Friday, January 28, 2011

Two Small Types of Emergency Funds

The term 'Emergency Fund' has been thrown around quite often for the past few years.  It's simple to figure out that it means having something put away in case of an emergency.  The question would be, "What kind of an emergency?"  There is one emergency that cash on hand is needed. 

Where we live it can be a nightmare if the power goes down for a few days.  No power means no ATM machines.  Or banking of any kind.  If this is a concern where you live consider having a small amount of cash on hand, in small bills and change.  And a small supply of gas in the event there is no station in your area with a generator.  (We have one)

A supply of 1.00 bills and change means you can buy things and not worry about loosing too much change.  There won't be cash registers available either.

Another type of emergency fund is food.  This doesn't have to follow your nutrition guidelines 100%.  We all love fresh fruits and veggies, but during a power outage you will need to be a bit flexible and eat canned fruits and veggies.  Canned tuna and meat are a good source of protein.  Dry milk and a few gallons of water work well to provide essential vitamins.  Don't forget a bit of comfort food in your supply.  Having it on hand is a small stress reliever.

These are two of the basic emergency funds that every family could benefit from.  They make a bad situation a bit more comfortable.  Kind of puts the power in your hands rather than the emergency's.

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