Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Dollar Coupons

Family Dollar has a spring coupon book available online.  Click on an item to print the coupon.  The booklet is also in stores.  Go to this site and click on weekly ad.  Choose zip 13069 and this booklet will come up.

Additional coupons are brought up when you click on a catagory in the left sidebar.  I clicked on food and came up with a .50/1 Special K item and lots of other things.

Then click on more coupons and 2 Huggies coupons appear that can be used at any store.

Lots of hidden gems on this site.

Olivia's Organics Coupon

Olivia's Organics has a 1.00/1 coupon here:

Ball Park Coupon

Ball Park .55/1 Q can be had here:

Taste of Home, 3.99

Grab up to 3 years of Taste of Home magazine for 3.99 a year.  Use code:  6153 at checkout.

Pet Care Coupons

Alpo has a coupon for 1.25/10 cans here:

Mighty Dog coupon 2.00/12 cans can be grabbed here:

Yesterday's News cat litter has a 15.0/1 Q here:

Tidy cat Q 1.10/1 is here:

Moist and Meaty Dog Food

If your pooch devours Moist and Meaty dog food, clip a coupon here for 1.40 off 54 oz pack.

Hunter's and Ammo Sale

Sportsman's Guide's Ammo & Shooting Sale!

If you have a hunter in the family, they may be interested in the ammo sale at Sportsman Guide.

There is also 10.00 off a 99.00 order with code:  SG2031

Ebates has 3.5% cash back

Friday, April 29, 2011

Free Card

Free Mother's Day Card from

You can create a free Mother's Day card online here:

Walgreens, 05/01-05/07

Highlights of Walgreen ad for 05/01-05/07 are:

The complete list is here:

Puff's 58-100 count tissue, in store Q, .99,  limit 3 (there was a recent Q in a Sunday insert. (April)  I clipped it so I can't say which one.)

Select fragrances, BOGO

Morton salt, in store Q, 2/1.00 or Deerfield Farms Baking soda, in store Q, 2/1.00, limit 4

Deerfield farms seasonings, in store Q, .79, limit 3

Lindsey olives, in store Q, .99, limit 3

Canned mushrooms or mandarin oranges, 2/1.00, limit 4

Buy 15.00 Hershey bagged candy, get 7.00 off a movie ticket at register

BOGO, Clorox bleach, 96 oz, in store Q

Sylvania small appliances, 12.99, 3.00 mail in rebate

Hallmark gift bags, BOG1/2

Pantene hair care, 1.00 RR, 3.00 manufacturer's Q in Sunday's paper

Free Chips, Today Only, 2 PM Central Time


If you have the patience, you can grab a free bag of chips when you like Frito Lay on FB.  This starts today at 2 PM CENTRAL time.  There are 25000 bags to go around.

Free Kindle Books

The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit is a beloved classic that brings back memories of the freedom of childhood.  You can grab a free Kindle download at amazon.  There are other classic reads on this site as well.  Just look at the bottom of the page for a list.

Rolling Stone, 3.99

Grab up to 3 years of Rolling Stone magazine for 3.99 a year with code:   9116  at checkout.  I can't leave without a comment about the cover.  WOWie!

Thanks to Combat Clippers for the head's up.

Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear

Yu can grab a 30% off Q to Famous Footwear, in stores or online, until 05/01/11.  Use code:  FRIENDS30  for online purchases.

Ebates has 9% cash back oot&position=1&type=suggest&store=4489

Free Fancy Feast

PETCO - Where the pets go.

Grab a Q for a free can of Fancy Feast cat food at Petco today.



Like Centrum vitamins on FB and get a 3.00/1 coupon.  The offer is good for the first 25000 hits.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

10.00 In Coupons

You can go here to find 10.00 in coupons for national brands.  Febreeze, Dreft, Tide and Bounce are some of them.

Proctor and Gamble, 05/01

§                     $3/1 Align Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 Always Infinity, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.50/1 Always Pad, Clean or Cleansing Cloth, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.50/1 Always Pantiliners, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.25/1 Cascade Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 Cascade Rinse Aid, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.25/1 Charmin Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 CoverGirl Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $10/1 Select Crest Whitestrips, exp. 5-31
§                     $1.50/1 Select Crest Toothpastes, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/2 Crest Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.75/1 Crest Rinse, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.50/1 Dawn PLUS, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.25/1 Dawn Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.25/1 Downy Fabric Softener or Sheets, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.50/1 Downy Fabric Softener or Sheets, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.50/1 Febreze Air Effects, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 Febreze Candle, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.50/1 Febreze Fabric Refresher, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 Febreze Noticeables Refill Pack, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.50/1 Febreze Set & Refresh, exp. 5-31
§                     FREE Febreze Warmer wyb Noticeables Refill, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.50/1 Fixodent Adhesive or Cleanser, exp. 5-31
§                     FREE Fixodent Cleanser, exp. 5-31
§                     $4 off Gillette wyb Secret Clinical Strength, exp. 5-31
§                     FREE Gillette Deodorant wyb Bodywash, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.55/1 Gillette Series Shave Preps, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.50/1 Herbal Essences or Aussie Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 Metamucil Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.50/1 Mr. Clean Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $1.50 off Mr. Clean Twin Pack or (2) Items, exp. 5-31
§                     $2/1 Natural Instincts Hair Color, exp. 5-31
§                     $2/1 Nice N Easy Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $3 off Select Olay Items wyb Secret, exp. 5-31
§                     $5 off Olay Moisturizer wyb Venus Cartridge, exp. 5-31
§                     B1G1 Old Spice Bodywash, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/2 Old Spice Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $1.50 off Select Oral-B Products, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.75/1 Oral-B Satin, Glide Floss or Picks, exp. 5-31
§                     $2.50/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants, exp. 5-31
§                     $1.50/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants, exp. 5-31
§                     $1.50/1 Select Pampers Products, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.50/1 Pampers Wipes, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 Pampers Wipes, exp. 5-31
§                     $3/2 Pantene Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 Prilosec Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 Secret Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $2/1 Swiffer Starter Kit, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 Tampax Pearl or Pearl Compak, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.50/1 Tampax Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $0.35/1 Tide Detergent, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 Tide Stain Release, exp. 5-31
§                     $3/1 Tide Stain Release, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 Tide To Go, exp. 5-31
§                     $4 off Secret, Olay PCC AND Olay H&B, exp. 5-31
§                     $3/2 Select Venus or Daisy Items, exp. 5-31
§                     $2/1 Venus Razor, exp. 5-31

Red Plum, 05/01

§                     $1/1 Advantage Brand Product, exp. 8-1
§                     $1/2 Ball Park Product, exp. 6-4
§                     $0.50/1 Carolina or River Rice, exp. 8-31
§                     $1/1 Cesar Dog Treats, exp. 6-12
§                     $1.50/1 Citrucel Bulk Fiber Therapy, exp. 8-1
§                     $1/1 Dove Chocolate Bag, exp. 6-12
§                     $1/2 Dove Chocolate Bar, exp. 6-12
§                     $1/1 Dove Miniatures, Dovebars, or Ice Cream, exp. 8-31
§                     B1G1 Dry Idea or Right Guard Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $1.50/1 Ecotrin Aspirin Product, exp. 8-1
§                     $1/1 Emerald Breakfast On the Go! Product, exp. 6-11
§                     $1.50/1 Eucerin Hand or Body Product, exp. 6-25
§                     $1/1 Select Garnier Fructis Items, exp. 8-1
§                     $1/1 Garnier Fructis Style Product, exp. 8-1
§                     $2/1 Garnier Moisturizer or Treatment, exp. 8-1
§                     $5/1 i-flex Product, exp. 5-31
§                     $1/1 Jimmy D's Product, exp. 6-30
§                     $1/2 Kellogg's Special K Cereal, exp. 6-12
§                     $2/2 Select Special K Protein Products, exp. 6-26
§                     $2/1 L'Oreal Paris Lip Product, exp. 6-26
§                     $0.50/1 Luigi's Real Italian Ice Product, exp. 6-12
§                     $7/1 Nicorette Product, exp. 6-5
§                     $1/1 Nivea Body Lotion, exp. 6-5
§                     $2/1 Nivea Sun-Kissed Gradual Tanner, exp. 6-5
§                     $2/1 Select Noxzema Shavers, exp. 6-30
§                     $1.50/1 Os-Cal Calcium Supplement, exp. 8-1
§                     B3G1 Pedigree Canned Food for Dogs, exp. 6-5
§                     $1/1 Pedigree Dentastix Treats for Dogs, exp. 6-12
§                     $2/1 Pedigree Food for Dogs, exp. 6-5
§                     $1/1 Pedigree Goodbites Treats for Dogs, exp. 6-12
§                     $1/2 Pure Protein Bars, exp. 6-26
§                     $1/1 Pure Protein Drink or Powder, exp. 6-26
§                     $1/1 Purex Complete Crystals Softener, exp. 6-12
§                     $1/1 Purex Laundry Detergent, exp. 6-12
§                     $3/1 Purex Laundry Detergent, exp. 6-12
§                     $0.50/1 Superpretzel Pretzel Dog Product, exp. 6-12
§                     $0.50/1 Tabasco Brand of Family Flavor, exp. 6-12
§                     $1/1 Temptations Mixups Treats for Cats, exp. 6-12
§                     $3.50/1 Zyrtec Adult Product, exp. 6-30
§                     $4/1 Zyrtec Adult Product, exp. 6-30

Today's Free Sample

Free Sample of Soooo Sweet! Stevia Sweetener

You can grab today's free sample of SOOOO Sweet sweetner here:

Club Olay

Joining Club Olay has the benefit of samples and coupons on Olay products.  I know Olay has rebates during the year as well.  You can sign up here:

Everything P and G

Coupon Savings over $109
P and G insert will be available on 05/01.  The coupons are worth 109.00.

P and G also has a sample program that you can sign up for.  I'm not sure how often the samples change, but I ordered Head and Shoulders and Prilosec today.  I will donate the samples in a basket filled with all of the samples I send for, but I will keep the large coupons that usually come with samples.

You can go here to sign up:

There is also a section where you can learn how to grab more coupons.  Some of them are downloads to your shopper card.

Special K

On TWO Kellogg's Special K Cereals
You can grab coupons for Special K products here:

Price Chopper, CNY and Northern Pennsylvania 04/24-05/03

Picture of Price Chopper 80% Lean Ground Beef
80% ground beef, 2.59 lb

Picture of Fresh Red Ripe Grape Tomatoes
Grape tomatoes, 2/3.00
Picture of Price Chopper Shredded Cheese
PC brick, 10 oz or shredded, 6-8 oz cheese, 2/5.00

Picture of Chicken Split Breasts
Split chicken breast, 1.00 lb

Picture of Scott Bathroom Tissue 12 Roll
Scott T paper, 6.99, 12 roll pack (.58 each)  If you grabbed the 1.00 Q from last week's post the price is .50 roll.  (The coupon is no longer available.)

Picture of Mama Lucia Italian Meatballs
Mama Lucia meatballs, BOGO

Picture of Banquet Brown 'N Serve Breakfast Links
Banquet breakfast sausage, 1.00

Picture of Bar S Jumbo Meat Franks
Bar S meat franks, 1.00 or bologna, 2/3.00 (new to this area, but big in the south)  good stock up item for summer
Picture of Angel Food Cake
In store Angel food cake, 2.00

Picture of Italian Bread
In store Italian bread, .99

Picture of Tuttorosso Tomato Sauce
Tuttorosso tomato sauce, 8oz cans, 4/1.00 ( 4 of these contain 32 oz, the larger cans that are on sale for 1.00 hold 24-28 oz.  This is a better deal.

Picture of Chef Boyardee Ravioli
Chef Boy R Dee ravioli, 1.00
Picture of Price Chopper Whole Kernel Corn
PC corn, peas, or beans, .49

Picture of Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles
Pennsylvania Dutch noodles, 1/2 price

Picture of Tropicana Fruit Drinks
Tropicana fruit drinks, 64 oz, 1.00

Picture of Price Chopper Aluminum Foil
PC foil and plastic wrap, 1/2 price

Picture of Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats
Miko's dog treats, BOGO's%20Value!/

Bloom's, 04/27-05/03

There are some sales at Blooms, but nothing you can't get at Food Lion.  Most of the BOGO items are the same.  Even though FL owns Bloom, they use to have different sales. 

Here's a quick look at some of the items on sale.

Smart Balance, BOGO

Hannaford or Bloom mustard, BOGO

Hannaford or Bloom ketchup, BOGO

Suddenly Salad, BOGO ( also at FL)

Nature's Pride, BOGO

Food Lion, 04/27-05/03

Top Round roast or London Broil, 50% off

Ragu, BOGO

17.6 lb Alpo dry dog food, BOGO

Home 360 pet treats, BOGO

Fresh Express salad, BOGO

Kiwi, 2/1.00

Red grapes, 1.69 lb

Russet potatoes, 5 lb, 2.79

Dorittos, BOGO

Chips Ahoy, BOGO

Bird's Eye Viola, BOGO

Bird's Eye Steamfresh, BOGO  .75/3 Q here:

FL chicken snack wings, BOGO

Michelina's dinners, .88

Red Baron 12" pizza, BOGO

FL singles cheese, 3/5.00

Eggland's 18 count eggs, 2.99, .50 Q in SS this week

Country Crock, BOGO

FL ketchup or mustard, 16-24 oz, BOGO

Purex laundry soap, 60-72 oz, BOGO

FL chunk light tuna, 5 oz, .69 (great stock up item)

Buy 1 Kraft singles (16 oz) and 1 Pillsbury Ready to Bake cookies, GET Yoplait 4 pack Go Gurts, FL single serve tea, and Oscar Mayer deli fresh shaved lunch meat FREE

Kraft mayo or Miracle Whip, 2/5.00

Capt Crunch cereal, BOGO

Coke, 2 lt, BOGO

Nature's Pride bread, BOGO

Ocean Spray juices, BOGO

Progresso light soups, BOGO

Tropicana punches, BOGO

Home 360 baby food, BOGO

Home 360 jumbo diapers, BOGO