Tuesday, November 30, 2010

25.00 for 50.00 + 20.00 Rebate @ Groupon

I joined Groupon to check out the offers.  (they advertise here so it's easy to just click and go)  My closest city is NYC, so most of the time this is not helpful to me.  Looking into it further, I discovered that not all deals are in brick and mortar locations.  Some of the deals in other cities can be had by anyone in any location.  I found this one from a company called DORMZY.  Dormzy is an online company that delivers food and essentials to your home.  The items cater to college students' needs, but there are some of the P & G items available that can be used with the rebate I posted a few days ago.

Here's how today's deal goes:

1) Sign up at GROUPON.  There's no fee to sign up.


2)  Choose Lexington as the city.

3) Buy a GC for 50.00 and pay 25.00 (+ tax)

4) If you purchase the P & G items on the 20.00 rebate, the end cost will be 3.58 + tax.

Example Deal

 6 Olay Body Lotions for 4.99/29.94
 3 Herbal Essences Shampoos for 3.79 /11.37
 3 Herbal Essences Conditioners for $4.09/12.27

53.58 worth of items for 25.00 plus 20.00 rebate equals 3.58

 BEFORE you go for this deal, make sure there are rebates left.  I couldn't print one today, but I did a few days ago.

EDIT:  It seems Syracuse is on the Groupon list now.

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