Sunday, January 30, 2011

RA Savings Add Up ( and up and up) Rewards 01/30-02/05

Nature Made vitamins, BOGO, 3.00-6.00 Qs in February  All You

Angel Soft 4 pack tissue, .97, 1.00 Q February All You

Bounty Basic pt .97

Joy dish soap .97

Cover Girl cosmetics Buy 1 Get 1/2 off, Q in last week's insert, 1.00 up reward

Colgate 360 manual or power toothbrush BOGO
Valentine Plush (excludes Plush with Candy)<br />price with wellness+ card
Buy 20.00 of plush animals, get 10.00 up reward

Dawn dish soap, 9.5-10.3 oz, Q in P and G February insert, .97

Cadbury Eggs, 2/1.00

Coricidin, 16-24 ct, 10 oz liquid, 5.99, 4.00 up reward,

Colgate Toothpaste Total Advanced, Total Enamel Strength<br />price with wellness+ card
Colgate Total Advance or Total Enamel Strength toothpaste, 2.99, 2.00 up reward on each,  1.00 Q last week's insert AND BOGO on the Advance type

Bayer aspirin, varied sizes, buy 1 get 1/2 off, 1.50 Q on last week's (it doesn't look like the Q is still available)

Prilosec OTC 42ct, 24.99, 7.00 up reward, 3.00 Q January P and G insert, 25.00/2 rebate @

alli starter kit, 90 count, 49.99, 10.00 rebate available at
AMO CompleteMulti-Purpose Solution 12 oz. Limit 1 Rebate per offer See in storeSingle Check Rebates directory for details. Single Check Rebate requires sign up at or by mail. Rebate only valid 1/30 - 2/05/11<br />price with wellness+ card

Blink, 7.99, 7.99 rebate

Neuragen gel, 19.99, 19.99 rebate

L'Oreal cosmetics (excludes voluminus mascara) Buy 1 Get 1 1/2, 5.00 up reward with 15.00

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power or Manual Razor 1 ct. Limit 1 per household<br />price with wellness+ card

Gillette Fusion Proglide razor, 9.99, 5.00 up reward, 4.00 Q in January  P and G insert (.99 final price)

Gillette Fusion shave gel, 7 oz, Buy 1 Get 1/2 off, 1.00 Q P and G insert, 5.00 up reward with 20.00

Glad Wrap, 200 ft roll, 2.00

Jif, 18oz, 1.99

RA trash bags BOGO

Dixie or Vanity Fair plates, cups, bowls, napkins, BOGO

V8 Vegetable Juice 46 oz. Selection may vary by store +CRV or deposit where applicable<br />price with wellness+ card

V8 juice, 2/5.00, 1.00 up reward

RA tissue, BOGO

Hall's cough drops, 2/3.00, 1 up reward, buy and save item

Advil and assorted cold and flu care items (page 13 of circular) 5.00 up reward with 25.00 and buy and save items

Stayfree pads, all sizes, BOGO, buy and save item

$5  UP REWARD WHEN YOU BUY $20 OF BURT BEE Lip, Facial and Skin Care Products Selection may vary by store Also available at For use on your next purchase. +UP reward will print on your receipt<br />with wellness card

5.00 up reward with 20.00, buy and save items


There are 2 areas where the Colgate toothpaste is pictured in the RA circular.  The front page shows :

Colgate Total, 7.8 oz
Colgate Total Advance, 5.8 oz
Colgate Sensitive, 6 oz

The second posting is on page 4.

Colgate Total Advance is posted again at 2.99
with a 2.00 up reward.  There is no size posted.

There is a 1.00 Q in one of last week's inserts

So if you bought 2 (BOGO) 5.8 oz Advance you would receive a minimum of 2.00 up reward.  Use the 1.00 coupon (or more if you have them) and both items come out to be free.  This is also a Buy and Save item AND a Heart Healthy item.

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