Sunday, March 20, 2016

Family Visiting

I've had family visit for a few days, which was an exciting time for me.  It was a time to get to know my new daughter in law and her children.  Now that they are a part of our family, they are considered to be Angie's family.  My son loves them, then we love them.  It's that simple.  My son chose wisely.  (So did my daughter in law!)

My grandson is 16 and a strong and healthy boy.  He helped me so much by getting my yard ready for spring.  It took three hours of steady work in which he never stopped and did an extremely complex job.  I can't thank him enough.

The end of the clean up.  I should have counted the bags of 
debris he ended up pitching in the trash.  All I know
is I had a of a time rolling the trash barrel to the curb
for pick up.

B and his family spent time with his sisters and their families. too.  The most important thing was going to Virginia Beach to check out the ocean front.  I also can't forget the trip to Krispy Kreme donut shop that just opened in my area.  They happen to hit the shop when the donuts were being made which impressed B's 10 year old daughter.

Having fun on the boardwalk at Virginia Beach.
They brought me home some taffy from Forbes.
Yum yum!

B and I went to the meat store and he bought steaks to make a nice steak dinner with. He's a chef who specializes in meats.  Needless to say dinner was fabulous with a side of fresh green beans.

B also took the time to hook up all of the wifi elements in the house.  My printer now works and I can access the chrome cast from my cell phone.  About the cell phone.  I had one that minutes were put on every three months.  I messed that up - big time.  I don't even know how.  B bought me a phone and put me on his plan and downloaded a coupon app for me.  He tried showing me how to use it, but at this point, I'm having a hard time knowing how to answer it.  I've vowed to overcome the anxiety associated with this small device by taking small steps in learning so I don't throw it through a window.  It will not beat me!

Before they left they cleaned up the upstairs and even washed the sheets and replaced them on the beds.  I miss them already.

Friday night my 5 year old grandson spent the night with me.  He asked if he could and I was surprised, but it was by his request.  We went out to dinner with his aunt and cousins, he played in the garden dirt - finding two worms - and chalked a picture on the garage floor for me.  He asked if he could and I could see no reason not to so I have a flower on the garage floor.

Not everyone has a flower on their garage floor.  But,
I do!

He slept well in the middle of the bed and Marley and I slept in the upper left corner.  The highlight of the visit for me was when he sat up in bed and said, "La la, I love you."  My heart skipped a beat in the same way it did when my husband first spoke those words to me when we were so very young.

Stay safe.  Angie


  1. La,la, I love you, - such a charming declaration of love
    to granny. Surely makes you happy.

  2. Your family sounds beautiful. What a great weekend you had and how nice that they have helped you get some jobs to do . Oh Angie , new phones and getting used to them !!!!!

    1. They were here five days and I tried to get them to stay longer! I practiced on the phone today. Another month should take care of my anxiety! LOL

  3. Angie, I've wondered where you've been. Glad it was a happy time with family and not you being sick or something. We were gone for a week ourselves visiting our daughter and her family. Got to meet our newest granddaughter who is 4 months old. They live in KY so we don't get to see them enough. Nannie

    1. Nannie, welcome! I can imagine your happiness when you first set eyes on your new granddaughter. They are miraculous little creatures, aren't they. Thanks for sharing. It touched my heart.

  4. I love your perspective and hope to always have that same perspective as our girls becoming women who will marry and start their own families.

    It's been SO long since I've been to Virginia Beach! I love that area so much.

    Your garage floor is a work of art!

    1. A warm welcome to you, Karla. Want to know a secret? Girls marry a portion of their daddy! Each of our three daughters married a man that has qualities of their dad. Not the same qualities, but some of the qualities their dad had. The garage floor? I feel like going over the picture with a clear coat of nail polish! LOL