Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Meet Willie

I've stayed away from the blog for about a week because I noticed I was getting hundreds of reads a day.  That was a red flag to me because the norm is no more than 160.  When I checked to see what country the hits were coming from I saw Russia was the number one country.   Even over the USA.  Trouble!  Lots of hackers from that country.  So I changed my password and checked on the numbers often.  I'm down to my normal numbers now.

I'd like to introduce you to Willie.  He's a beagle - hound mix and is about six years old.  We have the same energy level so I'm hoping our relationship blooms.  He slept in the laundry room last night because he needs a bath and lots of brushing.  The brushing has been done twice since I brought him home with me from a rescue yesterday afternoon and the bath will happen this morning. He will need to loose a few pounds though.  He's a bit over weight.

Willie's laying in the garage at this
time.  He seems to like the cool cement floor.

He held his bladder better than I did last night and was so excited to go out this morning that he actually did lots of moving around.  He now sleeps with little snores escaping now and again.

This week has been moving along fast.  I can remember what I did somewhat.  I know I de cluttered the kitchen cupboards, finding 11 items I don't use. Cleaned the refrigerator, also.  I also went to the Farm Market to pick up some local peaches and tomatoes.  They are gold.  The sweet taste of a local tomato is heavenly.   And, the peaches have juice that drip down the arm.

I have enough pickles to make two more jars with more coming.  The heat has been in the 100s so I shaded my plants with the market umbrella which they seem to love.  Many more cucumber flowers have appeared and the bees are working extra hard to pollinate them.

The floors are cleaned with only the bathrooms to be cleaned from floor to ceiling.  I'll clean those after I buy dog food for Willie this morning.

The refrigerator pickles are ready this morning so I tested them.  They came out yummy.  Success is so rewarding.

I have been watching videos on yoo toob about food pantries in the USA and England.  What I came away with is that all pantries are different.  A few try to focus in on healthy foods, but most are interested in filling bellies.  Some can be visited only once a month and give only three  days of food per person.  Others try to provide a month's worth of food per person.  All fall short of the need to nourish well and keep bellies full for the day.  Food pantries are on my heart and if I do donate to an organization, it is a food pantry.  Most of my tithing goes to individuals who are unaware of where the gift comes from.

That's about all I can remember since I forgot to write things down this week.  I wish all my readers a content and peaceful life.  Stay safe.


  1. What a nice surprise! A new companion. It seems, your household is not complete without
    a dear dog. It will surely take a little time to get used to each other, but Willie will
    surely be very thankful to have a loving new home. Good luck!
    You wrote about food pantries. Is this a place where poor people can get food without
    paying for it? We have such institutions too. They are called Tafelladen.I recently read,
    that some don´t even get enough food, because there is a greater number of persons who are in need. But they only exist in greater towns.

    1. I'm hoping we get along. They said I can bring him back if it doesn't work out. Only time will tell. Yes, food pantries are a place where food has no cost. So, so many people have to use them these days. It's rather sad.

  2. I'm so happy to hear about Willie. I'm sure he will be a devoted companion as rescue dogs often are. I'm looking after an extra dog for three weeks as her owner is away . The little dog is also a rescue dog and she is a delight and I will miss her when she goes home . X

    1. Rescue pips is the only way to go. Have fun with your little 'guest'.