Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday Accomplishments

I'm beginning to recognize a pattern with Monday.  I have loads of energy when my feet hit the floor.  After prayer time I balanced the checkbook and wrote out checks for a couple of bills.  They were mailed on the way to get my hair recut.  I did get it cut on Friday, but it was too long.  The stylist was new to me and she graciously accepted my return to clip a bit more off the top and front. 

From there I paid the vet for the final bill and dropped off things at the thrift store.

During a visit to Goodwill a few months back I asked where the money is spent in the community.  How shocking it was to find out that the only thing GW does is provide jobs for people.  That's a pretty prolific corporate policy.  The goods come in free, the corporation has charity status, (No taxes) and they pay minimum wage from the high priced goods they obtained for free, but charge customers.  It's genius, really.  You can see why my choice of donation has changed to the Salvation Army.  At least SA feeds the hungry.

The day ended with a visit to S's home to see the grands.

Oh, my gosh.  I forgot the trip to Wal Mart I made with ibotta rebates in hand.  I paid .27 cents for an onion and will receive .25 cents in a rebate.  The four bananas were .87 cents with a .25 cent rebate.  The Glad cling wrap (300' roll) was 3.12 with a 1.00 rebate.  The last rebate was 1.00 off cheese slices that were 2.74.

If you think ibotta is something you're interested in you can use my code to sign up.  A team will be created then teams get additional savings and offers.  My referral code is (jdwerpv)  You will receive 10.00 for signing up and I will get 5.00.  Please note that my motivation for signing you up under my code is the additional bonus (money) offers we will get.  It's a win - win situation.

The crackers were price matched and
the Glad wrap was ibotta.

Both the bananas and onion were
ibotta rebates.

Another ibotta rebate.  I noticed this
week the rebate went down to .50 cents.

I also price matched crackers, (1.88) grapes (1.49)  and oranges (.10 cents each).

When I got home I entered my receipt into WM savings catcher and ibotta.  Easy peasy.

The ibotta site has changed over the rebates adding any milk, bread, bacon, and eggs this week.
I'm off to open the rebates and make a list.

Stay safe.


  1. Iborra sounds great Angie , another good way to save. Very sad to hear about Goodwill and happy to hear that you are supporting Salvayion Army . I've noticed in several small charity stores here that they have a list showing where there the money raised goes. Many organisations are supported by these shops and it stays locally . Xx

    1. It's great that everything made from a charity shop stays local. I would love to see that here in the states. I console myself with the fact that SA feeds people and clothes them, too. Thank you for the comment. PS: Your book came in today which was a big surprise to me. Now to get that busy author to sign it!

    2. Thank you Angie I am so looking forwards to reading my autographed copy.

  2. Ps you are often in my thoughts and prayers as is Miss Marley xx

    1. Thank you. I paid her final bill this week thinking I was OK to go to the vet's to drop it off. I should have mailed it in. The tears just couldn't be stopped. But, I'm much better than I was. Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts.

    2. I feel for you. Going back to the vets would have been very sad and understandable to cry. It's so hard to lose such a devoted companion as Marley. I feel sure that there is another dog waiting somewhere for you . Xxx

  3. Of course I cannot judge the financial conduct of charity shops like Goodwill, as I do not
    live in your country. Our household is small and I do not have so many goods to sort out.
    But I know some persons who are in need of goods like clothes, household good or seedlings
    and plants. So I mostly pass these goods directly.
    Then again my two daughters give things to me that they do not want any longer, like scarfs
    or foulards. For me they are like newly bought and I now have so many that I probably will
    not buy any more scarfs for the rest of my live. For me it is amusing in a way. ( Mum will
    take it.)

    1. You made me laugh with your last sentence! My daughter's and I do the same thing. What they don't want, I send off to the charity shop. Hopeflly it blesses someone in need.