Sunday, August 21, 2016

In The Kitchen With Angie (And Other Things)

I broke a rule and went out on Saturday.  The farm market was smaller than I remember it being last year.  Let me qualify that statement.  We have two locations.  One is close to my house and the other location is between my house and my daughter's house.  Because I was going to my daughter's home, I stopped at the location that was between our homes.

I did find a farmer who was smart enough to offer bruised tomatoes at 4/ 1.00.  I scooped up four big ones to make a couple of sandwiches and use the rest for home made pasta sauce.  Those four tomatoes will provide two sandwiches and at least two pasta dishes.  I guess the cost for each would be .25 cents.  Not bad and makes me happy to use what others would think to be inferior foods.  The perfect tomatoes were selling for 1.00 each.

Also into my bag went five peaches that were priced at 3.00.  Sixty cents a peach is OK.  They were local (state) peaches so I scooped them up.

From the farm market I went to pick up my daughter for a trek to Wal Mart where she had to pick up glasses for her sons.  I returned two items and picked up a box of 12 individual packs of cookies for 4.00.  Each pack was .30 so it was a good deal as far as cookies I didn't need.  The original thought was to have them on hand for the grandchildren, but they may not last that long.

After dropping my daughter and her sons off I headed home.  Noticing the Intercostal Waterways bridge was up I detoured to the Dollar Tree instead of waiting in traffic while the boats passed through.  I was looking for one more white container for the pantry and was surprised to see only one white one on the shelves.  Snatched up and placed in the cart, I went on my way.  I also picked up two other items - a spool of plaid ribbon to make a bow and sour patch kids for the grandchildren.

Heading home took a few minutes with a total of 11.00 spent.  The items I returned totaled close to 28.00.

The rest of the afternoon was spent eating a tomato sandwich, removing two of the cucumber plants from the garden, watching BBC documentaries and a quick nap.  The evening ended with a daily call from a friend with lots of laughter and a good night call from my daughter.

Remember the flour I canned?  I wanted to test it out in a recipe so I made ginger cookies with it.  The cookies came out delicious, but I will not can flour again.  It became lumpy and difficult to break up.  I'll use what I have so it won't waste, but not repeat the process. I did have fun experimenting though.

Another experiment was making up a small batch of pancake batter that didn't need anything added but water to make the pancakes.  I did add mild and eggs for a good protein source   This experiment was successful.

I did make one other trip to the book store on Thursday.  My daughter and I bought our date books and we each found a cookbook that interested us.  The rest of Thursday was spent with S and her family as I stayed over night with her pup as my sleeping buddy.

How was your week spent?  Did you enjoy at least one thing this week?  Let us know in the comment section.

Stay safe.


  1. These 4 tomatoes you bought still look perfect. But I am not sure about the price you
    named. Does it mean that these four cost 1 Dollar? And the price for a perfect tomatoe
    is 1 Dollar? That seems very expensive ( in my opinion). How could a family afford to buy
    tomatoes then. Or did I misunderstand the price?

    1. You understood correctly. One tomato, $1.00. Our food prices are very high in this country. I know this to be true on the coastlines, but am not sure about the middle of the country. Perhaps a reader can comment who lives in the bread basket area of the country.

  2. Hi Angie , I'm on holidays at my sisters house on the beach and it's beautiful . X

  3. I wondered how your flour canning turned out! At least you can still use it :). When you mentioned the Intracoastal Waterway, it reminded me of when I used to live in Jacksonville, FL right on the St. John's river, next to a big bridge. It wasn't a drawbridge, but I used to love watching the boats go under it!