Friday, August 7, 2015

This and That and a Pickle Recipe

Last night it rained.  That in itself is not news.   What is news is the very low clap of thunder that shook my house.  It was so loud and a bit scary.  It was so close to the lightning that my daughter was thinking it was the lightning.  I noted, however, it was a couple of seconds after the lightning.

That I took a shower this morning is not news either.  The news here is the pup walked in to the shower with me and got lathered up, rinsed off, and enjoyed the hot water on her back.  After a towel dry and blow dry she was good to go.  A quick run around the house and to her napping position she went.
Let me introduce Marley to you.  She is a great companion.
I often tell her how much my husband would have liked her -
 and spoil her.  If he were still with us, I have a feeling
she would be his dog, not mine,   

Remember the refrigerator pickles I made last week?  I just finished snacking on them and they are so good.  I promised the recipe for you if thy were good.

Items Needed

1.Any clean jar with a lid (New or recycled)
2.White vinegar
3. One quarter cup of Salt (The recipe calls for course salt, but there was no such thing when I learned how to can pickles, so any salt will do.)
4.Three (3) Cups of water
5.Two (2) cloves of garlic for each jar
6.Cucumbers, sliced in any way you like them.
7.Two (2) sprigs of dill for each jar.

Heat the water and salt until the salt dissolves.  IMPORTANT  Let this cool to room temperature before pouring in jars.

To each jar add 1/4 cup vinegar, garlic, pickles then top off with salt solution.  Remove air bubbles and cover with lid tightened.

Leave in a dark cool spot for 7 days, turning upside down the first day, then right side up the next.  Repeat for seven days.  Enjoy!

My costs were minimal since I grew the garlic and cucumbers.  I did purchase dill (mine didn't survive). vinegar, and salt.  Even if I paid for the items the cost would have been lower (much) than the ones bought in the grocery store that are stored in the refrigerated section.

I submitted some pictures on a blog called 'Down to Earth'.  It is written by a woman who has published a number of simple living books with a major publisher who has well over 18 million hits on her blog.  She invited her readers to submit pictures of a favorite spot in their homes.  Mine were published.  Because of her kindness in inviting us to publish our blog addresses - if we had one - this blog received over 10 times the normal hits in each of three days.

One of her readers wished I'd open the curtains to view the woods as this is what I talked about.  It never occurred to me to do so.  So here, vroon, is the picture I promised you.

This is the blog address

Here you go, vroon.  I had to be quiet as there was a bunny
chomping on some clover when I went out to take this
photo.  He was too far away to get a picture of him,
although I tried.


  1. Oh I do love the photo of Marley. She looks beautiful and what a wonderful companion a dog can be. ThAnkyou for the recipe and the photo . It looks beautiful.

    1. It's so good of you to recognize how sweet Marley is. She is indeed good company. I hope you try the pickles. You won't be sorry. Thanks for your comment. They are always welcomed.

  2. I have started reading your blog as a result of the Down To Earth pictures. I am in the process of going back and reading all of your posts...enjoying them all. I would enjoy seeing more pictures of your home and yard (maybe they are already in the archives and I just haven't read enough posts yet) Have to comment as anonymous as I don't have a blog. Charlotte

    1. Welcome, Charlotte! It's so nice to 'see' you visit Angie's House. There a number of pictures of my home and it's development on the blog that I hope you can enjoy. There are also organizational posts that may interest you. This portion of the blog began in May 2014. Most anything else was posted when I was an extreme couponer. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Marley gives me the impression that she is a very peaceful dog lady.
    How does she get along with the hot weather?
    She will probably look for a cool place or even like to dip in cool water.

    1. Your impression of Marley is correct. She's very laid back. I think she was older than they told me when I rescued her because she likes to sleep - even in summer - under a blanket. There are times I won't let her go out because it's too hot and she begs to go. I stand firm though. No 100 degree (F) heat for her!