Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kitchen Goodies and Marley

Life's been a bit low key this past few days.  The weekends are usually spent at home with Sunday a day of respect for God.  The good thing about resting on Sundays is Monday morning I'm filled with energy and do quite a bit of cleaning before breakfast.  (Breakfast is normally mid morning for me.)

Yesterday (Monday) was no different for me.  I hit the ground running by cleaning the two bathrooms on the first floor, washing two loads of clothes, swiffering the hardwood floors, cleaning the kitchen, and cleaning out the master bedroom closet.  The laundry is put away which brought me to clean out the closet.

I don't remember eating breakfast, but I do remember lunch was a ham sandwich loaded with mustard and mayo, topped with lettuce on a roll I made from frozen bread dough.

Which brings us to the frozen bread dough episode.  I was watching a grocery haul video on yoo toob and she had green peppers.  I stopped the video and went across the street with pup in tow. Not only did the peppers hit the cart, so did strawberries,  melon, bananas, a cucumber, Cuties (small tangerines), chick peas and the frozen bread dough.  The dough was to satisfy a craving for cinnamon and sugar covered fried bread dough.

When I got home one loaf ( three to a package) of the dough ended up on the counter to defrost while I made a salad with the veggies, then one with the fruit.  I won't add melon to the strawberries and bananas again.  I ate the entire melon by the end of Monday - all by itself.  Veggie salad is still left over so I will eat that for lunch today. 

The dough was turned into four fried breads and seven rolls.  The rolls are gone, so I took out the second bread loaf to make a simple loaf of bread Monday.  Since the oven was still hot I made up a cinnamon coffee cake to eat as this week's dessert.  I'm not sure if it will last the entire week.  If not I have some Forbes taffy from the ocean front to hold me over.  Although I wouldn't turn away any taffy, my favorites are licorice and cinnamon.  My son brought me a pound of taffy when he was here visiting and went to see the ocean front with his family. (And his sister's family.)  So I'm covered.

Three rolls?  Didn't I say I made seven rolls?  The other
four were so good.  Three of them warm with butter
and home made peach jam.  Yum yum!

This morning I had two slices of the bread toasted with peanut butter and jam.  Of course, I had to share with Marley.

Marley has been ill for a couple of weeks.  She had a huge seizure on the 23rd of March.  The vet has informed me that boxer pups are a breed that often have brain tumors and the seizure is a sign of that.  As you can imagine my heart was broken as she is my constant companion.  She can no longer sleep with me because the vet said she could hurt me.  When she came out of the seizure she growled at me twice.  I've never seen her be aggressive in any way in the past.  The vet said this was common because the dog is disoriented for a period of time.  As well as confused.  So now I tuck her in on the couch and both of us are lonely through the night.  I check on her a few times each night to make sure she is warm enough or has not suffered another seizure. 

My sweet girl cuddled up on the couch. 

Marley's eyes are filled with pain -pain I could do nothing about.  The days were spent in tears so I took her back to the vet.  He prescribed pain pills which have been effective removing the sadness and pain in her eyes.  I'm thankful about that.  She still eats, drinks water and uses her doggie 'facility' on her own.  So I will take care of her until things become unbearable for her.  I sure do hope 'All Dogs Go To Heaven' after life on earth.  I won't think about that until the time comes for her to go to sleep.  She will be my companion and will be cared for with love until that time comes.


  1. Oh Angie I'm devastated for you and Marley. I am thankful she had pain medication. Very sad she can't sleep in your bed with you. That photo of her tucked up is beautiful, she is a treasure. It is indeed very sad when a faithful companion ages and has health issues. Prayers will continue. Big hug and warm wishes to you beautiful girls ( you and Marley) xxx

  2. You are right. One day of the week should be reserved for recreation and "inactivity" or
    for doing whatever we like without looking at the watch. If possible it should be Sunday.
    This is a wonderful luxury! So we can get fresh power to begin a new week with all those
    duties and obligations. I wish you a pleasant Sunday an a good new week. Also for Marley.

    1. I spent most of my weekends with my grandmother who was from Italy. She taught all of us grandchildren the importance of resting on Sundays. AKA: Very little responsibility. Yes, it certainly is a luxury. One that I enjoy and have tried to pass down to the next generation.

  3. Sad to hear about Marley. You will know when to make the hardest decision of all - your love for her will guide you. Many years ago my husband and I had to take the decision to have our beloved Riley (a wonderful ginger cat) put to sleep after a traffic accident. So very hard, but you can treasure the good times sure in the knowledge that you have done your best.

    1. Welcome Jane B. So good to see you here. Thank you for your concern. It's going to be a difficult decision, but one I will make for Marley's well being.

  4. I am saddened by the decline in Marley's health. I have 2 sweet dogs who mean the world to me. Just thinking of losing them makes my heart ache. My prayers are with the two of you.

    1. I'd like to tank you for your heartfelt concern, Alice's Granny. Prayers are always welcome. Enjoy those pups, as I will enjoy Marley.