Monday, November 29, 2010

Price Chopper, CNY and Northern Pennsylvania 11/28-12/4

In store donuts, 6 pack BOGO
Thomas English Muffins BOGO
Friehoffer split top bread BOGO
Arnold wholw grain bread BOGO
Lay's chips BOGO
Chock Full O Nuts coffee BOGO (stock up item)
Kraft mac and cheese BOGO (su item)
Some Progresso soups BOGO(su item)
Hunt's whole or crished tomatoes BOGO
GE bulbs BOGO
Dad's dog food (17.6 lb) BOGO
Dad's cat food (16 lb) BOGO
Colgate extra clean toothbrush BOGO
PC tall kitchen trash bags BOGO
80% ground chuck 1.99 (good stock up item)
Coupon for Cherrios, Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Betty Crocker fruit snacks 4/6.00

Ronzoni pasta is 1.00 each.  This is a good price to stock up for 2-3 months.  But pasta goes on sale as low as  2/1.00 about every 4 months at PC. 

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