Sunday, January 23, 2011

RA Stars of the Week 01/23-01/29

Claritin D
3.00 Q in RA circular
4.00 Q in 01/23 SS insert (15 ct and higher)
2.00 Q in video values
2.00 up reward
Also 3.00 of RA Qs in video values.

If you spend 20.00 you can also use the 4.00 off 20.00 video value beauty Q

I don't normally need this item so I am not familiar with the cost.  I think 14.00 - 18.00 off is a great savings.

Colgate total toothpaste (buy and save item)
2.00 up reward
1.00 Q in last week's paper
1.00 Q in the week before paper


Steal Deal
Ge soft light bulbs
1.99 up reward

BOGO free Photo Q at the video value site.

Austin 8 pack crackers 1.00

Lance 6 pack crackers 1.00

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