Thursday, December 17, 2009

CHRISTMAS Shopping Scores

I was talking to DD #1 last night and she was telling me about her shopping trip. She kept costs at bay using a number of tactics. One of the most lucrative was she had 150$ in gift cards she got from the points earned on a credit card account.

What deals did you find this year? Do you shop online? Maybe look for codes for zero SH? (google coupon codes) Do you use points gathered from doing surveys or CCs? How about MY REWARDS program from Coke?

One of my biggest earners was a Q for 20$ off a 20$ purchase. I also found a great website, I never paid attention to this one before, I'm no sportsman. Wow. Lots of stuff for everyone and every reason. It's worth a try. The prices are fair. And they have terrific sales.

Share, share, share. Info passed along to others truly helps us to reach our goals.

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