Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Christmas Bargain Shopping and a Shared Meal

On September 15 2016 the new discount card I received in the mail from Kohl's becomes valid.  This time I received a 30% off coupon.  I've been waiting for the 30% coupon because there are a couple of Christmas/birthday gifts I want to purchase.  Not only can I use the 30% coupon, they are also offering cash back.  For every 50.00 spent, I will receive 10.00 in cash back vouchers to be spent during the next cycle.

Here's the scenario:

1.Cost of gifts: $460.00
2.Purchasing online through cash back promotion of .03%  Minus $9.66
3. 30% coupon, minus $138.00
4. Kohl's cash, 60.00
5. 2 you rewards, $15.00

- 138.00 = 322.00 (coupon)
-9.66 = 312.34 (ebates reward, rounded down)
- 60.00 = 252.00 (Kohl's cash)
- 15.00 = 237.00 ( 2 you rewards)
This comes out to be a savings of 223.00

I like this!  First thing in the morning I will take advantage of the free shipping online and order the items.

Monday I woke up with so much energy that I did a marathon session in the kitchen.  The beef stew and home made bread made a great meal that I shared with friends and family.  I enjoyed the visit and had fun setting the table with a fall theme.   The meal was topped off with a garden salad and jello.  The kids ate mac and cheese with some salad and the jello.  The adults topped off the dinner with a store bought coffee crumb cake while the kids chomped down a few candy corns.

Because I don't use recipes, I just fling
meals together, I was hoping the stew
was good.  I got a few thumbs up!
I meant to take a picture of the table
setting, but got side tracked.  These tulips
were in the center.  You know I love

I used the bread machine to make
this loaf.  It was stored in a 'green' bag
which lived up to the claims of the creator.


After dinner I sat in the back yard while the kids drew race tracks on the patio and the four year old ate every blackberry she could find on the bushes.  I had a nice time with everyone.  I even had help with the dishes.  Many hands make the work light.

I also made a quiche to use up small amounts of mushrooms and spinach.  The quiche will be cut into single servings and placed in the freezer for future meals.

Nothing was lost when I made this quiche.
The eggs were fresh from a friend's
chickens (I'm sooo thankful) and the
veggies were fresh.

I love the blue color of the eggs.
This picture is for a friend who thinks
when I cook I'm a neat freak.  I just
create and worry about the mess
later.  I do separate clean from dirty
though.  Just ingrained in me from
medical and surgical training.

All clean now.  I thought my hands were
going to fall off after cleaning dishes
four times during the marathon!
Stay safe.


  1. Angie your productivity always makes me smile x

  2. I just checked out the story behind Noosa Yogurt and it is indeed called after the beautiful Noosa region in my beautiful home state of Queensland. One of the owners is an Aussie . Funny Angie that this yogurt you like is named after a coastal region three hours from where I live . X

    1. If I didn't check out the site I never would have known one of the owners was from Australia. If this is what Aussies are use to, then you are very lucky indeed.

  3. What a surprise! Tulips in September. Here tulips are only sold in the time between late
    winter until very early summer. In these weeks now they sell bulbs for all sorts of spring flowers like daffodils and of course tulips.
    I hope you are as happy with your bread machine as I am with ours. Your bread looks perfect. I would not want to do without this practical helper.

    1. I'm sure the tulips are from South America. They were a great price though.