Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday

Thirty eight years ago today,  our lives were instantly altered.  For the good.  Daughter number one greeted the world with quite the wail, that- to this day- creates a smile in my heart.

 It took us nine months to agree to a name.  When we finally agreed, we knew the choice was the right one.  Her name means 'strong woman'.

Strong Woman and I talk on the phone every day.  She still keeps her mom close to her heart and includes me in the day to day  life of her family.  Since we live 900 miles apart I have to use my imagination when she talks of my grandson's "monkey moves".  I can just see that free little spirit expressing himself while mom's hair is slowly turning grey.  Or hearing our oldest grandson express his love of math by saying,  I LOVE math,  and grandma wondering who's child he is because none of us even like math.

Strong Woman is a mom, wife, educator (science), writer, daughter, sister, a good friend, and a kind person.  She is always willing to learn new things, whether the quest is welcomed or not.

She was freely welcomed into the hearts of Daddy and I when she was born, and is still welcome to reside in our hearts, no matter where we are.

Happy Birthday sweetie.  We love you.

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