Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Starbucks Coffee on Earth Day

Bring a mug

Starbuck's is giving away a free cup of coffe to everyone who brings in a reuseable mug on Earth Day, 04/22/11. Starbuck's  Coffee

10.00 Q for Lowe's

Get a 10.00/50.00 coupon for any purchase at Lowe's.

Free Hunt's Ketchup

Free Hunt's ketchup when you buy Hebrew National hot dogs.

Brita Coupon

Brita coupon

4.00/1 3 pack of Brita filters or a Brita system

Grocery price books -

Grocery price books -

Kids Eat Free

Kids eat free at these chain restaurants

This article from All You has a list of restaurants where the kiddos eat free.

Price Chopper Thursday Coupons

Price Chopper's coupons aren't that great this week, but here they are.



Free Dessert at Arby's

with any Combo Purchase.
Excludes value menu items. Offer not valid with any other coupon or offer. Limit one coupon per customer. At participating locations only. This offer is valid from 3/31/2011 - 4/07/2011. Not transferable. TM & ©2011 Arby's IP Holder Trust

You can grab a coupon for a free dessert at Arby's with the purchase of a value meal.

Zantac, Free Sample

Free Zantac Sample

You can grab today's free sample here:

NY and Company

New York & Company

NY and Co is giving 25.00 to new account members.  They are also having a 50% off everything sale until 04/02/11.  Use code:  5566 for free shipping over 99.00.

5 Quart Pressure Cooker

This 5 qt. pressure cooker could be a working girl's best friend.  Cooking time is reduced 70% when a meal is cooked in a pressure cooker.  The new models are much safer to use than the old ones, and  this one sells for 59.97.  You can rack up energy savings too, making this a frugalista's kitchen tool. (not to mention the health benefits to eating home cooked meals)

You can check it out here:

Summer Picnics in Frugal Style

Closeout! JCPenney Checkered Diner Tablecloths

How's this for summer picnics?  This table cloth comes in varied sizes at Penney's.  The 52" square is on sale for 12.00.  Free shipping to the store.  Reviews have 5 stars.

For some reason I can't do a link.  But use and go to clearance tab.  Choose 'kitchen and dining'.

Puppy Chow, 2.00 Q

Healthy Dog Food and Puppy Food from Purina

You can grab a 2.00/1 Q for Puppy Chow here:

Freshetta 1.00/1 Q


1.00/1 Freshetta pizza here:

Tyson, 4.00 Coupons

1.00/1 Tyson chicken sandwiches AND 1.00/1 Grilled and Ready fillets or strips, AND 1.00/1 Any'tizers, AND 1.00/1 Nuggets.

4.00 in coupons in all.

Reach or Listerine

1.00/1 Q for either Reach products for kids or Listerine.

2.00 Rib Coupon

KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce has a 2.00 off pork ribs coupon with purchase of any variety of their sauce. AMJ KC Masterpiece

Fisher Price Coupons

Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Singin
laugh n learn soccer ball

You can grab lots of printable coupons for Fisher Price toys here:

They total 28.00.

Maxwell House 1.00/1 Q

Walmart has a 1.00/1 coupon for Maxwell House Daily brew here:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Biore Sample

Free Biore Cleanser Sample

Today's free sample is here:!/bioreskin?sk=app_186897311355639

Coffee Splurges, Frugalista Style

Cafe Vienna

1/2 cup instant coffee
2/3 cup sugar
2/3 cup dry milk
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Stir all ingredients together and process in food processor or blender until powdered.  Use 2 teaspoons for 1 cup of hot water.

Swiss Mocha

1/2 cup instant coffee
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup dry milk
2 tablespoons cocoa

Stir ingredients together and process in food processor or blender until powdered.  Use 2 tablespoons to 4 oz hot water


1/2 cup instant coffee
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup dry milk
1/2 teaspoon dried orange peel, mashed up

Stir ingredients together and process in a food processor or blender until powdered.  Use 2 tablespoons to 1 cup of hot water

The Invisible Mom

The Invisible Mother ( I don't know who authored this piece.  I received it in an e mail)

It all began to make sense, the blank stares, the lack of response, the

way one of the kids will walk into the room while I'm on the phone and

ask to be taken to the store. Inside I'm thinking, 'Can't you see I'm on

the phone?'

Obviously not; no one can see if I'm on the phone, or cooking, or

sweeping the floor, or even standing on my head in the corner because no

one can see me at all. I'm invisible. The invisible Mom. Some days I am

only a pair of hands, nothing more! Can you fix this? Can you tie this?

Can you open this??

Some days I'm not a pair of hands; I'm not even a human being. I'm a

clock to ask, 'What time is it?' I'm a satellite guide to answer, 'What

number is the Disney Channel?' I'm a car to order, 'Right around 5:30,


Some days I'm a crystal ball: 'Where's my other sock? Where's my phone?

What's for dinner?'

I was certain that these were the hands that once held books and the

eyes that studied history, music and literature--but now, they had

disappeared into the peanut butter, never to be seen again. She's going,

she's going, she's gone!

One night, a group of us were having dinner, celebrating the return of a

friend from England. She had just gotten back from a fabulous trip, and

she was going on and on about the hotel she stayed in. I was sitting

there, looking around at the others all put together so well. It was

hard not to compare and feel sorry for myself. I was feeling pretty

pathetic, when she turned to me with a beautifully wrapped package, and

said, 'I brought you this.' It was a book on the great cathedrals of

Europe. I wasn't exactly sure why she'd given it to me until I read her

inscription: 'With admiration for the greatness of what you are building

when no one sees.'

In the days ahead I would read - no, devour - the book. And I would

discover what would become for me, four life-changing truths, after

which I could pattern my work: 1) No one can say who built the great

cathedrals--we have no record of their names. 2) These builders gave

their whole lives for a work they would never see finished. 3) They made

great sacrifices and expected no credit. 4) The passion of their

building was fueled by their faith that the eyes of God saw everything.

A story of legend in the book told of a rich man who came to visit the

cathedral while it was being built, and he saw a workman carving a tiny

bird on the inside of a beam. He was puzzled and asked the man, 'Why are

you spending so much time carving that bird into a beam that will be

covered by the roof, No one will ever see it And the workman replied,

'Because God sees.'

I closed the book, feeling the missing piece fall into place. It was

almost as if I heard God whispering to me, "I see you. I see the

sacrifices you make every day, even when no one around you does."

No act of kindness you've done, no sequin you've sewn on, no cupcake

you've baked, no Cub Scout meeting, no last minute errand is too small

for me to notice and smile over. You are building a great cathedral, but

you can't see right now what it will become.

I keep the right perspective when I see myself as a great builder. As

one of the people who show up at a job that they will never see

finished, to work on something that their name will never be on. The

writer of the book went so far as to say that no cathedrals could ever

be built in our lifetime because there are so few people willing to

sacrifice to that degree.

When I really think about it, I don't want my son/daughter to tell the friend

he's bringing home from college for Thanksgiving, "My Mom gets up at 4

in the morning and bakes homemade pies, and then she hand bastes a

turkey for three hours and presses all the linens for the table." That

would mean I'd built a monument to myself I just want him to want to

come home. And then, if there is anything more to say to his friend,

he'd say, "You're gonna love it there..."

As mothers, we are building great cathedrals. We cannot be seen if we're

doing it right. And one day, it is very possible that the world will

marvel, not only at what we have built, but at the beauty that has been

added to the world by the sacrifices of invisible mothers.

Share this with all the Invisible Moms you know... I just did!

The Hidden Letter, A Wedding, and Daddy

This morning I opened an old book to use as a reference.  Hidden in the back pages I found a pink piece of paper with a hand made border of pink and a blue flower in each corner.  Looking closer I saw 2 faded blue hearts with smile faces in the center.  I smiled and wondered which of our girls made this and for whom.  The pink was a dead give away, so I automatically removed our son from the mix.

The message is written in pick, which has also faded.  Squinting near a good source of light I could make out that the message was for me.  I also could read, "I love you."

The timing of this find is miraculous.  The letter is from our youngest daughter, who just yesterday chose her wedding gown for her upcoming wedding.  In the back of all of our minds is, we wish Daddy were here to give away his youngest daughter.  He would be giving her away to a man that she chose that is just like her daddy in many ways.  The most important being he is kind and gentle, but exudes a quiet strength.

I know 'Daddy Bob' ( that's story in itself) will be there, giving her away.  He never could pass up an opportunity to wear a tux and flash that gorgeous smile of his.

Ensure Q


You can grab a 3.00/1 coupon for Ensure high protein drink here:

Easter Candy Coupon

2.00/2 Mars easter candy coupon can be grabbed here:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

17 Magazine, 5.00, 1 Year

Amazon has a lightning deal on Seventeen magazine.  5.00/ 1 year.

Walgreen Information


This link has all the information you need to know about the various ways to save with Walgreens

6PM.Com is offering these sandles in toddler sizes.  They are 7.94.

6pm also offers these sneakers in youth sizes for 12.00.

ebates has 2.5% cash back

UPDATE, This is Exciting

The Kellogg's 10.00 rebate can be done 5 times per household.  It is for a prepaid gift card to use on gas.  Only select products qualify.

Kids Eat Free 03/29 at Chili's

Today only, kids eat free with the purchase of an adult entree at Chili's.

10.00 Kellogg's Coupons


If you don't have a stock of Kellogg's cereals, you can go here for 10.00 in coupon savings.

10.00 Rebate From Kellogg's

This form for a 10.00 rebate from Kellogg's is a PDF file.  I assume you print it out and send in the UPC codes.  It doesn't look like any cash receipts are needed.  I would read the fine print.  I'm going to jump on this one.  If there is a problem, I will update you on it.

Organic Valley Qs

Lots of coupons for Organic Valley products can be found here:

Price Chopper, CNY and Northern Pennsylvania 03/27-04/02

Price Chopper is having a 1/2 price sale this week. Here are some of them.   There are multiple other 1/2 price items that you can find here:

Picture of Price Chopper Ketchup
PC ketsup

Picture of Wish-Bone Salad Dressing

Picture of Maxwell House Master Blend Coffee
Maxwell Master Blend

Picture of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce
Ray's BBQ sauce

Picture of Price Chopper Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops
center cut pork chops

Picture of Freihofer's Country Breads
Friehoffer country white
Picture of Entenmann's Donuts 8 Pack
Entemann's donuts

Picture of Ragu Pasta Sauce
Ragu Sauce

Betty Crocker fruit snacks

Picture of Price Chopper Pretzels
PC pretzels

Picture of Wise Cheez Doodles
Wise cheese doodles



You can find the Walgreen's ad here:

Kellogg's Q

1.00/2, any Kellogg's cereal

Gerber Baby Food Q

You can grab 1.00/3 Gerber twin packs here:

50.00 GC for 23.00

Eversave has a deal today with shoebacca.  You can get a 50.00 certificate for 23.00.  This company offers free shipping and returns.  Sounds like a win win for everyone.  The deal is under Buffalo, NY.

Organic Cotton Dress

Imagine this cute dress on your infant.  It is 100% organic cotton.  You can find it on Zulily today for 14.99.  Click on Nosilla Organics.

More Good Coupons

1.00/1 Hillshire deli meat

1.00/1 lb Land o Lakes deli cheese

1.00/2 General Mills Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch

3.00/1 Huggies, 60 count or larger

2.99 for a small Quizno sub

BOGO Friskies Tasty Treats