Saturday, September 3, 2016

Lots of Activity at Angie's

I had hoped to go to the farmer's market this morning, but we are in the middle of a tropical storm.  A tropical storm is a hurricane with lower wind gusts.  (I think)  I did prepare for it as I removed the wreath on the front door and brought up the outside chairs and plants on the porch and in the yard. 

Yesterday I went to the bank and stopped in Michael's.  I seldom go to that store, but there was something I've been wanting there for a couple of weeks.  When I remember something, I know I really want it.  Just a small package of magnetic page markers for my planner.  I'm not one for 'decorating' my planner, but this small item makes it an easy task to find the current week's activities.  There's not a lot of activities, but I won't keep all the information in my brain without it written down.

That small black item is the page
flag that has been helpful in
finding the current week quickly.

The box (on sale) that is currently
holding my kitchen utensils.

I also found a small rectangular box with chicken wire on the front and the back.  I saw my kitchen utensils in it for a winter look.  I also picked up a small gift to pop into a Christmas stocking.  I spent a little over 19.00 of my discretionary cash at Michael's and decided that was enough.

When I purchased my vehicle two years ago one of the perks was free oil changes and free annual state inspections.  No one told me that the oil change would cost if the percentage of good oil was above 20%.  Since I have always been a 'better safe than sorry' kind of girl, it stressed me out to wait that long.  It finally hit the target point so I spent Wednesday afternoon at the dealership drinking ice cold bottled water and watching HGTV.

The blackberry  bushes finally gave up enough fruit for a nice batch of jelly.  (seven pints) This batch is the best I've ever made.  Organic fruit, but I didn't have enough organic sugar for an entire batch so I used regular cane sugar as there was plenty in the pantry.  Can I say yum yum?

Hot jelly boiling away to make
a delightful treat!

On the same day I made chicken salad using marked down antibiotic free, cage free, (whatever that means) everything free chicken.  One breast yielded two hearty sandwiches.

One half is gone because it was lunch time.

Another project was cleaning out my bedside table.  This didn't take too long, but I did have things in there that did not relate to what the table was made for.  One whole drawer was filled with paper of one sort or another.  I took all of that and put it in the office where it belonged.  The CD cases went in the fireplace storage area with the DVDs where they belonged.

The second drawer now holds the bible
and any electronics I sometimes use..

The bottom drawer holds a  prayer folder and
address book

I do use cough drops at times
when I just settle in to sleep.  The magnifying
 glass is must.  The box that looks
like a book holds  a couple of
cherished items given to me by my

Bob Marley sits at the top of the
pile.  He was one of my husband's
favorites.  The rest are my favs, The Beatles!

I really don't use a lot of products before bed so I don't have too many in the table drawers.  I use Vick's rub as a lip balm, among other things.  It's a go to item for me.  I am fortunate not to have dry or oily skin so I keep lotion in the bathroom.  This lasts quite a while since I only use it sparingly after a shower or bath.

I also cleaned out the TV cabinet that is in the bedroom.  Of course the TV is not stored in there.  I have blankets and candles in it.

Winter blankets are easily accesable
in this cabinet.

The other project I worked on was making sauce from the tomatoes I got at the farm market.  The four tomatoes made enough sauce for three meals.  As a meat source I used meatloaf I had in the freezer that was broken up into small chunks.   Lots of grated cheese later, I had a yummy dinner.

I also did four more jars of pickles and pulled the cucumber plant out.  It was a very sad plant, but it was so good to me while it was healthy.  The total jars of pickles from the three plants I had came to 13 jars.

What have you been up to recently?  You know I love to hear from you.

Stay safe.


  1. One cucumber plant and 13 jars ! That´s great. Towards the end of summer most cucumber plants are infected by mildew (that´s probably what it is) and so this is normal. Each
    growing season for a vegetable has an end. Lamb´s lettuce (mache) would be a good follower
    after cucumbers and this is a delicate lettuce in autumn and winter time.
    I must wait for rain and than I can do more garden work. Right now I can only give water to the plants. And of course collect tomatoes and make something good with them for winter.

    1. I think that's what happened to the cucumber plant. Tomatoes sound good. Lots of vitamins. Stay safe. Thank you for your comment.

  2. It's been a frantically busy week and then I came down with an awful flu. The week before I went away with my mother to my sister and brother in laws house at the beach. First time I have been away from the children for more than one night .

    1. I'm sorry to hear you have the flu. Flu is the scourge of the human race. The season must be at and end where you live. Take care. L