Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday's Frugal Journey / Two Painless Frugal Practices (Part 3)

There are items we have been told we have to have.  It is common practice and we buy them without thought.  They are expensive, but that's just the way it is.  We have to have them to keep our homes clean.  Or do we?

 Try these two ways to save money.  If you keep track of your savings, and you are serious about conserving your financial resources, you'll be happy to adapt these simple practices.

1)  Buy one roll of paper towel, then at a discount store buy a large pack of cheapy dish cloths.  They come in packs of 12 for about 5.00, but I have gotten them for 3.00 on sale.  With a permanent marker label each cloth with either 'dishes' or 'cleaning'.  I mark 2/3 of the cloths for dishes because I use one clean cloth a day.  The others I use to clean everything and anything.  If something spills on the floor, I use a 'cleaning' cloth and rinse it out.  All of the cloths are washed in hot bleach water.

If you think this will take too long or is too fussy, it's taking longer to read this post than to practice the tip.
The paper towel is to use when cleaning toilets and garbage cans.  Disposable is best in these situations because of the multiple germs these areas tend to collect.

Annual Savings (1 roll of PT a week @ 2.69) equals 139.88.

2)  The dollar store has dryer sheets, 30 to a box.  Cut them in half and save them after the first use in a seal able container.  Look for a sale on liquid softener and pour 1/2 cap of softener in the container with the used dryer sheets. Shake and you have instant and frugal sheets.  The sheets can be used a number of times.  Mine lasts about 6 months for laundry for 2 people.  The liquid lasts the same amount of time.

Annual Savings is (1 bottle of softener /2 weeks @ 3.69) 95.94.

So another 235.82 of your money that will be in your pocket, not someone else's.

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