Monday, November 15, 2010

Start Your Christmas Gift List Now

There's a lot of hype this time of the year about sales and good prices.  All kinds of gift ideas are spread across the Internet and in the store flyers.  This can be a good thing because it offers gift ideas and reveals current prices.  On the other side of the coin all of the information put out can be confusing.  All of the information is intended to grab as much cash as possible from your wallet.

How do you get around all the confusion?  In a word, organization.  Most organization begins with a list.  Make a list of people you want to buy gifts for.  Leave some space between names in case you change your mind.  List gifts you want to get for each person.  As simple as this may seem, the list is your foundation for shopping.  Set a budget price for each person.  Then look for those items and research and compare prices offered.  Start the research at the manufacturer's site for suggested retail price.  Search the Internet for the item and sales and promo codes.  When you are satisfied, buy! Either online or in a store.

If this is your first attempt and you fail in a couple areas, try not to get caught up in your mistakes.  Use the mistakes as a learning tool and move forward.   Next time you'll do better.  Frugality can be a learned lifestyle for some.  For others it seems to be genetic.  You'll never know which is the case for you, if you don't try.

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