Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ibotta, Marley and Savings Catcher

Time is passing and each day gets a little better.  When I start to think of Marley I say a few Hail Mary's which helps me handle things better.  The vet sent me a card to express his condolences as well as a friend.  Both were beautifully written, but I'd like to share the note my friend wrote in the card.  The front of the card had a picture of St. Francis, Mr. animal lover himself.

The note:
'... Marley was God's gift to you and you were His gift to her.  As heart broken as you are today, it was wonderful that she experienced much love and joy when you adopted EACH OTHER'

I had forgotten what I did for Marley, only remembering what she did for me.  At the time, we did indeed save each other.

This week has been a slow one with only one activity - going to a medical appointment.  Nothing traumatic and I like the doctor.  He talks to me like I'm a person and we discussed food and Amazon this last visit.

I can't remember if I mentioned that my son got me a cell phone when he was visiting and set up an app called ibotta.  I spent some time this week learning about it, then putting it into practice.  I saved $1.75 on five items.

Here's how it works:
You can sign up on a phone or the computer.  Search through the categories to find the one of interest.  Some of them are groceries, military commissaries, restaurants, drug stores, with many more.  It looks as if every category of consumer outlet is represented.  Then you find what rebates interest you and unlock them.  When you come back from the store you simply download or scan a receipt. 

If you are on my fb page and think you are interested in this app, sign up under my name (Use the whole name) and we will form a team.  Teams get many bonuses that individuals don't.  Plus 10.00 is deposited in your account after the first receipt is scanned.  Monies earned can be turned into a gift card after a 10.00 balance is acquired.
I bought bananas, eggs, tomatoes, onion, and bread (any kind)  I paid $4.74 for these five items and received $1.75 back.  If I did the math correctly I paid $2.99 for the five items.  Not too shabby.

The next thing I did was sign up for savings catcher from Wal Mart.  This app scans your purchases at Wal Mart and if there is an item that sells for less in your area they refund the difference.  I signed up online for this because all I have to do is put in the UPC code and hit enter.  They do all the work for me.

Besides cleaning that's how I spent my week.  I'm thinking about getting another dog, but to move so quickly is not within the parameters of my personality.  We'll see what happens.

Stay safe.


  1. Dear Angie , you and Miss Marley have been in my thoughts a lot this week. I hope you are doing ok. I urged you to get another dog when you are ready . You have so much to give to a dog , as you know there are so many dogs that need a home. There will never be another Marley but there will be a dear dog who will love you and be a good companion. In my opinion it is an empty house without a dog. Sending you my warmest thoughts and a big hug to you my friend xoxox

    1. I can't thank you enough for the prayers. All of my FB friends have been praying too. I certainly have felt the power of those prayers. I may have accepted her passing today. Time will tell.

  2. Hi Angie, I haven't looked at your blog for awhile, and on catching up, must tell you how sorry I am to hear your sad news about Marley. God bless you as you grieve.
    Jo Ann