Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shopping Trip 11/18/10

My grocery trip today was productive.  I got quite a few free items.

3 Marzetti dressings (BOGO and 4 1.00 Qs)
1 Barilla plus (free box from manufacturer Q)
7 Lipton Sides (7.00 catalina)
3 Gain dish soap ( .39 for 3) 3 Qs
Herbal Essence shampoo (1.00 Q and up reward)
1 Arnold country bread BOGO
1 Oscar Mayer bacon BOGO

I spent 2.33 at RA because I bought 2 Hershey Kiss (1.00 each with Qs and up rewards plus tax)
The grocery store total came to 78.32 with a savings of 55.70 using coupons and my Advantage card.

$80.65 spent for Thanksgiving dinner, some items for Christmas dinner, 20 items for the emergency food supply,  1 item for donating, and this week's food.

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