Monday, March 21, 2016

Things I'm Loving This Month

It's been a while since I've posted about the things I love.  This month is one of those months that quite a few things came up, some of them free.

I received the Victoria Secret free undies coupon in the mail.  I picked out the cutest undies and bought a bra to match, in pink.  It seems my chest is diminishing and the bras I have are too big for me.  I always thought they were, but when the ladies at VS measured me they all came up with the same measurement.  This time the girl did it correctly, and just as I thought I have been measured incorrect for two years.  The coupon for $10.00 off a bra was helpful.  I also found a sample  perfume in the bottom of the bag.  Another freebie.

Freebie undies all washed out and waiting to be hung dry.

My son was a prince because he left me a case of my favorite spring water before he went back North.  It's a big seller in the Northeast, but down here in the South most people don't care for it.  To find it here is close to a miracle.

Poland Spring water from springs in New England.
Fresh and a bit of a sweet taste.

Also free to me are the containers I cleaned out from  used up candles.  It took some time to clean the jars, but it was well worth it to me.  I now have a set of jars that look fabulous on my bathroom counter that contain cotton balls and ear swabs.  The candles were buy one free one free, so for the cost of one candle, I received two candles and long term storage jars.

So pretty on the bathroom counter.  I couldn't be more pleased if I
had spent lots of money on a set of jars. 

As I said in an earlier post all of my records are now organized in a hanging file drawer in the desk.  The one thing that is not upstairs in the office is bills that come in the mail.  I was leaving them on the counter then sitting down to write out checks when a couple bills came in.  Leaving them on the counter left them exposed to anyone who came to visit.  To alleviate this problem I purchased a set of three file folders at the dollar store.  I only use one of them at this time, but it hides the bills in a pretty folder.

My failure at photography is really apparent in this
photo.  The file folder is lavender and blue.

My husband always said I was a 'cheap date'.  He certainly knew what he was talking about.  These are the little things that can bring joy to a heart.

Stay safe.


  1. Such lovely undies , I like the colours. I have just become a great auntie again with a new born great nephew born to my niece . Angie we are the same in our love for our families x

    1. Congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of a new member! Don't you just love them??? I tease my kids when they have a new baby and tell them, 'I'm gonna hug them, and kiss them, and call them George.' I can't remember what carton that's from, I only remember our youngest repeating it over and over. So I et a good laugh out of them. I sensed that we feel the same about many things - even living at opposite ends of the globe. Hugs to you, Leisha

  2. You have some nice finds. I really like the idea of cleaning out the candle jars and reusing. Those Yankee Candle jars are also great for that, and I see the empty jars at thrift stores.

    1. Thank you. The best part is no or little money went out to obtain the items I'm inspired by this month. Thanks for joining in on the conversation.

  3. Yes, sometimes you buy a jar with certain contents and when it is empty you can use these
    jars for further purposes. I have quite a couple of such glass jars. I like glass because it is easy to clean and therefore it is hygienic. Your jars look very pretty on their new
    place on the bathroom counter.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I love glass for the same reason.