Saturday, April 16, 2016

Contest Winner

The winner of 'When They Practice To Deceive', by Carolyn LaRoche is (drum roll please)  Leisha from Australia.  Congratulations.  The book will be mailed as soon as I can get the author to sign it which should be about the middle of May.  Thank you to those who entered the contest. 

The author is working on another series.  As soon as the first book is complete and on the market, Angie will have another give away.


  1. Oh Angie I am thrilled and thank you so so much . I have not won a competition before and I am so happy and thankful . I will so enjoy reading my autographed my the author copy . Xxx

    1. Then I'm glad it was you who won! I still have your address, so as soon as I get the book, I'll mail it off to you. Maybe you'll like the book enough to write a review on amazon. (We would only expect an honest review.)

    2. Leisha. You were just congratulated by the author of 'When They Practice to Deceive'!

  2. Congratulations Leisha! I hope that you enjoy the book.