Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Mashup of Things

I've wanted to post this for a while, but wasn't sure where to put it.  Since today's subject (s) is a compilation of unrelated ideas, I thought it fit in perfectly with this post.

Did you know that each toothpaste tube is color coded?  The codes are not because the companies want to add to the design of the tube..  The codes identify the ingredient makeup of the product inside.  I noted when researching this that the carton the toothpaste is enclosed in does NOT have this code on it.  Only the tube does.  The codes are as follows:

GREEN - All natural ingredients
BLUE - Natural and medicine ingredients
RED - Natural and chemical ingredients
BLACK - All chemical ingredients

I was horrified to see my freebie toothpaste had a black code on the tube.  This pretty much means I've been being careful of what I eat, then clean it away with chemicals.

The color code is located in the back, on the bottom.

I always wondered how people cared for their teeth when there was no toothpaste.  I found out (and have tried) a couple of things.  I use baking soda to brush with until I can remember to grab natural toothpaste from the store.  Then I will brush with both.

To avoid tooth decay a process called pulling was used.  It's simply swishing coconut oil through your teeth for five to fifteen minutes once a week.  The video I watched was put up by a physician who explained the benefits of pulling.  The amount of oil he recommended was way too much for the size of my mouth so I went down to 1/8 of a teaspoon.  I have to warn you if you try this the solid oil doesn't feel so good in the mouth, but it quickly becomes a tasteless liquid.  If you try this do not spit the oil down the sink drain.  Use, instead, the trash can.  The oil will solitify and clog the drain.

Speaking of coconut oil, I'm getting the impression that this natural food is a wonder item.  Following is a list of things the oil can be used for in a beauty routine.  I feel like we've been had by all the pretty packaging on cosmetics in the stores.

1.Makeup remover
2. Shave cream
3.Facial cleanser (I haven't tried this.  I would assume this is for dry skin.)
4. Diaper rash
5. Moisturizer for dry skin
6. Hair conditioner

Many of us don't appreciate what commercial weed killers do to the soil.  I tried this recipe for a natural weed killer and it works.  It took two days for the weeds to begin to show signs of death, but it does work well.


1 tablespoon soap (I used Dawn)
1 tablespoon salt.  (I used table salt so it would dissolve quickly.)
Fill the remaining space in the spray bottle with vinegar.

To alleviate tomato blossom end rot add a compost of fifty percent ground egg shells and fifty percent coffee grounds to the soil mixture before planting.  Make sure the shells are washed then dried well before you grind them.  This keeps the soil safe and free of salmonella.

I have not tried this recipe for a tick repellant yet, but it sounds to have workable ingredients in it.


20 drops lemongrass oil
20 drops eucoliptus oil
4 oz. distilled water
Shake well and spray on clothing and shoes. 

Now for the pretty stuff!

These eggs are not colored for Easter.  They came to me this way in shades of blue, white, tan and brown.  When I ordered them from C's friend who raises chickens I had no idea they would come in pretty colors.  It was a pleasant surprise.

Toppings for our sandwiches that we decided on for Easter dinner.  My gift to my two working daughters is I will do all the cooking and provide the food for dinner.

To all my readers - may your Easter day be filled with loving recollections and God's peace.
                                               HAPPY EASTER


  1. Doing all the cooking and baking for Easter and other holidays is a very welcome gift for
    your daughters indeed! Time is so precious for employed women. That´s also what I do when
    our family comes together and my sister also brings food and cakes. And we give all the rests of food for the next days. By the way, those eggs you bought look so nice.
    We wish you and your family peaceful days.

    1. It was a gift of love. I also left most of the food for them to share so they would be free not to cook a day or two. Thank you for the well wishes. My wish is the same for you and your loved ones. I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the carton. I washed those little gems and shined them before I put them in the refrigerator.

  2. My dear Angie , blessings for you and your family this Easter. Thanks for all this good information , I never knew that about toothpaste . Not sure if it is like that here in Australia but I will check. Thanks also for the recipe for the natural spray , I will make that . Thanks again Angie xxxx a big hug to beautiful Marley as well.

    1. My wish is the same for you and your family. I hope you are a praying woman because I'm asking for prayers for Marley. She had a huge seizure and the vet thinks she may have a brain tumor. I need to make the right decisions for her. I need heavenly help in making the decision that is best for her. You are the first person I've revealed this to outside of my immediate family. I'm close to heart broken. Thank you.

    2. Oh Angie I'm devastated for you and Marley . I will indeed pray for Marley . Thank you for telling me this, I can understand your devastation . My mothers dog had breast cancer, and she lived many years with it not impacting on her quality of life . I will pray and an extra big hug for you both . I'm so upset as well, I've never met that dog but I think she is beautiful and I really feel for you xxxx

  3. Fortunately, the color code thing is just an internet rumor and not true. The code is simply a mark for the machines to know where to crimp the tube.

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    2. I would like to believe this, but I would question the information you've provided. There's a warning not to swallow toothpaste and if it is swallowed to call poison control. Also included on the warning is to keep out of the reach of children under 6. That in itself is frightening. It would be welcomed if you could substantiate your claim as I have.