Friday, November 26, 2010

Internet Scams

Hold tight to your internet use this season, using only sites you know are secure.  (verified by a third party, friends blogs, and https sites)  Deleting, without opening,  emails from anyone you are not familiar with will save you potential heartache late on.  Never take quizes on social sites that offer free anything.  These sites end up asking you for personal information and credit card information.  If you spend some time online in an airport or other public place, stick with safe and secure sites.  Criminals are actually scanning users for personal information.

Some of the current scams are:

TWITTER:  Offering holiday jobs and asks forSS number

Holiday downloads of screensavers and music from random sites (viruses)

Charity scams

SMISHING:  A text that looks like your bank's site and asks you to call a number then extracts personal information from you

FACEBOOK"  Offers large GCs after you take quizes and purchase items.  They take your CC information, then never send you the items and steal your information.

Family distress texts.  These inform you your family member is stranded and / or been robbed while abroad.

It may be worth a few minutes to check out the full article @

Stay safe this season and stay close to familiar internet territory.

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