Sunday, March 20, 2016

Boss of the Swamp Waffles Turned into Angie's Pancakes

I've mentioned before that one of my favorite yoo toob channels is The Boss Of The Swamp.  Recently he put up a recipe for waffles that had proteins added to them so his meal would stay with him for a longer period of time.  They sounded yummy so I took at stab at making the waffles that looked so good.

My project was a complete failure as seen in the picture below.  I had forgotten why I never made waffles.  I simply can't get the hang of them.  I could use an entire bottle of oil to line the waffle maker, yet they always stick.  As I was reminded of this when the mess was revealed as the top of the waffle maker was lifted, I had to do something to save the rest of the already made mix.  So I added a bit more water and made pancakes.  I also added salt because the recipe called for oatmeal and I eat oatmeal with salt.

This is what failure looks like!

Here is The Boss's video:  He put together two waffle recipes, one with pumpkin and the other with apples.  I have only tried the apple one so far.  This is the recipe I altered to fit my needs:

Apple and Raisin Pancakes

In one bowl, beat two eggs.
Add 3/4 cup of oatmeal
and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
One shredded apple
1/4 cup raisins (optional, but a good source of iron)
Salt to taste

Combine all ingredients together with a fork.

In a separate bowl combine pancake mix according to package directions.  Combine all ingredients.  These take a bit longer to cook because of the heavier ingredients that are added.  Top with your favorite syrup and enjoy.  The pancakes were cooked in an electric skillet at 350 degrees (F)  for about three minutes on each side.  I stayed full for four hours.

This is what my success looks like.
Let me know about your success if you decide to try this.



  1. Oh Angie I've had a few cooking disasters in my time . Good that you could save it x

  2. I didn't even get upset. I think because these things have happened many times. I guess part of creating is failure until you meet with success. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Little failures when cooking can happen. I have never made waffles with ingredients like
    apples or raisins. I suppose, your waffle iron in not a coated one. And it has such deep
    "holes". I suppose it is only suitable for "normal" waffle recipes.
    But you have saved the batter and that is the main thing.

    1. No, it's not coated, it's cast iron. I did at one time try the coated one and I still had a mess to deal with. I liked the batter and will use it to make pancakes in the future.