Sunday, December 6, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a Bit Like Christmas

Even if it's chilly outside the sun is out early this morning.  Saturday began with winter coat weather and ended up with spring coat weather.  Maybe today will show the same kind of love.

I had an appointment yesterday and decided to go to the bank first as well as return clementine's that were green with mold.  I packed up the fruit then left the house without it.  I was afraid that too much time would pass before I brought them back so I stopped into the grocery store to speak with the produce manager.  He assured me it would be OK to return them on Monday.  He explained that since they come from Spain in a wooden box, they have a difficult time inspecting them because most of them can't be checked by sight.  That's OK with me, a slight inconvenience is better than not because the fruit is a product of Spain.  No GMOs or other naughty things to make us ill.

 Friday evening  the family celebrated daughter number three's birthday by going to a restaurant of her choice.  We went to one of those Japanese steak houses with four kids in tow.  Their behavior was exceptional so we all had a good time.  The chef cooked and chopped and made a volcano out of onion rings to impress the kiddos.  They were indeed impressed.

Thursday night daughter number three and I went to the Dollar Tree to grab stocking stuffers.  We left about 7:00 PM and returned home after 11:00 PM.  Most of that time was actually spent in the dollar store.  I ended up with a few stocking stuffers and a few items I needed for the house - batteries, tape - that sort of thing.

I found the cutest chef hats for the little ones to wear
when they're helping their chef dad in the kitchen.

Earlier in the week I ordered a set of flameless candles from amazon.  Since my credit card points are tied into amazon my out of pocket expense was zero.  There's a sconce above the Nativity set on the fireplace.  I saw that sconce as the perfect place to put a candle to represent the Star of David over the set.    I'm pleased as punch with the outcome.  Small things like this bring joy to my heart.  My friends and family put up with listening to my exuberance when I gush about such small joys.

Stretching the imagination!  The 'star' works for me.

My daughter brought the Christmas tree down to the living room because I thought I was unable to.  How embarrassing to find all I had to do was turn it upside down so the branches folded in to make the task a one person (a short person) task.  Now I know!

Packages are ready to be mailed this week, as well.

My frugal hack for the week was bought at the dollar store.  I bought a pack of three small gift bags and three small frames at a total cost of four dollars.  The fabric handles were removed from the bags, then the bags were placed in the frames.  I have a set of three Christmas pictures.

One of the pictures went in the powder room.  I add a few
small items on the shelf in there because the kiddos use
this room quite often during visits to grandma's house.

I've also been thinking about my life lately.  Someone close to me challenged me to look at what it is I like to do, asking why I don't go to functions with other seniors and meet new people.  I thought about it and decided I really am not interested in meeting new people and making new friends.  Every friend I've always had has been placed in my path, I've not looked for them.  I'm content with my life and really don't want to search for other things.  If they fall in my path, I'll prudently assess the situation and if it's meant to be, I take up the challenge.  My life is filled with peace and activities I like to do.  I think she wasn't thinking about my readers as friends, either.  I so appreciate all of you in my life.  Only thirty something have added their names to the 'followers' list, but about 400 to 500 people read this blog each week.  This number is small compared to other blogs, but I feel I'm reaching those who are truly interested in learning.  So, this is where I thank you all for sticking with me.  You're all quite a nice gift.

Stay safe!

New prayer for my Catholic friends.  Short, simple and to the point.  This prayer was given to Sister Lucia when she was praying in the convent chapel as an adult.  As a reminder Lucia was one of the three children of Fatima.

" By Thy pure and immaculate conception, O' Mary, obtain for me the conversion of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Europe, and the whole world.  Amen." 

Disclaimer:  When we say a prayer that is addressed to Mary, we are asking that our heavenly mother carry the prayer to the Throne.  What man doesn't give his mother special recognition?  Sneaky, I know, but so effective!  I am in no way trying to influence anyone.  As stated this was put here for the many Catholic friends and family I have in my life.


  1. Dear Angie, you are a wonderful part of my life and I thank you for all your posts. I will drop a parcel of food to a local charity, I make orange oil and cook your recipes . These things are all thanks to you. I also live in Queensland, Australia , and isn't that amazing how your blog works . When I see you have a new post I feel instantly happy knowing I have a enjoyable few minutes reading your post . On a different note it is interesting when friends try to change you. My mother has been a widow for many years and she is like you Angie that she is satisfied with her life and has no desire to meet new people and make new friends. Some people are content with the family and friends already in their life . Bless you Angie and thank you for being a lovely part of my life.

  2. Your comment touched my heart in a big way. Thank you for the compliments. I told a friend if I only wrote for you, I would keep doing it. God bless you in all you endeavor.

  3. Thank you Angie I so appreciate your blogging and I am very touched that you would continue to blog for me.

  4. Oh, that American DOLLAR TREE! That must be a real treasure trove. It seems, that customers always find something there that they can use now or later or give away as a gift.
    As to GMO , -- are these food products marked, so you could have a choice or aren´t they?
    May I also say greetings to your amiable reader Leisha from Australia? When I was a young
    woman I had lived in Kew/Melbourne for a year and another year in near-by Dandenong/Vic.
    That was an important experience for me.Those delicious trifles as a dessert!
    But there was also a spread called Vegemite (I think so), that was horrible.
    I hope you will always have enough water for your household or garden. And now it´s summer
    in Queensland. Enjoy it!

    1. LOL! The Dollar Tree is a life saver for many people in this country who have no job or just part time ones. Our food is NOT labeled GMO. We are aware that most foods are now GMO. (genetically modified) If something is from Europe, we grab it. Also anything organic IS labeled so we know it's OK. Many people have begun to grow their own food so they know it's good quality.

    2. Thank you Anonymous for your lovely greetings. It's a small world. Melboyrnr and the Dandenongs are beautiful places to live. Melboyrnr is a favourite city.