Saturday, August 13, 2016

Food. Glorious Food

I planned to go to the farm market this morning, but I can't seem to muster up the enthusiasm to go out into the 107 degree heat index weather.  The humidity is great for my plants, but not humans.

I was in a store with my daughter S two days ago and felt ill.  The store had air conditioning, but I feel they were trying to save money because it was pretty warm in there.  I thought I ate something that didn't agree with me at the time.  After I was in the air conditioned vehicle I began to feel good again.  Since then I have only gone out briefly in the evenings to water the plants and briefly in the early morning to pick anything that needed to be harvested.

The cucumber plants love the heat.  I have quite a few to process that have been picked the last two days. 

I guess I have a project to finish this weekend.

Since it's so hot meals have been light.  Oatmeal with raisins and milk for breakfast or a bowl of cheerios with bananas and milk.  Lunches and dinners are mostly made up of veggies and fruit with peanut butter toast for protein.  Lots of water to stay hydrated and staying in the cool house will hopefully keep me healthy.

A while back I got 15 pounds of free flour.  The bags first went into the freezer then into the refrigerator to be stored until they were used.  I haven't been baking because it's summer and I am not in the mood.  So.... I canned the flour in the oven!  Fifteen pounds of flour fit into 4 two quart jars along with 2 one quart jars.  Since it was a new found skill I had lots of fun doing it.  One minor detail.  The jars were suppose to be in the oven on low heat for 2 hours, but a nap happened and they were in there 3 hours.  This weekend I plan to open one of the smaller jars to use in a ginger cookie recipe to check out if I can still use the flour.

The resulting mess when I tamped down a full jar.

The jars were hot so I used cloth
between the cool counter and glass
jar to prevent any cracking of
the glass.

In the oven at 215 F.

The finished product.  I learned this is
a lost art that our ancestors used to preserve
foods.  Only to be used on dry goods.

Stay safe!


  1. 107 degree Fahrenheit would be 41 degree Celsius. That is cruel! We have 86 degree Fahrenheit in the south-west of Germany (Kaiserstuhl) and this is so hot for me. We have no
    rain and there isn´t rain announced for the next days. I do garden work and daily errands
    in the village in the morning (by bike). Our meals take place outside in a shady place. Mostly light meals like salads, tomatoes, mozzarella, basil pesto, home-made carrot juice,
    water with lemon. By the way, what are cheerios?

    1. 86F is a walk in the park! I
      m at my best around there. Over 90F and I start to melt. 107 and it's not smart to even look at me. Even the pool water isn't refreshing. Cheerios is a wheat based cereal in the shape of an o. It's one of the first finger foods given to babies in this country. Sray safe.

    2. I'll put a picture of cheerios on te next blog for you to check them out.