Thursday, April 28, 2016

More Accomplishments

To my surprise my energy level was up again yesterday. (Wednesday)  Even though I had an appointment to get my vehicle inspected in the afternoon, I accomplished some things in the morning.
The hardwood floors were dusted then washed.  While doing that I noticed a spot on the side riser of the stairs that needed a paint touch up.  Out came my little touch up kit so that was taken care of. Since the sun was bright I also noticed a couple of scratches on the walls. They are no longer.

The other small project was cleaning out the bin under the sink.  I've been a bit lax in keeping that organized.  The biggest change I made was combining two packs of Swiffer cloths into one baggie and labeling it.  How surprising it was to see how much room doing that one thing freed up.

Before being organized.

The two empty bags and the new
space saving set up for the
floor dust cloths.

All done and organized!

While the car dealer did the inspection they also washed the car and put windshield washer in it.  While they were doing that, I had a manicure done and made a cup of coffee while I waited. I also tried out the massage chair, but got up when it closed in on my ankles.  No thank you.  I'll rub my own feet.

Before going home I stopped at Wal Mart to grab five other ibotta rebate items.  Any bacon had a .75 cent rebate.  When I got home I made a BLT sandwich for dinner.  The rest of it will get separated into packs of three and frozen.

Other rebates were onions (.25), bananas (.25), any boxed mac and cheese (.25), and ultra thin cheese slice (.75)  After a little over one week I have collected 21.00.  Keep in mind I pass up most offers because I don't use the items.

ibotta purchases

My plan is to collect cash until close to Christmas, add my swagbucks gift cards and my credit card points, combine them and use amazon for gifts I send up North. (With free shipping)

What have you accomplished this week?  I'd be interested in hearing because I learn from what other women do.  As an example I watched a video yesterday where the woman put peppermint oil in her floor wash water as well as sprays it around the perimeter of her rooms.  I never would have though of that.  Or a comment left by a dear reader mentioned I could use a fuchsia plant with my fern. One is never too old to learn new things.  Thriving on new knowledge keeps me young at heart.

Stay safe.


  1. I am glad you are feeling more energised. You always seem very busy and I love your sparkly clean house . The Iborra sounds a good way of saving . It will be interesting to know how much you will save by Christmas. I have been sorting through my clothes and getting put my winter clothes. I would really like to cull my clothing to those items I love and wear often . I've also mulched my garden beds and hanging plants and given some of my plants a trim. Last week I pruned all the old leaves from my Bird of Paradise plants and collected a whole green waste bin of old leaves. The front garden looks much tidier now. Have a great weekend Angie xxx

    1. You certainly have been busy preparing for your winter season. Does it snow where you live? If I'm not wrong, you are located much closer to the equator than I am.

    2. No Angie it does not snow here . Once very briefly in 1984 there was a sprinkle of snow but it melted before it hit the ground . I live in South East Queensland in Australia. Most of Queensland is sub tropical and tropical . The further north go the hotter it gets . Far North Queensland is the tropics . I live in a large town on the top of The Great Diving Range . We get the four seasons and a cold winter lasting several months xx

    3. Our town does have the occasional frost but my garden is frost free due to the beautiful large trees I have in my garden and surrounding my yard. I grow a lot of tropical plants , palms , frangipani, Jasmine as well as other types of plants . The weather is cooling down but the days still reach up to 24c. The cold weather will be here soon though ! Yuck ! It's not my favourite season . Spring here is beautiful . Our town is called the Garden City and has most of the streets love bed with jacaranda trees and other large trees . We have some beautiful botanical gardens and on the east side of town have the most incredible escarpment views looking down from atop the Great Dividing Range. I live in a beautiful part of the world xxx

  2. Could I just make a little contribution on the issue household chores? For me it is most
    important to AVOID work. That means for example: One should not fill rooms with unnecessary
    objects or decorations. Enjoy simplicity ! That gives you more time and freedom and less
    to clean. Of course we have our favorite objects (maybe hand-made by grand-children), I do not mean those. And I also find it so helpful when things have their permanent place where
    we can get them at once. No time wasted.
    But, finally, - what is a BLT sandwich ? Maybe B for bacon?

    1. I wasn't sure if this comment was from you, C., but your question gave it away! A BLT is a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich with salt and pepper and mayonnaise. One of the greatest fast foods invented. Let me know if you try one.

    2. It does sound like a gorgeous part of the world. My area is sub tropic also. But, our trees are magnolia, and crepe mertle. Both are flowering trees. I feel so healthy living in the sun shine and bright colored flowers.

  3. Slices of bread with bacon, lettuce and tomatoe taste fine. But, as we never eat mayonaise, whether bought or home-made, my choice would be salted butter.
    Today I planted 14 tomatoe plants in our garden.
    More will follow next week. Many sorts and different size and color.