Monday, December 28, 2009

After Christmas Bargains

Not many ladies I know had a desire to go shopping the day after Christmas. I was no different this year. DH wanted to grab some jeans at JCP. Begrudgingly I went with him. I could smell the sales when I walked in the front door. The flyer had 2 coupons in it. One was 10.00 off of a 50.00 purchase. The other was 15.00 off of a 75.00 purchase/ In addition to the coupons multiple items were priced ridiculously low until 1 PM.

This is what I did to maximize my savings. I added up the sale cost of the items. Since the total was over 200.00, I broke the items up into 4 transactions of about 50.00 each. By doing this I earned 40.00 off of my purchases. Ten dollars off of each 50.00 total. The 75.00/15.00 coupon could have been used as well for a savings of 30.00 and the 10.00/50.00 used once. The savings would have been the same.

The items, if purchased at regular price, came to 463.00. I saved 250.00 and spent 213.00.

The order included 2 pair Lee jeans, 18.00/31.00 (13.00 saved / pair), 2 scoop neck tees, 5.99 (10.00 saved/ tee) undies for the year, Carter baby clothes (lots) and so much more.

I went home a happy girl. These items finished off our winter wardrobes. The tees I will have for next year, as well as the undies.

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