Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Hidden Letter, A Wedding, and Daddy

This morning I opened an old book to use as a reference.  Hidden in the back pages I found a pink piece of paper with a hand made border of pink and a blue flower in each corner.  Looking closer I saw 2 faded blue hearts with smile faces in the center.  I smiled and wondered which of our girls made this and for whom.  The pink was a dead give away, so I automatically removed our son from the mix.

The message is written in pick, which has also faded.  Squinting near a good source of light I could make out that the message was for me.  I also could read, "I love you."

The timing of this find is miraculous.  The letter is from our youngest daughter, who just yesterday chose her wedding gown for her upcoming wedding.  In the back of all of our minds is, we wish Daddy were here to give away his youngest daughter.  He would be giving her away to a man that she chose that is just like her daddy in many ways.  The most important being he is kind and gentle, but exudes a quiet strength.

I know 'Daddy Bob' ( that's story in itself) will be there, giving her away.  He never could pass up an opportunity to wear a tux and flash that gorgeous smile of his.

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