Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fall's Not Here, but the Decorations Are!

For some reason I've spent the past couple of days  reflecting on the past.  Not on purpose, but things are popping in and out in a rather random manner.  Not things that happened, but the things and people who have shaped who I am.  Things I consider gifts from God.  At this very moment I am so thankful for the good things that my heart is bursting and tears of joy are flowing.  Thank you, Father, for always taking care of me and protecting me.

This week has been a quiet one, but I did get out a couple of times.  Dinner with family on Wednesday evening at Smokey Bones to celebrate little miss's fourth birthday, then a party on Saturday with friends and family.

One of the families that came to the party are foster parents.  They currently are caring for a beautiful one year old girl who warmed my heart when she put her arms out for me to hold her.  I love babies and puppies.  It's nice they like me, too.

A local grocery was offering a 10.00 off 50.00 purchase coupon.  Since I seldom spend over 28.00 a week on groceries my first thought was the offer was not for me.  Immediately afterwards my mind went in a different direction.  I could purchase long term items such as coffee and sugar to bring up the total to meet the requirements.  Not only did this work well, but the items I needed were all on sale.  Here's the breakdown.

The total came to 71.00 and change.
The coupon brought the total down to 61.00 and change.
I then asked what day the military discount applied and was told it was every day on store brand items. (organic items included)
The final total was 58.33.

I have enough food for well over three weeks, including organic fed sausage that was on a manager's special for 1.49 for eight patties.  I bought the two packs that were in the meat case.

Another item I want to rave about is a new to my area yogurt called NOOSA.  It's made in Colorado with a mother from Australia.  What an amazing product.  The container holds close to twice as much as our normal ones do so it will last for two to three servings.  It's so good, though, I may 'pig out' on it and eat it all at once.

I normally eat peach yogurt, but it was
not on the shelf.  Strawberry runs a
close second.

I also stopped in to a local thrift store and found a sweater from The Loft which looks as if it has never been washed or worn.  4.99 later I have something to keep the chill of winter at bay.

The toasty warm thrift store sweater.

This was the week I went through the fall decorations and brought a few down.  In one bin I have fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations.  I only brought out the fall decorations and paired them with a new wreath for the front door and a new pillow that has dogs dressed in costumes that was placed on a living room chair.  I bought that pillow more for the little ones than myself.  The four year old loved it while she described all of the animals and outfits they wore. 

This is one of those items I paid full
price for.  The picture doesn't do it
justice because in reality the
colors are rich and deep.

I can't remember where I got this or
when, I only know it's been around for
a while.  It hangs off the pantry door.

This is the third year this pumpkin
has held a place of honor on the coffee
table.  It's blown glass and is a
heavy pumpkin at that.

The pillow that charmed a four year old!

How has your week been?  Do you have your fall decorations out yet, or perhaps you don't decorate for the fall season.  Let us know in the comment section.

Stay safe.


  1. You showed us your diverse decorations for the coming autumn time. You must have a great
    fund.Well, I must admit that I haven´t any at all. When fall is here I can see it when I look out of my windows seeing the garden. I will admit that I am not a lover of those many brownish colors. I like best white and bright grey colors, specially during the dark seasons. But of course flowers in any colors as long as possible. And some green leaves in winter.

    1. I'm not sure what you mean by 'fund'. Most of what I get I get on super sale after the holiday. I do have a discretionary spending fund which I don't always use so it can add up month after month. Did I answer your question correctly? The fall colors - for me- are warm and welcoming. My favorite tome of year is from September to January first. Let me know if I misinterpreted your comment.

  2. Hi Angie, I'm interested in your yogurt called Noosa. Noosa is a beautiful coastal town in Queensland, Australia. A beautiful place where I have spent a lot of time over the years .

    1. Here's the story behind the yogurt.

  3. I love your blog and all the frugal things you do. I don't decorate much but when I add a touch of the season for fall I usually put out some of the pumpkins that I grow and a scented candle. I also have a scarecrow I put outside by the carport. We live in the country on 5 acres and I just let the seasons changing decorate my world. The corn and beans ready for harvest, the sumac turning red, the garden vegetables and the many marigolds I plant. I do bring some of those in. My husband and I are retired just this year so we are learning to live on Social security income and odd jobs that my husband picks up. He actually has quite a few as he is a remodeler by trade and a man who can fix just about anything. He is liking this time to catch up on the many projects he's wanted to do for awhile but didn't have the time for. Your post made me want to do a bit of decorating myself but I've been busy cleaning up the garden mostly now that the canning is finished.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment. It does my heart good and couldn't have come at a better time. Congratulations on retiring. It's so much fun to be with your spouse in retirement. I do admit it took me a couple of years to get use to not working every day, but once I did, I am so happy to be retired. You'll find living on SS isn't as difficult as you might think. You need and want so much less. It affords you the time to be thankful on a daily basis for all the important things in life. Thank you for your comment and stay safe.

  4. That´s the trouble when English is a foreign language for a person like me. There is always
    the"danger" to say something wrong. Please excuse me!
    Now, what I meant is you must have many decorations for all seasons. The English word FUND
    seems to have something to do with money. The German word FUNDUS can be used for different
    meanings. I am very glad when I can learn something new, as English is such an important
    language. Unfortunately there are no English speaking people in my neighborhood. Children
    nowadays learn English in most schools and they love it.
    Thanks and greetings! C.

    1. LOL!!!!! In anatomy the major portion of the stomach is called the 'fundus'! I do have some decorations, but I limit the amount and the cost. LOL. I got a good laugh out of this one!