Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This Week at Angie's House

Before I forget again, the seeds were mailed to Australia a week and a half ago.  Please let me know if they reached you because I've had a problem twice before where the receiver never got them.

This week appears to be a time that old memories have come to the surface.  A cleansing of sorts.  I'd like to celebrate Christmas with a free and forgiving spirit so I'm thankful of these little reminders.  Just small things that I thought were forgiven, but obviously not.  I'll embrace them and move on to enjoy a free spirit for the season.

My Christmas shopping is complete.  The only thing that remains in that area is to get packages mailed out.  I have most of them ready to be mailed, but one remains to be wrapped.  I'll do that today and, hopefully, get to the post office in the morning.

I have to pay my utilities this morning and perhaps receive a sick grandson that will be spending the day with me.  I woke up at 5 AM so I would be ready if he needed me.  Since he just turned 13, I would imagine he won't need too much attention as a little one would.

I ordered a ham for Christmas Eve so we can have big sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls as the featured food.  Since there's so many other last minute things to be done on that day, we keep dinner simple.  When the kids were small we would celebrate Christmas Eve with a dinner that signified the life of Jesus.  I can't remember all of the foods we had, but there was no color to them with the exception of the wine (grape juice) that signified the Blood of the Lamb.  I do remember fish was served to represent Christ's vocation.

The Nativity went up December first and I put the poinsettia plants I bought at Wal Mart on the steps. That's all I've done in the decorating department so far.

I made four jars of dried soup mix using the dried veggies I have dehydrated.  Even though most people like the recipe, I didn't.  The dog did though!  I think it's just me because my tastes are changing and I don't care for  heavy foods any more.  Also, this week, celery went into the dehydrator so it would not spoil before I could use it.

The original recipe for the soup mix was for four people.
I made enough for one person and added 2.5 cups of water rather
than the ten cups the recipe called for.  My girlfriend's
family loved the recipe.

Groceries cost about $31.00 this week with a haul of mushrooms, bananas, clementine's, yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, bread, and a few other items that elude me just now.   I do remember I picked up a can of chopped clams to make clam sauce to put over pasta.  That was last night's dinner.  That has always been a favorite, but not so much last night.  Which proves to me I'm not fond of heavy meals any longer.  I'll finish it up for lunch today, but it may be the last time I make it.

Thanksgiving was a nice day with family.  My son in law made the turkey and it was divine.  The best I've had.  Needless to say some white meat came home with me for cold sandwiches for two days. Cold turkey sandwiches are the reason for the season!  We made all of our traditional foods.  My contribution was a Watergate salad, jello, greens salad, two cheese balls and a chocolate cream pie.

Time to get ready to receive my visitor for the day as my daughter just told me my grandson was spending the day with me.

Stay safe. 


  1. Angie thank you so much for the seeds. I so appreciate that you posted me these seeds. I will so enjoy growing these flowers and knowing that they have come from you. Thank you so much for your kindness.

    1. I'm so happy they reached you. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I forgot to also mention that I am using my orange oil from your recipe. I am very happy with it. Also I have used your rice mix recipe and enjoy that very much. Thank you so much Angie.

    1. Don't you just love the low cost and super cleaning ability of that recipe? I sure do. I've been making this for so long I didn't realize the high price of cleaners in the store. $4.00 - $5.00 in my area. Wow! I use a bottle a month. That's a savings of $48.00 - $60.00 a year. Add that amount to the many other cost cutters and a person has quite a bit of cash in their pocket rather than someone else's. (pocket) I'm so glad I could be of help.

  3. It is a great saving and good to use the orange skins rather than throw them out. Thanks so much Angie.

  4. It is definetely true, that our taste preferences change during our life. Quite natural. Today, if I had the choice between a piece
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