes Plush with Candy)<br />price with wellness+ card
Buy 20.00 of plush animals, get 10.00 up reward

Dawn dish soap, 9.5-10.3 oz, Q in P and G February insert, .97

Cadbury Eggs, 2/1.00

Coricidin, 16-24 ct, 10 oz liquid, 5.99, 4.00 up reward,

Colgate Toothpaste Total Advanced, Total Enamel Strength<br />price with wellness+ card
Colgate Total Advance or Total Enamel Strength toothpaste, 2.99, 2.00 up reward on each,  1.00 Q last week's insert AND BOGO on the Advance type

Bayer aspirin, varied sizes, buy 1 get 1/2 off, 1.50 Q on last week's (it doesn't look like the Q is still available)

Prilosec OTC 42ct, 24.99, 7.00 up reward, 3.00 Q January P and G insert, 25.00/2 rebate @

alli starter kit, 90 count, 49.99, 10.00 rebate available at
AMO CompleteMulti-Purpose Solution 12 oz. Limit 1 Rebate per offer See in storeSingle Check Rebates directory for details. Single Check Rebate requires sign up at or by mail. Rebate only valid 1/30 - 2/05/11<br />price with wellness+ card

Blink, 7.99, 7.99 rebate

Neuragen gel, 19.99, 19.99 rebate

L'Oreal cosmetics (excludes voluminus mascara) Buy 1 Get 1 1/2, 5.00 up reward with 15.00

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power or Manual Razor 1 ct. Limit 1 per household<br />price with wellness+ card

Gillette Fusion Proglide razor, 9.99, 5.00 up reward, 4.00 Q in January  P and G insert (.99 final price)

Gillette Fusion shave gel, 7 oz, Buy 1 Get 1/2 off, 1.00 Q P and G insert, 5.00 up reward with 20.00

Glad Wrap, 200 ft roll, 2.00

Jif, 18oz, 1.99

RA trash bags BOGO

Dixie or Vanity Fair plates, cups, bowls, napkins, BOGO

V8 Vegetable Juice 46 oz. Selection may vary by store +CRV or deposit where applicable<br />price with wellness+ card

V8 juice, 2/5.00, 1.00 up reward

RA tissue, BOGO

Hall's cough drops, 2/3.00, 1 up reward, buy and save item

Advil and assorted cold and flu care items (page 13 of circular) 5.00 up reward with 25.00 and buy and save items

Stayfree pads, all sizes, BOGO, buy and save item

$5  UP REWARD WHEN YOU BUY $20 OF BURT BEE Lip, Facial and Skin Care Products Selection may vary by store Also available at For use on your next purchase. +UP reward will print on your receipt<br />with wellness card

5.00 up reward with 20.00, buy and save items


There are 2 areas where the Colgate toothpaste is pictured in the RA circular.  The front page shows :

Colgate Total, 7.8 oz
Colgate Total Advance, 5.8 oz
Colgate Sensitive, 6 oz

The second posting is on page 4.

Colgate Total Advance is posted again at 2.99
with a 2.00 up reward.  There is no size posted.

There is a 1.00 Q in one of last week's inserts

So if you bought 2 (BOGO) 5.8 oz Advance you would receive a minimum of 2.00 up reward.  Use the 1.00 coupon (or more if you have them) and both items come out to be free.  This is also a Buy and Save item AND a Heart Healthy item.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Old Navy Cami

This cami is on sale at Old Navy for 5.97.  There is an additional 20% off with code:  ONGET20.  You can find this item and many others on clearance at:,2589993,message6&clink=2589993

ebates has 2% cash back

Final price is 4.68.

The Limited Coupon

You can get a 15.00 off 50.00 coupon for the Limited here:

It's valid online and in stores until 02/01/11

ebates has 2.5% cash back

Purex Coupon

A 1.00 coupon for Purex Complete crystals fabric softener can be found here:

If you can't find it, use zip code 13069.

Free Sample of You-T Cranberry Drink

Free Sample of You-T Cranberry Drink

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pancakes for the Kiddos

Snowman Pancake Mold

How cute is this?  A snowman pancake mold to add fun on a winter day.  It's on sale at Crate and Barrel for 1.95.  There's a mitten one too.

Plaid Espresso Cup

A set of four of these cups and a pack of cocoa would make a nice gift costing under 8.00.

Porcelain Purple Measuring Spoons Set of Four

Porcelain measuring spoons would last a lifetime.  Quality at a low price. 2.50.  there are many items for the kitchen on sale.  How nice a gift basket filled with C and B items would make for a shower gift.

There's some Valentine items on sale too.

ebates has 3% cash back

Two Small Types of Emergency Funds

The term 'Emergency Fund' has been thrown around quite often for the past few years.  It's simple to figure out that it means having something put away in case of an emergency.  The question would be, "What kind of an emergency?"  There is one emergency that cash on hand is needed. 

Where we live it can be a nightmare if the power goes down for a few days.  No power means no ATM machines.  Or banking of any kind.  If this is a concern where you live consider having a small amount of cash on hand, in small bills and change.  And a small supply of gas in the event there is no station in your area with a generator.  (We have one)

A supply of 1.00 bills and change means you can buy things and not worry about loosing too much change.  There won't be cash registers available either.

Another type of emergency fund is food.  This doesn't have to follow your nutrition guidelines 100%.  We all love fresh fruits and veggies, but during a power outage you will need to be a bit flexible and eat canned fruits and veggies.  Canned tuna and meat are a good source of protein.  Dry milk and a few gallons of water work well to provide essential vitamins.  Don't forget a bit of comfort food in your supply.  Having it on hand is a small stress reliever.

These are two of the basic emergency funds that every family could benefit from.  They make a bad situation a bit more comfortable.  Kind of puts the power in your hands rather than the emergency's.

Frugal Valentine Gifts

I was going through my Tightwad Gazette this week and came upon some of the author's (Amy Dacyczyn) frugal ideas for Valentine gifts.  Some of these sound like fun!

Bake a batch of heart shape cookies

Give a home made coupon for a massage

Cut a heart shape into a pink eraser and stamp hearts on a piece of construction paper to use as a place mat for your littlest Valentines

Pick a bouquet of winter branches and tie a red or pink ribbon around it for a centerpiece.  Around here the only ones that are available are pine branches, so I would use a pink ribbon.  You could stamp the ribbon with red hearts from your home made eraser heart. 

Write a poem to express your love. 

FEDERAL Tax Schedule on Earnings

Marginal Tax Rate[4]
Married Filing Jointly or Qualified Widow(er)
Married Filing Separately
Head of Household
$0 – $8,375
$0 – $16,750
$0 – $8,375
$0 – $11,950
$8,376 – $34,000
$16,751 – $68,000
$8,376 – $34,000
$11,951 – $45,550
$34,001 – $82,400
$68,001 – $137,300
$34,001 – $68,650
$45,551 – $117,650
$82,401 – $171,850
$137,301 – $209,250
$68,651 – $104,625
$117,651 – $190,550
$171,851 – $373,650
$209,251 – $373,650
$104,626 – $186,825
$190,551 - $373,650

(2010 figures)

I have provided the above chart for you to plug in your personal income numbers.  The following is an example of how making even 1.00 more can take a large bite out of your hard earned income.

34000.00 is taxed (federal only) at 15%.  This comes to 5100.00 in federal taxes.  This leaves 2800.00 in remaining income.  If a family makes 34001.00 the rate jumps to 25%.  That's a 10% increase in taxes for making 1.00 or more.  The tax burden then jumps to 8500.25 for that 1.00 increase.  The remaining income is 25501.00.  There is 3399.00 less income because of the dollar increase in pay.

Add to these numbers state and county tax, sales tax, medicare tax, SS tax and the disposable income can be pitiful.

This is something to think about at a time the country is looking at numbers.  It may be comforting to say you make over 34000.00, but it's not you laughing all the way to the bank.

Intelligent Fast Food

A quick and healthy weekend meal is an easy, no frills, chili.  It can be made ahead or thrown in the crock pot on warm while the family is enjoying winter activities.  This recipe serves 2 - 4.  When our children were home I added another can of beans to stretch the recipe to feed 6.

One can or jar of pasta sauce (.99)
one lb browned ground beef, drained (2.49)
one - two cans of red kidney beans (light or dark) (.89)
one onion cut up in large chunks (optional)
one pepper cut in large chunks (optional)

Mix all ingredients in a crock pot, heat on warm until dinner is ready.  (cost is 4.37 for 2 - 4 servings or 5.26 for 6)

Serve with Italian bread or tortillas and a salad.

The Little Black Dress

Slinky Knit Dress

This dress looks like it can go from office to dinner with a few additions or just a shoe change.  Simple and elegant.  It's 24.98 at Catherine's with an extra 25% off at checkout. (18.75)  Shipping is free to store.  Catherine's also owns Fashion Bug and other stores so they will ship to any of them.

ebates has 3% cash back (.56)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Food Lion, For My Virginia Readers 01/26-02/01

BOGO this week at Food Lion

boneless top sirloin steak, value pack

Purdue perfect portions chicken breasts

FL steak sauce

boneless pork loin

FL frozen chicken breasts or tenders

5 lb bag white potatoes

Turkey Hill ice cream

2 lt Coke

Chips Ahoy cookies

Velvetta slices

Cracker Barrel brick cheese

Tropicana punch

Capt Crunch cereal

Friskies cat food (dry)

Chef Michael dry dog food

Tidy cat litter

Purex liquid laundry soap

Progresso soup

Ken's dressings

White House apple sauce cups

Bull's Eye BBQ sauce

Mars single candy bars

Palermo pizza

Simply Potatoes

Smart Balance spread

Texas Toast

DeWafflebakkers pancakes

Elations 6 pack

Hebrew National Franks

Wonder or Marita bread, 1.89

Buy 4 A and W, 7UP, Sunkist, Canada Dry 2 lt @ .99 each, Get free FL chips

Iceberg lettuce, .89 head

Free Red Box

Red box code for a free rental today only.


This code should work in any part of the country.

Barnes and Noble

Ephemera Easter Boxed Notecards - Set of 24 by Punch Studio: Product Image

These Easter note cards (24) are 2.78 at Barnes and Noble.  I use note cards to write special messages in at the holidays for my family and close friends.

Product Image. Title: Winston Bear with Red Bow

This fuzzy bear is 6.00 today.  He sports a red bow, too!

Free shipping with 25.00.

ebates has 4% cash back

PC Thursday Coupons

There are 4 coupons each Thursday on the PC site.  These 2 are good deals.

10 oz Central market brick cheese, 1.49

17 oz PC olive oil. 1.99

 The other 2 are Wheel pasta, .99 and PC Tortilla chips, 2.00.

Naturalizer Shoes

I found some great shoes at Naturalizer.  I don't have a way to get a picture to you, but if you need shoes you can go here:

This brand tends to blend comfort and style.

10.00 and Under at Garnet Hill

Garnet Hill has added quite a few items to their 10.00 and under catagory.  They seem to be moving fast, so if you're interested, run don't walk.

Amazon Deal of the Day

Rival Vacuum Sealer

Rival's Vacuum Sealer is the deal of the day at amazon.  The sale price is 24.99, marked down 50%.  I've been looking for a good deal on this item for a few months.  I used a GC to purchase it.  Even though it was a penny shy of 25.00, I received free shipping.

I don't know if it comes with bags, but it's OK if it doesn't.  I'm going to see if I can seal regular bags.  If not, I'll go back and purchase a couple of rolls.

B and BW's Coupon


Groupon has a special for Bath and Body Works online today.  You can purchase a 20.00 voucher for 10.00 or a 30.00 one for 15.00.  Using this coupon with the sale items could turn out to get you quite a few gifts for the coming year.    The deal is under the Syracuse, NY location.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Price Chopper, CNY and Northern Pennsylvania 01/23-01/29

Half Price

Angus top round roast 2.49

Entennmen pastries


Lay's chips

Ronzoni paste .74

Friehofer breads

Tyson Fajita Chicken Quesa Dippers

Hunt's whole or crushed tomatoes

Friehofer's chocolate chip cookies

Ken's salad dressing

Swanson chicken broth

Price 40 oz Chopper ketchup

Chatham Village croutons

Emereld mixed nuts

Pop Secret

2 lb bag carrots

Yancey's flavored cheddar

King's Hawaiian rolls, 4 packs

Italian bread

Hefty Plates

Kleenex family size

Angel Soft 6 roll pack

PC tall trash bags

Marcal Small Step napkins

PC snap and seal bags

PC foil

Frozen Smelt

Imitation crab

blueberry muffins

Top Care cough drops BOGO

Dole salad blends BOGO

PC brick or shredded cheese 2.00

Plumrose ham steaks BOGO

Jones breakfast sausage BOGO

John Morrell Polish sausage Buy one get 2 free

Aunt Jemima syrup BOGO

3.00 Q any 5 Quaker items

Quaker Squares cereal BOGO

Life or Captain Crunch cereal  BOGO

Free Clairol Foam Color

Get free hair color here:  25000 given away each day until 01/27/11.  Go quick, they are flying away.  The giveaway starts at noon each day.  I went at 12:24 PM and lost out today.

Staples 100% Rewards

You get 100% back in Staples rewards on these items:

Bic mechanical pencils, 5 pack, 3.99

Zebra retractable gel pens, 5 pack, 5.99

Staples letter storage boxes, 10 pack, 14.99

Staples letter handy tote, 8.00

50 pack 4x6 photo envelopes, 5.00

3 pack Scotch moving tape, 10.00

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Old Navy

Old Navy has some nice tops on sale.  Sizes appear to be limited.  Use code: CARD25 for 25% off with an Old Navy card.


ebates has 2% cash back

Penney's Has Made Further Reductions.

Arizona Girls 7-16 Turtleneck

Girl's turtlenecks are 2.99 at penney's.

Izod® Boys Pleated Short

These boy's shorts look like that can be used as a school uniform pant.  They are 6.99 -7.99 at Penney's.

East5th® V-Neck Lace Sweater-Plus Only

Sizes are limited on this sweater at Penney's.  It sells for 4.99.

Shipping is free with 69.00 or any size order ship to store

ebates has 3% cash back

Try code: JCPCRBAN for 15% off an order

RA Stars of the Week 01/23-01/29

Claritin D
3.00 Q in RA circular
4.00 Q in 01/23 SS insert (15 ct and higher)
2.00 Q in video values
2.00 up reward
Also 3.00 of RA Qs in video values.

If you spend 20.00 you can also use the 4.00 off 20.00 video value beauty Q

I don't normally need this item so I am not familiar with the cost.  I think 14.00 - 18.00 off is a great savings.

Colgate total toothpaste (buy and save item)
2.00 up reward
1.00 Q in last week's paper
1.00 Q in the week before paper


Steal Deal
Ge soft light bulbs
1.99 up reward

BOGO free Photo Q at the video value site.

Austin 8 pack crackers 1.00

Lance 6 pack crackers 1.00

RA Programs

 Rite Aid wellness+ (SM)

Rite Aid Programs

1)  Video Values

2)Winter Rewards (01/23-02/22)

3)Rebate Program

4) 5.00 up rewards with 15.00 purchase

5} New Click and Save coupon site

6) Wellness Program

There are a number of programs at RA that run at the same time.  Many times there are multiple savings on a single item.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Use Those Coupons.

I just read a post on line from a RA shopper.  When she was talking to her manager he told her the corporate office instructed managers, in writing,  to accept coupons.  In fact, to encourage coupon use.  The corporation makes 110% on each coupon they redeem.  He stated that coupons have kept his corporation above water during the recession.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunday's Coupons

Next Sunday's coupon insertd can be found here:

Free Nexxus ProMend Sample

Free Nexxus ProMend Sample

January's Giveaway

This month's give a way is a hard cover copy of Paula Deen's "Paula Deen and Friends" cookbook.  If you sign up as a follower and jot down in the comment section why you would love this book, you have entered the give a way.  Drawing will be held on the 31st.

Food Lion, For My Virginia Readers 01/19-01/25


Get a coupon for 5.00 at the register (Catalina) when you buy 5 items from Kraft and/or Coke.  I would do this first, get the coupon, then finish my shopping, using the coupon for the remaining items on my list.

8lb bag navel oranges, 3.99

boneless chuck roast, 2.48lb  (good stock up item)

Del Monte canned veggies BOGO

FL Premium Ice Cream BOGO

FL shrimp, 16 oz, BOGO (cooked or raw)

Buy 5 items, get 57oz Tropicana oj free (this is on page 2 in the middle of the page.  I can't read the ad online.  The letters are too small)

Hunt's ketchup, 24 oz, 1.00 ( great stock up item)

Folger's coffee 10.3 -11.5 oz,  2/6.00

Red Baron pizza BOGO

FL 6oz yogurt 11/5.00

FL deli ham 2.99lb

FL Swiss cheese (deli) 3.99

Smithfield shank portion ham 1.49lb

1lb fresh strawberries, 2.50lb

There are other sale items, but these are my picks for a healthier menu.  I don't include health and beauty aids because they can be bought free very little with the drug store programs.

Upromise and RA, Partners

Rite Aid joined forces with UPromise.  Go here for details:

Colgate Toothpaste at RA

Keep your eye on the RA ads for a few weeks.  Beginning next week Colgate will be 3.50 with a 3.50 up reward.  That's just the beginning.  Other programs will replace current ones and there will be more freebies on this item in the coming weeks. 

RA knows how to get our attention.  Remember the RA policies are corporate.  No manager can really not follow the guidelines.  Go to:

Frugal VS Hoarding / Cheating

I had a nice conversation with my Rite Aid manager during my trip yesterday.  It started because there was a limit of 3 packs of the TP that was 1.00 with a 1.00 up reward.  Corporate put a limit on the number of packs that could be bought on Monday.  The limit is tied to your Wellness card.  

He went on to tell me there was a couple who would come in early on Sunday morning and wipe out the items that ended up being free.  He hinted that the same couple went to the other RA in town and did the same thing.  I confirmed that for him.  I'm sure you remember my rant last week about the pasta.  I never did get any because that couple just kept coming back to grab it all.  I was upset, not because I needed the pasta (I have plenty), but because it was an opportunity for me to give to the local food pantry.

He also told me that a few people buy up cases of an item with up rewards and try to return them, keeping the up rewards.  I couldn't understand what people were doing with such large quantities of an item.  Presenting this question to a friend, she told me she had been to garage sales where new store bought items were for sale dirt cheap.  There's the answer.

Being frugal is part of being a good steward of your resources.  You buy enough to serve your family's needs and maybe a bit to donate.  Hoarding and cheating go way beyond that.  I think you know I'm going to tell you it is unethical and immoral.  So please think about things.  Corporations are getting wind of this movement.  To protect themselves and the bottom line, they will find a way to eliminate all the goodies from our shopping trips.  I guess I could say "...We will reap what we sow."  Don't let a few bad apples spoil it for all of us.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Price Chopper, Thursday Coupons

Price Chopper

The Thursday internet coupons are available here:!/4A2P951EB0E13ePPL661D53ByWT5L532AE3EB3%7C23514%7C1101201118%7CDuttinger%7C214%7C

Cover Girl Sample

Free CoverGirl Natureluxe Foundation Sample

Free samples of Cover Girl NatureLux foundation is available from All You today.

Sneakers For Kiddos

Ed Hardy Kids - Lowrise Patent Canvas (Youth)

6 PM has these cute Ed Hardy sneakers for the kiddos 13.20.  Great for summer play.

ebates has 2.5% cash back

Dollar General Coupon

5.00 off 25.00 coupon for Dollar general is here:

Xtra Laundry Soap

If you have a CVS near you you can get Xtra laundry soap for .49 next week with the coupon below.  I just canceled the information pop up to get to the coupon.

10% Staples Coupon

Staples has a coupon for 10% off a single item.  The expiration date is 01/21/11. staples_right_hand_nav&cm_sp=marketing-_-Weekly ad header-_-weekly ad header

Denney's Coupon

Go here to print a 20% coupon for Denney's.

Next Week at RA, Freebies

A printable coupon for Afrin is here:

Next week Afrin will have a 4.00 up reward from RA. 

Steal Deal

4.00 up reward
3.00 Q

You make 1.01 in this deal

Corcidin will be 5.99 at RA next week, too.  There is a 4.00 up reward and a printable coupon here:

Steal Deal

4.00 up reward
2.00 Q


Smokey Bones Coupon

Smokey Bones has a printable coupon for 10.00 off 20.00.  It's good only from 01/17- 01/23

BK Birthday Club

Burger King will send your child a free kid's meal on their birthday.  Sign up here:

The site also has games and learning activities for children.  There is the ability to monitor your child's activities on site and time them out, too.

Picaboo Photo Books

Classic Custom Photo Books

Picaboo has BOGO classic design photo books and calenders until 01/31/11.  Use code BGFCBC at checkout.

Free Shipping On Shoes, Penney's

Clearance! Dearfoams® Suede Boater Moccasins

Dear Foam cozy mocs for men are on sale for 12.80 at Penny's online store.  There's free shipping for all shoes today, as well.

ebates has 3% cash back

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boy's Winter Coat

Light True Cordovan

Look what's at Land's End with great reviews.  This boy's sherpa lined jacket is 10.49.  I noticed some of the other colors were more expensive, so be careful.

Free shipping with Code: shippingisfree and pin 5859

Land's End Best Buy

Men's Medium Trekker ShoeMen's trekker shoes at Land's End are 13.29

Shipping is free with Code: shippingisfree and pin 5859

Ebates has 2% cash back.

Beneful Free Sample

Free sample of Purina Beneful dog food.  These samples usually come with coupons enclosed.  So a good deal.

Half Price Amazon GC

You can get a 20.00 Amazon gift card for 10.00 today only at Living Social.  Go to Syracuse, NY for this offer.  You can get it free if 3 of your friends buy it too.

Bridal Guide, 3.99


Bridal Guide magazine is 3.99 for a 6 issue subscription at today.  The sale price is 11.99, but is reduced to 3.99 when you use code: WEDDING at the checkout.  They offer PayPal as a payment option.

Gardening Advice

Mike McGoarty

I like this site because it is filled with information about gardening.  I have to warn you it also advertises his products, but not in a forceful manner.  I get the e newsletter and there is also a free book download.  I enjoy the videos and informative articles the site offers.


We're  having Internet problems today.  Hopefully I can post Food Lion a little later.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Glass Food Containers

Product Details

I looked online to find glass food storage containers.  The prices were extremely high on what I could find.  I have a set of five pieces that I found on sale for a total of about 14.00, covers and all.  The containers can go from freezer to refrigerator to oven or microwave to the table.  This saves on wraps and energy.  Recycled glass jars can be used for soups and stews to save money, too.

I'll keep searching for you and hopefully I'll find a frugal set.  Anyone have any ideas of where to find this item?  Please add a comment below.

Garnet Hill, More Reductions

Long Down Hooded Coat

Garnet Hill is getting very serious about reducing their winter stock.  This coat has been reduced from 238.00 to 68.00.  Reviews are 4 stars.

Bow-Front Coat - Toddler & Little Girls

I love this coat.  There is only one review, but it is 5 stars.  See it here:


Monday, January 17, 2011

Coupons, Again

More coupons here:

Price Chopper, CNY and Northern Pennsylvania 01/16-01/22

Ajax laundry soap, 2.00

12 roll Scott tissue, 5.98 (.50 roll)  There's a 1.00 coupon in Sunday's Smart Source (SS) that will be worth 3.00 with the PC coupon.  If you use this scenario, the 12 rolls will come to 2.98 or approximately .25 a roll

7.00 PC bonus Q for Enfamil.  You can go to the enfamil site for 250.00 free offers.  I'm sure there's a coupon or 2 there.  I don't have a need, so I didn't register.

Bonus PC Q Progresso soup 5/5.00, 1.00 Q in 01/16 SS insert (5/2.00 with triple PC Q)

Buy one Arnold country bread get 2 free

Buy one Freihofer country bread get 2 free

Buy one Thomas flavored English muffin get 2 free

Pede frozen ravioli BOGO

Super Pretzels, frozen soft,  BOGO

Tastee Choice salad shrimp BOGO

First Prize hot dogs, BOGO

Philly Gourmet sandwich steaks BOGO

PC bonus 2.00lb Q, Cook's ham steaks

PC bonus Q, Yoplait yogurt, 20/8.00