Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Week's Accomplishments - and a Bit More

My trip to New York was a gleeful experience for a grandmother.  I saw and interacted with all of my family.  My daughter took me to grab real Italian foods at the bread bakery and sweets bakery.  We also went to a local hot spot on Lake Ontario which is fondly referred to as  'The Loop'.  On the way home we stopped at a  Lindt outlet and I found some Italian chocolates.

The Lindt factory in Pennsylvania.

The grandkids being watched by CH while they
skip stones in Lake Ontario at the Loop.

We ate outside with the sea gulls.
One actually stole some French fries!

I should have gotten more of the
Italian chocolates.  Bits of hazelnuts
scattered in the creamy milk

The end of the trip I had to rest for six days, but it was worth it.  Once rested I accomplished a few things at home.

The garden produced enough pickles for me to make four jars of refrigerator pickles as well as a quart of blackberries which are in the freezer.  (One more quart and I can make jelly.)

The traveling clothes got washed and put away as soon as I got home.

Two cupboards were cleaned out and better organized.

The pantry was re organized, as well.

I made a tomato salad which was devoured with a piece of the Italian bread for lunch yesterday.

I broke down and bought a can of stainless steel cleaner for the refrigerator because nothing seemed to polish it up that I tried.  The doors now look lovely.

Since I spend 90% of my time at home, I wanted to make small changes to the environment.  I have a couple planned, but began by purchasing a small lamp for the living room at Ross.  The lamp that was replaced will go into the guest room for more lighting.  I'll be looking for a couple of pictures for the dining room and living room to bring in change in the future.

Carolyn and I also went to Office Max.  Pencil sharpeners were one cent each with a limit of three.  I bought three.  I also bought a few girly things for the office that I still needed.  File folders come to mind as well as a pouch for pens and pencils.

The soap dispenser in the powder room was empty so I made more soap for there with castile soap, essential oil, and olive oil.

  • I do have to put away my luggage today as well as balance the checkbook and pay two utility bills.  The floors also need to be cleaned because I haven't cleaned them since I came home on Sunday.  With these things done, I should be caught up on my work.


  1. Sounds like a great holiday with your family. Your house always looks immaculate. Take care x

  2. I did enjoy everyone! Thanks for the compliment about the house, but my house is clean until I use it. The kitchen is used, but then cleaned. Clutter makes me physically ill. It's a glitch of some sort. I bet if I had a bunch of kiddos in here, it would be entirely different.

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