Sunday, November 21, 2010

RA Savings Add Up ( and up and up) Rewards

Click to enlarge picture of items for Rebate 62 - got2b - opens in a new window

Got2b products  purchased from 11/25/10 to 11/27/10 have a RA rebate up to 4.99.
up to $4.99 Rebate
Excludes got2b Glue Stylers

Check out the rebate list here:

ALSO on the list

Click to enlarge picture of items for Rebate 82 - AMO Complete - opens in a new window

AMO Complete (12 oz) has a full rebate at RA when purchased between 11/21 and 11/27. (up to 7.99)

Since May 2010 I have received 167.00 ( and some change) in rebates from the RA rebate program.  I have also used 30.00 in RA 5/25.00 coupon and 24.00 in Video Value coupons.  The total on these strategies alone, since May has been 221.00.

In 2011 I am going to seriously document every saving at RA that will include the above, up rewards, RA coupons and manufacturer coupons.

Go here for a peak at the video value coupons:

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