Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dollar Tree and Charity Shops

I made my weekly trek to the Dollar Tree this morning.  I found my favorite cereal, Special K with Berries, in a pack of four single serve boxes.  I was so excited my first thought was to wipe the shelves clean of them.  Then common sense invaded because I knew this was no deal as I normally won't pay over 2.00 for large single box.  If I run out and can't find this price, I just wait until I do.

Also in the basket was a can of peach halves - from South Africa.  At first I said no, wrong country.  Mainly because I have been trained to think only our food is good. That may have been true at one time, but not any more.  So I checked out the ingredient label.  The first ingredient was, in fact, peaches.  The second ingredient was sugar.  Real sugar.  Not corn syrup or fructose, but real sugar. You bet I want that can of peaches in my cart.

Added to the cereal and peaches was chicken stock, a name brand package of feta cheese, and raisins.

 I also checked out two charity shops for winter tops.  Again, I did well, spending 9.00 for three long sleeve pull over shirts.  The black one is a Ralph Lauren that sells for 48.00 online, the aqua shirt is an Architect which is listed for 22.00 online.  Both of these tops cost1.99 each.  The striped shirt was from Old Navy and cost the most at 4.99.  Goodwill sells all of it's long sleeve shirts for 4.99.  I went there first this time.  The next time I will go to the other shop first.  A lesson well learned.

Angie's Quick Organizational tip:  If a task takes a few seconds to do, do it right then.  Example:  Putting  away an item or washing up a knife.  Your home will feel so much better to you with as few items out as possible.


  1. Good purchases Angie. A good tip too, I am trying this with my sons.

  2. At the onset kids may buck the idea of a charity shop. But, once they're in there and can pick out lots of things, they get as excited as one of us does. Good luck!

  3. It is this, that I do not really understand about Dollar Tree shops: Do ALL articles cost only 1$ ? For instance a can of peaches costs the same as e.g. a kitchen cloth? Aren´t there articles for 2, 3 or 5 $ ? They could not sell a pair of trousers for just
    1$, could they? In my opinion a good pullover from a charity shop can be a far better buy than a cheap new article.
    That´s what I would prefere if I had to make the choice.
    Anyway, we do not have this sort of shop where I live (maybe in greater German cities? I do not know.), but there are more
    and more charity shops and similar. It´s also a great demand for that. Why buy a new article when you can get a used one
    that´s in good (or even as new) condition!

  4. Yes, all items are a dollar at the Dollar Tree. Some items are cheaply made, others are name brands that have been bought out from another chain.