Friday, January 7, 2011

Cable Costs and the Alternatives

I'd like to take a moment to be totally honest.  I want to let go of our cable.  The honest part comes in when I say I have a fear of not having the shows available to me that I like.  My choices are humble, The Nanny and other late night shows.  I also love Martha Stewart, something my kids make fun of me for.  Oh well, they have a good time and I still adore Martha.  Someday I'll get up enough nerve to take a quick flight to NYC to be part of her audience.

Sometimes I watch Hoarders so I can shake my head and feel a bit horrified.  And I'm still trying to watch the Extreme Couponers show, but keep missing the repeats. 

That's about it for my TV viewing.  So it would make sense for me to drop cable.  My goal for the coming week is to research, in depth, my alternatives.  My viewing needs don't add up to over 80.00 a month. 

Has anyone else thought of doing this?  Let me know how you overcame the fear and made the plunge.  I just don't think I can live without Martha.


  1. There may be an option for you that we did with my husband's grandmother; you can contact the cable company to negotiate a senior discount if you're over 60 for basic channels, which should include TLC and Hallmark. About a year and a half ago, that negotiation dropped her bill from $75 to $35 per month. Cable is our main source of entertainment, so we bundled a basic package with internet and telephone.

  2. Thank you, Elise. I MAY be over sixty. I'll call them in the morning to check out this possible option.