Monday, August 10, 2015

If I Had Any Wish to Come True, It Would Be....

Have you ever seen a beauty pageant contestant  asked the question, " If you could have any wish what would it be?'  (Paraphrased)  The answer most likely will have something to do with world peace.  We'd all like to see the world's peoples get along, but as things stand at this moment it appears we have a while to wait. 

If I were asked that question my response would be I'd love to see good healthy foods on every table in the world.  I'm not talking about a huge bounty of food.  I'm talking about good food.  The word organic is a buzz word in this country, but that's exactly what I would like to see -if I had my way.

The American population is so tired of 'enhanced' foods that even an East Coast chain now offers a burger with no hormones or antibiotics.  Of course we don't know the country of origin.  Our food in this country has been desecrated and most of us are in the know.  The only thing is prices can be so overwhelming that young families can not always afford the prices demanded for pure organic foods.  Therein lies my heart. 

I'm saddened when people can't afford food.  I'm a proponent for the food stamp program only because no one should go to bed with an empty stomach.  The numbers say we are an obese nation.  The numbers don't give a glimpse into the reason why.  We do over eat, but it's because we are often hungry because our food has been boxed and chemicalized. (Is that a word?)  If you can pronounced the ingredients on the food package label it simply means you have a master's in chemistry.  We are becoming an unhealthy nation. I'm so glad people are starting to buck the agri - system.  In any way they can.

One of the benefits of being broke when the kids were small was that I couldn't give in to requests for food items that were not basic.  If we had a cake on the table it was made at home.  Potatoes were bought in bulk and milk was always available, but no fruit roll ups or individually packaged
oatmeal with swirls in it were on the list.  Our kids were taught to eat well. 

I will say here that I'm no food Nazi.  I've been known to finish off a box of cheap chocolate covered cherries in two days.  Or enjoy a Hostess snowball with a glass of milk and insist it's a breakfast of high protein content.  Not often, but I get it.  Sometimes we just have to buck the system.

This post has nothing to do with political views.  It is nothing more than the cries from the heart of a mother who wishes nothing but the best for the world's children.

I can't say how blessed I feel to be able to purchase organic
fruits and veggies, along with the minimal success of
my garden this year.  The strawberries were on sale for less than
the 'regular' ones and the bananas were .79 cents a pound.
I only bought two bananas this week to offset the cost of the berries.
The one apple will last for two snacks and supply more potassium.
The cookies have lots of spice in them which contributes to a
healthy diet.  I also bought a block of cheese.

Today's Breakfast
Cheese with crackers
Black coffee
It doesn't get much better than this!
Stay safe


  1. Oh Angie what a nice post. In your last photos I noticed a packet of my favourite biscuits as they are called here in Australia, cookies in the USA. A nice little coincidence.

    1. It's funny I was just emailing a lady I have 'met' from Germany and she said she baked some biscuits. I asked her if biscuits are the same as cookies in America. You just answered that question! teehee I'm so glad you liked the post. It's difficult for everyone to get on board with the latest and greatest. I want families to feel content when they're doing their best for each other. There's always time to improve when finances lighten up a bit to add things on a wish list.

  2. You mentioned the burger chain with the natural burger. If it starts with an H, I've tried one and was not too impressed with the taste.
    When we were blessed to go to Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago, we found a new chain that features natural burgers and they were pretty good! (Burgerfi - I just did a search on them and they boast "70 locations and counting").
    I so agree that our food is chemicalized and wish we could all get back to basics!
    Jo Ann

    1. It does begin with an 'H'. I've been around long enough to remember the taste of real food. I've never forgotten it. I'll have to look for that chain in our area. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Biscuits or cookies, --- we know what is meant. Please, let me add a further remark:
    In Germany BISKUIT is a special dough for preparing layer cakes (like Black Forest Cherry Cake e.g.) It it made with many
    eggs (separated) and not so much flour. I suppose, it could be compared with the American sponge mixture. A BISKUITROLLE is a sort of Swiss roll filled with cream or fruit (or both).
    Greetings to you and your readers.

    1. OK, now I want a Black Forest cherry cake. I've only made one in my life, and most likely not correctly, but it was good anyway. Thanks for the clarification. I assumed biscuit was cookie, but I needed to make sure.