Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cleaning the Kitchen

I attended junior high and high school in the 1960s.  Along with core subjects in high school we could choose an elective or two.  One of my electives was Home Economics for all four years.  I always had a passion for the home front and all that was included to create a sanctuary.

Since that time - in America - HE has been renamed and revamped a few times.  I believe it's now referred to as Life Styles or something as generic as that.  No longer is it taught to clean or cook.  I think there may still be a unit on baking cookies, but that's it in the cooking department.  If I'm incorrect in that thought, please feel free to speak up in the comment section.

With this information in mind I was thinking I post what I have cleaned, but not how or when.  So I'd like to begin in the kitchen to give my readers a schedule and what I use to clean.

Wash, dry, and put away dishes (Mrs. Myers or Dawn dish soap)
Wash down counters after use (Soapy water and cloth)
Wash down stove top ( Clean cloth)
Spray sinks with home made orange cleaner and wash them
Dry all wet surfaces
Swiffer the floor
Wipe oven floor when used Cloth with soapy water wrung out)

This pump bottle is filled with Dawn dish soap.

Empty toaster crumb tray and wipe down toaster (Damp cloth)
Wipe down surfaces of appliances (Damp cloth)
Clean counters with orange spray and dry well
Wipe down all items on the counters.(Damp cloth)
Clean out refrigerator

The wax I use to protect the
counters.  As an added bonus, the
scent is nice.

Clean cabinet surfaces (Damp cloth)
Dust the tops of the cabinets with an extended duster
All of the above daily and weekly tasks
Use a counter wax to protect the surfaces (Jubilee)
Dust between the refrigerator and cabinet with the extended duster
Wipe out the refrigerator with a damp cloth and dry well
Use a baking soda and dish soap paste on the ceramic stove top

The counters and sinks are cleaned
with the home made orange
cleaner.  A warning - do NOT
use this on wood finishes.

If the kitchen is cleaned on a regular basis, then it takes but a few minutes to do the monthly cleaning.
Doing the cleaning in stages helps me to stay on track and not feel over whelmed.  The feeling of clean also gives me a feeling of freedom and accomplishment.


  1. I have to clean my oven , goodness me it needs it. I am amazed at how quickly it gets dirty . One of my least favourite jobs !

    1. One of mine, too. Yuk. I lay foil on the bottom before I found something mafe to lay on the floor. I just wipe it clean and go on my way.

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