Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rite Aid (RA) 11/28-12/4

Gillette Fusion Proguide Razor
4.00 Q PandG insert 11/28
5.00 up rewards

Total free

Pampers jumbo pack or Easy ups
1.50 Q P&G insert 11/28
plus free Q thick care wipes with specified Pampers purchase
4.00 video value Q
2.00 up reward

Total 2/9.50

If you do 2 transactions, first the Razor, then the diapers, you can use the 5.00 up reward on the Pamper purchase.  The out of pocket (OOP )expense would end up being 4.50.

Gillette Fusion Cartridges

Buy one cartridge (13.99) get Fusion shave gel free
2.00 Q P&G insert 11/28
2.00 gel Q P&G insert 11/28
2.00 up reward from the diaper purchase

Total  OOP 7.99

Wrapping Paper and boxed cards,  buy 1 get 2 free

Nyquil and Dayquil
2.00 up reward
1.50 Q P&G insert, Nyquil
1.50 Q P&G insert Dayquil

Total OOP 2/3.00

There is a total of 27.50 Qs and up rewards on these purchases.  If you need them all, you could keep 27.50 of your money.

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