Sunday, August 9, 2015

Financial Freedom, What a Relief it is

The simple life can be lived in an apartment in the dead of New York City.  Or, in a two story colonial in a suburb.  Even in a small farm house in the country.  Your home can be rented or owned or paid in full.  Living a simple life is not a territory.  It's an intangible ideal. It's a comfort zone free of outside influence.  The simple life is, well, simple.  No fancy foods that have the cost of a loan to them, unless that is your choice.  No shiny cars with all the gadgets, unless that's your choice.  Not the desire to have a closet bigger than some homes to house clothes, unless that's your choice.  No.  It's enjoying what we have and working with what we have, freely choosing to do without because we want to.  Or not doing without because we want to.  The key, the way I see it, is finances.  Specifically debt.  Debt is a killer.  It has been known to harm relationships, create stress, and even create physical harm.

I don't feel I'm an expert in this field so I'm going to refer you to a couple who has gone from irresponsible finances to owing nothing in a short period of time.  If becoming debt free interests you check out their yoo toob channel, His and Her Money.  They have a video on this subject every Sunday evening.  The link follows.

I do wish you luck if you decide to go this route.  I'll be your biggest cheerleader.

Stay safe.

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  1. I accidently deleted a comment from a reader who refers to herself as 'anonymous'. She had a great idea to create three lists. The fist for those items we need to include basic foods as well as other household items. The second list is for things we'd like to have such as a chocolate bar. The third is more along the lines of long term desires such as a trip. I believe she advised to save for such things then revisit the list to see if the items on the third list are still important to you. What a great idea. This suggestion is so helpful to Angie's readers.