Monday, January 17, 2011

Price Chopper, CNY and Northern Pennsylvania 01/16-01/22

Ajax laundry soap, 2.00

12 roll Scott tissue, 5.98 (.50 roll)  There's a 1.00 coupon in Sunday's Smart Source (SS) that will be worth 3.00 with the PC coupon.  If you use this scenario, the 12 rolls will come to 2.98 or approximately .25 a roll

7.00 PC bonus Q for Enfamil.  You can go to the enfamil site for 250.00 free offers.  I'm sure there's a coupon or 2 there.  I don't have a need, so I didn't register.

Bonus PC Q Progresso soup 5/5.00, 1.00 Q in 01/16 SS insert (5/2.00 with triple PC Q)

Buy one Arnold country bread get 2 free

Buy one Freihofer country bread get 2 free

Buy one Thomas flavored English muffin get 2 free

Pede frozen ravioli BOGO

Super Pretzels, frozen soft,  BOGO

Tastee Choice salad shrimp BOGO

First Prize hot dogs, BOGO

Philly Gourmet sandwich steaks BOGO

PC bonus 2.00lb Q, Cook's ham steaks

PC bonus Q, Yoplait yogurt, 20/8.00


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